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  1. Thank you Peter. Thanks a ton Dan. I totally agree with you on the original subject, it's an abomination, at least the changes I have made make it more visually palatable. I'm excited to get started with the dio.
  2. Best spray can chrome on the market. I've used it in the past with great results.
  3. Real nice looking build Bruce.
  4. Thanks very much David. I appreciate your interest in this, it still needs some finishing. When I get to building the dio I'll finish the car.
  5. Rider


    Thanks for looking in Paul, cool build dude, real nice work on the dash, wow. Check out the biceps on batman, huge, way out of proposition, lol. I also built this kit way back in '93, I ended up giving it to some kid in the neighbourhood.
  6. Rider


    I like that idea, thanks I may do something like that.
  7. Faceplants are not good. Keep this going Kurt. Really looking forward to seeing this done.
  8. Wow! Awesome work, a great looking group of models, LOVE the brass work!
  9. WOW dude, that is totally awesome, fantastic work! Love the wheels.
  10. Rider

    Ferrari F50

    Wow awesome build! And yes that is a Black Berry from 2004-05, total POJ, I had that exact model.
  11. Rider

    1950 Olds

    Nice work in the engine bay, I like the flake too.
  12. This is awesome Gabor! Looking forward to seeing it complete.
  13. Thanks Dan! I appreciate that coming from you.
  14. Thanks guys for the interest, glad you like it. 😊
  15. Thanks guys, after I posted this I started looking at my impalas is th stash. I guessed it might be a 60. Snake, I found these pics. I agree with the pillars.
  16. Good kit, only problem is the rear tail light fit. Best of luck.
  17. Is it unique, or based off an existing car? I have abloslutly no idea what it is.
  18. Rider

    1970 Firebird TA

    Sharp looking TA, I am really digging this.
  19. Love the paint! Real nice looking.
  20. Great under hood work, nice build.
  21. Fantastic looking caddi.
  22. Done for now. Next will be the dio but not for a while, this project has taken WAY longer then intended. Over all I am pretty happy with the end result.
  23. Rider


    Thanks Bob, I tend to agree with you. I actually thought of that too, in reality there would be a car for everyday of the week. I did some more work on the bullet holes, trying to make them more believable.
  24. Wow, awesome work David, fantastic job on the box art build.
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