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  1. Jim is this the rear fenders you are talking about ?
  2. Look good Jerry .....I like the sun visor u put on both trucks look way better .
  3. Well boy's it has arrived just got my tracking number from Model Roundup .....will be shipped out today ! Buy them up so we can get a 65' Dodge Coronet AWB .
  4. Tom Daniel was saying this is dead on FB not going to Happen , I'm sad to here that !
  5. Models by Dave does have the International 9670 but the White road commander is a Auslowe truck model parts
  6. I got an AMT/Ertl GMC General and it is straight as an arrow no warping at all !
  7. Thx Dave I have the nut too , and just found out the guy I'm dealing with is getting acorn nuts made .
  8. Hi guy's I have a problem I have a 00.90 bolt and I'm looking for a acorn nut to fit to the bolt what size of acorn nut do I need Please I need help with this . TIA this guy has some https://model-motorcars.myshopify.com/collections/small-parts-hardware/acorn-nuts
  9. Bill I'm not a big fan of the 65 Plymouth but I hope they sell out so we can get a 65' Dodge coronet AWB ! and if we do i'll get 6 of them .
  10. What ever works...back in the day !
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