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  1. I like your plan, don't forget to add a few dings here and there. I have the same kit, the Swamper tires are super accurate aren't they. What wheels are you using, they don't look like the kit wheels?
  2. Bravo. The headlights insprie thoughts of eyes over a Big ass mouth. The car looks like a seriouly grumpey old Large mouth Bass.
  3. Great looking shells there dude.
  4. That looks pretty cool, nice job. I like the wheels.
  5. Great looking build, real nice touch with the grease stained plug wires. And the belt look fantastic.
  6. If you have access to a scanner here's what might work for ya. Get yourself some actual houndstooth fabric from a fabric shop, scan it, size it up to 1/12 scale and print it up on white decal sheets. I don't see why it wouldn't work for ya. Good luck.
  7. I think maybe you've got the before and after file up loads of the pic's backwards. lol.... great weathering job.
  8. Great job, I dig it.
  9. It's black paint that has been thinned out to the point of almost being dirty thinner. The first few times you use it you'll think your using too much, but when it dries it fades quit a bit. Nice build, the paint looks great.
  10. Bravo, I have always woundered how polished plastic would look. You did a great job.
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