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  1. Thanks dude, it's been fun. Cheers Thanks Dann. I started cutting my own a couple years ago when the available masking in ultra narrow widths was junk and the edges were not crisp. Plus working with the available stuff was a nightmare, always breaking, and not very good at holding a tight radius without lifting. Plus I can cut mine WAY narrower then this stuff. This stuff has it's place but not for crisp tight lines.
  2. Rider


    Hi Brandon, here's a link to Under Glass. Thanks for checking in dude.
  3. After a long stall I finally got the hinges and hood matted.
  4. Finally got this paint design going in some sort of direction. Thinking of a metallic brown top coat. I also cut some more tape and rolled it up in a different method that works much better then my original method. The old method was too taxing to find the ends. Cutting and spooling this tiny tiny tape is sooooo time consuming but very rewarding. Anyone else cut their own tape? Not sure if the fluorescent orange and brown will be too much of a contrast or not.
  5. All the time, especially with paint. Looking forward to seeing what you've 'decided on'. Great to see you back on this Dann.
  6. I am back on this for the next week. I am hoping to have it ready for a show next Saturday. Going a different direction with the body paint then planned, no real surprise there eh. The new plan is starting to come together in my mind, still figuring out the tape lay up. I decided to do a license plate head liner, side walls, and floor. I used ever plate in my decal stash and then I had to go rummage through my kit stash to find another 10-12 more. I ended up used about 75 license plate decals. A few plates on the floor need to be stuck down better in a few spots. For the
  7. Stellar build. Super crisp and clean. I am sure you'll resolve the fit issue.
  8. The dash looks amazing. Very nice looking not shade of blue.
  9. Totally, even something simple with a back drop can add a ton to the visual. It's a great piece not to have some sort of base.
  10. I'm digging this David, nice work on the upgrades. Any plans for a dio?
  11. Welcome back George, good to hear you are on the road to recovery.
  12. That is one well used patrol car. Nice work all round.
  13. Once paint design and the final colour is laid I like shoot a few coats of clear. Wait until the paint is fully cured. Once the paint is fully cured you can start the colour sanding and or polishing. Top coating with clear helps to avoid burning through the colour coat when wet sanding and or polishing. If I happen to burn through the clear top coat no harm done, I just shoot clear over the effected area.
  14. Looks great David, I really like the weathering on the wheels.
  15. Agreed. Real nice looking builds.
  16. Awesome work, that dash is killer.
  17. Great results Kurt, really fantastic looking weathering.
  18. That looks the part very much, great job.
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