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  1. Dave will we get two grills with this kit ? one with 2 headlights and the other with 4 headlights ? would be a killer option .
  2. The car was metal flake red ,if you look closely you can see the flake in it !!
  3. Will both grills be in the kit two headlight and 4 headlight ?
  4. Slow down I'm love these Mopars but my wallet isn't that fat ....LOL !
  5. WOW I just can't wait ,I always wanted the Dodge COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!!
  6. Mr mopar

    found item

    Here are some Drag Racing Tire Logos #1 (Mickey Thompson, Goodyear, Eagle) 1/24-1/25 Gofer Racing (megahobby.com)
  7. I'm looking for the blue print instruction sheet ,does any one have one they can spare I have lots of parts to trade , and I already know about the link to the sheet .
  8. I would like to Missing repop this one ,if it so popular why not?
  9. I sure wish that the Black Beauty would have been 1/25 scale
  10. Italeri kit ,I would say no coke or Rat fink ! I'm hopping for this one .
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