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  1. Before, during, after, I have never had an issue with shrinking/cracking.
  2. Rider


    41/2hrs later and another change to the shell. I am hoping it will look less like a lump and flow better with the rest of the car. To achieve is I cut out most of the back to make room for the chute, this allowed me to reshape the back slope of the body. I cut the part that shrouds the jet cone and moved it up 8 scale inches, so it now sits on top of the body. I made a box for the chute then laid down .020x.125 strips of styrene. I will back fill the shell with c-channel strips to strengthen it for the filling, sanding and shaping process. I also sculpted a another chute, I think this one looks muck crisper. Although it now may be too boxy looking. Thanks for checking the progress out
  3. This is looking crisp Randy. Good luck with the rest of the clean up. I find this part of a build almost as satisfying as the painting, although much more relaxing.
  4. Rider


    😊 I am going to sculpt another chute, tighter crisper lines.
  5. Thanks for posting this David. Looks like a great kit. Weather is rocking today.
  6. Rider


    This part of the build is a trial and error fit, design. Not sure how I am going make it work so I started with sculpting the chute. Now that I kinda know the method I might do another one. One with much crisper lines and edges. Also trying a rough placement of the pack in the car. My though is to box it in, and perhaps make a sliding cover for it. Any feed back good bad etc on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking in.
  7. This is really looking great, like an old vet that has been around and around.
  8. Rider

    The Spam Can

    Man that sure turned out great, looks like the real deal.
  9. Looking forward to seeing your review.
  10. Welcome Mick, you'll find great resources and as you mentioned some great builders, some of the best around. Looking forward to seeing what you're working on.
  11. Dig this build, nice work.
  12. This is coming together nicely David.
  13. I'll be pulling up a chair, great start.
  14. Really looking forward to watching this progress and develop.
  15. Rider


    That's a huge compliment coming from a builder who takes great care and pride correcting the flaws you do. So thanks for that Dan. I appreciate it. Thanks Mike, I really hope it all comes together in paint. It will look black in pictures, but will actually be Tamiya NATO black which is a super dark flat green, it will be cleared with gold pearl. The finished paint job will have another twist but I'll hold that until later. I think I have figured out what to do with the back, just need to scratch it up. Thanks for all th interest.
  16. Rider


    Thanks Mike, glad you are enjoying the progress. A few more tiny mods. The centre ridge on the cockpit canopy, I also repositioned the two window struts a bit farther back and gave them a slightly steeper rack towards the back. The rear fenders still did not look right, and continue to look out of place as they always have. So with a deep breath I decided to add some .030 triangle ridges. The silly rear louvers have also been removed. I have yet to settle on what to do with the entire back lump. Sooooo ugly and out of place, but I guess it did tie into the original crappy design of a cartoonish looking vehicle.
  17. Rider

    68 Corvette

    That is one clean crisp looking build, really nice, love all the detail.
  18. Now that is different.
  19. This is very cool. Very well executed, with some great details.
  20. At the very least you now have a definative cause. For what it's worth I appreciate you taking the time for posting and sharing all your troubles and findings. Too bad mailing/shipping is soooo dam ridiculous I'd gladly seal it for you with 2part poly and send it back to you.
  21. Rider

    Mazda 787

    Good looking build, looks like the decals gave you some fits. Very nice work on the wheels.
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