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  1. There are a number of them on evil bay right now.
  2. Duplicolor makes a self etching primer that would work.
  3. Rider

    1965 mustang

    You are a building machine. I agree with the other posts, your skills are developing nicely. Best build yet.
  4. Rider


    Thanks Mark. I have had the same thought.
  5. Interesting Mike. Waiting on the edge of my seat for the results. I have read so many possibilities of the cause my head is spinning. One solution would be to strip it back then seal it with 2prt poly, if you have any.
  6. Really great looking work Guy, the colours are amazing.
  7. That turned out great. Nice work on the interior.
  8. That is one sweet looking build. Nice detailing on the wheels.
  9. I've been curious about this too. So I did my own searches with little to nothing substantial. High humidity keeps coming up, which is why I mentioned it. You said the primer was dry so it couldn't be anything on the shell, which you had expressed concern about. It's defiantly a perplexing issue, and one I would like to know the reason for it. Stripping it is always an option.
  10. That's is looking real sharp.
  11. Really sharp looking. I dig the colours and wheels. Well done.
  12. Rider

    65 Riviera

    I get that😀, not trying to push my ideas, just sharing😊.
  13. Rider

    65 Riviera

    Looking good Ray. Some gold lace and a black edge fade might look good on that green. Just a passing thought. 😊
  14. That looks really great, love how you did the head and hands. Great build.
  15. Very nice looking build, love the shade of yellow. Nice chrome work.
  16. The amount of detail is fantastic, pleasure to look at it all.
  17. This is some great work Paulo, I'm really interested in see your murals.
  18. Frustrating and strange when stuff like that happens. I've been lucky, so far, I've never experienced that type of frustration with paint.
  19. I'll be watching with great interest. Good luck along the way.
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