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  1. Yes I'm aware of the newer reissue with the sled, just didn't want to spend the money on a new kit. Like most of us, I don't need anymore kits, but this idea is just to different to ignore. Interesting looking grill, looks like it could use some clean up. I have a design idea for the grill of my own, I'll use the kit grill as a pattern. Thanks for posting that bit of information.
  2. Some really cool building going on. I'll be following.
  3. Now that is a one of a kind Lambo, great work all round, dig the wheels.
  4. Looks great!
  5. This build is on hold until I can get a couple others off the bench. When I do get around to it this will be the kit issue I will be using. I kinda feel bad about the prospect of chopping it up, it appears to be hard to find. I wasn't even looking and found it on evil bay cheap, $15cdn, even with postage it was cheaper then a new one.
  6. Thanks Bill for continuing to shout this out. There are a few BIN. Which do you use? I am assuming you only use a simple dust coat.
  7. In my humble opinion, if the valve covers and intake are correct for that engine it appears to be a small block Chevy. I am no expert on the older kits but the tranny looks to be an automatic of a pre '60's vintage. To me it doesn't resemble either the 350/400 model.
  8. Well done, digging it!
  9. Ammonia is 10x cheaper then ISO. Just offering another option. ISO is a good option if you use acrylic paints, but expensive as a stripper. Brake fluid or Heavy Duty Oven cleaner work great too. Just as a bit of side info. I have left every type of part in both solutions for months with no effect, clear and coloured lens as well.
  10. Your last sentence proves my point, it's a word being manipulated to sell product, it's nothing more then a marketing hook. Btw, I work in the bicycle industry where carbon fibre is used extensively and many new manufacturing processes and techniques have been developed. We use this forged technique to make rocker arms for suspension linkages, it's used in a pure linear application. I digress, perhaps the consumer protection agency needs to be alerted about your concerns. 😜 I feel this conversation will just go round and round. I see your concern, but it's moot and more of a nit pick thing then a true technical issue concern. I will let the mech engineers and chemists, worry about figuring it out. Until they do we are just watching from the side lines and educating ourselves. Good luck with all the builds your currently working on while trying to correct all the misinformation out there on the net. I have no idea how you have time to breath. 😝
  11. I think you missed the point Chris was making Bill about the use of the word Forged. Unless we're sitting in on the marketing strategy meeting who are we to say how they intended the word to be understood. It's obviously a simple play on words and a marketing catch, hook phrase being used by the carbon manufacture. I am sure your wealth of knowledge you can provide us with many examples of other situations where a marketing angle has been used as a hook on consumers. In a time of more BS, smoke and mirrors marketing then ever it the consumer that needs to do their home work and ask the right questions to find the truth in marketing.
  12. That really hits home. So sorry to see this happen. Similar thing happened to one of my 1/12 Moto GP builds, twice. After the second time I decided to make a crash diorama out of it. Good luck with the repair.
  13. Great point Chris, I believe you are correct. The use of this process to create complex low stress non structural shapes is brilliant. Thanks Matt for taking the time for the great tutorial.
  14. Slick looking build. Nice work on the chop.
  15. Rider

    '49 Merc

    Great looking build.
  16. That is gorgeous. Nice restoration work.
  17. Good point. I would like to see that.
  18. I've done it in the past with a cheap from China off evilBay desk/office space heater, and plastic shoe boxes. The bearings went on it in about a month. Also had one about 10yrs ago with one of those tiny electric wall mounted space heaters flowing into an old camp oven. The kind meant to sit over coals. Worked great until we moved and my wife chucked it all out thinking it was scrap metal, ugh. My fault for not labelling it. It really was an awesome little set up. Being cheap, I will figure out something. I recently had a big one in my hands at a the Goodwill down in Sedona for 10$. Had to leave it there, we were van camping, so not enough room for it, grrr. Lol.
  19. Thanks for taking the time to post this. I have an alterior motive to find out what temp works so I could make my own out of a 12" sono tube a 100w bulb, a dimmer switch and a little variable speed fan. Those things are not cheap, but I am.
  20. Interesting, thanks for posting. I have clear coated Spaz Stix Ultra chrome with 2x ploy-u after a couple weeks with little to no effect.
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