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  1. Thanks Bob. Here's the link to the Group 25 page. You'll find a number of show listings there. There are two shows on the 19th. Not sure which one I will go to. http://www.group25.org/2019/2019_upcoming_shows.htm Got the tire logos painted.
  2. Since the original photo's have been lost in the PhotoBucket BS here are a few new ones.
  3. Amazing craftsmanship, it looks flawless from here.
  4. Really nice looking build Randy. The dash is awesome!
  5. Spent today working on a bit over everything. I re-scribed panel lines and crsiping up much of the sculpting of this old kit. Scrapped down the thick windows to help with distortion. Polished the front windshield. Got the shell in primer, it needs some TLC before paint. Also got the tire's race weathered. They might have a couple hot laps left in them, lol. The link to a tutorial on the tire's.
  6. I'm liking what your doing with this. Good luck with the rest of the build.
  7. Nice work on the interior
  8. This is really shaping up nicely.
  9. Sucks about the paint. Good luck with the recovery.
  10. Beautiful looking paint. Very interested in seeing this come together.
  11. Thanks Dann I have the original release of the 1/12 Jaegermeister version. The 1/12 stuff just takes up sooo much room, I'm including the boxes and the finished kits in that statement. Dave I'm heading to a show,in a couple weeks, Oct 19. I would be happy to pick one up for ya. Most Tamiya kits go for 20-50. Message me if you'd be interested in me picking one up for ya and shipping it out to you. If I find one.
  12. No idea how I got mine so cheap, although this seller does seem to list his stuff WAY below others greed. Ya I am hoping I can get this done in a couple weeks. I like doing decals, I just figure these decals would be more work/frustration then painting them. It's not a great kit as far as fit goes. The windshield is one of those one piece patrs with the front and back attached with the runners that go along the head liner. Thanks for looking in guys. I really appreciate the interest and shared experiences with this kit. I'll post up an update today.
  13. Thanks Dan These kits are stupid expensive now. I found mine on a Japanese evilBay page for well under $50cdn shipped a year ago. Now they list for over $100 in most cases.
  14. Thanks Peter. Zero paints are some of the best on the market. I really enjoy working with that line, the coverage is amazing. Problem is we don't have a supplier here in Cnd, and with the exchange rate and shipping and Duty it's cost prohibitive to use them. I can mix up what I need close enough from what I have in house. Plus if the doesn't match exactly, it must be the viewers screen, lol.
  15. Started on this tonight. It's a simple curbside kit. I wanted a break from the intense build, ie cutting open doors, etc. Still wanting a challenge I will be attempting to paint the graphics, and only use the logos from the decal sheet.
  16. Nice 300. Great looking garage.
  17. Thanks David dude. It works too and lines up when closed.
  18. Thanks very much Oliver.
  19. That is one mean looking ride, well done.
  20. Rider

    `49 mercury

    Great colour, I really dig the flat head.
  21. That is really sharp! Love the colour combo.
  22. That really looks awesome in that blue. Another great build Kurt. Well done dude.
  23. I finally managed to get this back together late Friday night for a show Saturday. Changed the wheels/tire's, added thelake pipes, changed all the trim from black chrome to chrome, chromed the fuel lines, carb linkage and air cleaner covers, also had to fix the drivers side fender around the light. The shell got dropped. Changed the hood from the standard to this configuration. Added oil stain treatment to the side and back windows. All the Molotow was brushed on. Thanks for looking in guys.
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