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  1. Good progress Pat. I've pulled up a chair.
  2. Man is that ever looking great! Really fantastic work going on here.
  3. Man I really like the look and stance of this, nice work.
  4. Really sharp looking build Tony, nice little video too.
  5. Real clean loooking, nice build.
  6. Can't wait to see more of this. I really dig how this is looking.
  7. You should be ok. I don't think it is as strong as Super Clean, which some casters recommend.
  8. Thanks for the interest guys. Small update, I am back on this while the filler dries on the Batmobile. Wheels have been detailed and mounted, the imperfection will be hidden in the wheel wells.
  9. Rider


    Thanks Dann. I'm excited to start the paint. The masking is going to be very labour intensive. Small up date, lots of filler and shaping going on, and left to complete before paint. The last pic is what I am attempting to replicate with the rear fender flares.
  10. This is great, I have never seen this built up. Keep it up, looks like you're in the home stretch. I had this kit and it looked like a struggle, you're knocking it out of the park.
  11. I am digging this, love the paint.
  12. Coming along nicely Mike.
  13. Your plan sounds bang on, I like the blown out spare and fender damage. Good luck. Looking real good.
  14. Rider


    Thanks guys. David, it's all 3M glazing putty. Then shaped/scraped down with the saw, then sanded with 320,500 grit. I then sprayed it with Dulpicolor polyester filler primer. This stuff is incredible, when used properly it saves a ton of time with glaze filling and sanding.
  15. Rider


    Thanks Bob. Shaping/sanding and filling today. I like to use the saw blade as a tool to knock down the rough filler, much like "the cheese grader" is used in the real world of auto body work. With it's fine teeth and it's straight edge it provides a much better starting point when dragged perpendicular in the normal direction of use. The the saw teeth really knock down the filler providing a much straighter/flatter starting point, less dips and peaks to deal with when sanding.
  16. Rider


    The slow arduous process of filling/sanding/shaping has begun. I managed to session tonight. Third coat is on in the photos. I really enjoy this part, I find it super ralxing and highly focused, sometime too focused. On past projects I have completely forgot about the other end of a sanding pad or stick even a blade and done some real damage. Fortunately nothing like that happened this round. Thanks for following.
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