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  1. Yes I have that when Jeff told me he dose not ship to Canada ANYMORE .
  2. Thank you guy's I have Sam I Am to help me with this .
  3. Hi guy's I'm look for an honest person here to order and ship me some decals from Firebird design decals , Jeff the owner will not ship to Canada , I use to get them from him but when he dropped PayPal Jeff dropped shipping to Canada I will pay you up front for them ,on my end , I can only do this at the end of the month (only time I get paid ) Is there anyone will to do this for me ? TIA.
  4. My 2 cents is this Italeri freightliner should of had the condo sleeper roof and what Force was saying the N14 Cummins engine .
  5. 1/25 Tiki Trike $25.95 TBA MPC PLASTIC MODEL KITS MPC-895 1/25 Milk Trike $25.95 TBA
  6. AMT-1212 1/25 1953 Studebaker Starliner Car $32.95 TBA AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1213 1/25 1978 Volkswagen Rabbit Car $31.95 TBA
  7. No Kits come with a 502 But you can try B-N-L resin .
  8. Love the orange blurrr the cat ……… oh yeah the model too ...LOL
  9. I can only hope someone steps up and make a resin engine for this kit ? with more detail .
  10. I'm not feeling it ……….. Is this a curb side kit ? I would think Tamiya would have put a better detailed engine in this kit not a blob of plastic .Not for me .
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