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  1. Very sharpe build and weathering, great wheels.
  2. An odd looking car, but I like it very much, nice build. The wheels really suit it.
  3. Wow nice work, it looks like an old shoe.
  4. Rider

    Honda NSX

    This is really looking sharp.
  5. Looks great David. Man the humidity was crazy high today, I never would have painted that today, love the colour.
  6. That turned out great Dann, good commitment and restrain to keep it in your buddys style of build. Well done. Nice back drop too.
  7. I just got caught up, this is coming together great. Nice clean work.
  8. Great shade of blue, the paint looks great. Looking forward to seeing this come together.
  9. That's a stumbling block, but it looks like you have it sorted out now.
  10. Looking good Randy. The colour combo really works
  11. This is really coming along. Nice work on the roll bar bends, quality stuff.
  12. This is really looking great, real nice merging of the two shells. Apoxy Scuplt is pretty useful stuff.
  13. Nice save, the rims look great. Scary thought knowing this can happen to parts in the box. Doesn't his mostly happen to kits from the 70's, or is it a concern for kits from the 80's as well?
  14. Here ya go. http://www.ipmshamilton.ca/ IIRC, the meetings are the last Wed each month, however there isn't one in August.
  15. Great method David. I'll be using that in the future. Good luck with the rest of the build. Btw, you're about 30min from my place. Ever make it to the HAMILTON club meetings?
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