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  1. Just got an E-mail from Round 2 that the International Transtar 2 Eagle cab over will be coming back sometime next year !
  2. would also take the italeri super liner sleeper that would work .
  3. Jeff I have never see one resin casted ,you may have to make it your self looks pretty easy ?
  4. Mr mopar

    68 Charger

    Sweet rides looks good tubbed !!!
  5. I have this tow deck for trade , looking for the original Italeri Western Star sleeper complete with the glass and Ford 9000 ltl big box sleeper . this photo is not mine .
  6. So you did pick up the cuda after all nice!
  7. read something about it on FB the other day ? can only hope .
  8. could you show me the crawl through to make sure it's the right one thx Karry ? does it have a vent on the roof ? if it does it's the wrong one !
  9. I'm looking for the sleeper for this truck , will traded complete wrecker unit from new AMT Pete wrecker. TIA
  10. what I have heard on FB is Model king will have a hand in doing these AF/X cars ?
  11. How about this one ?any news on this kit ?
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