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  1. No more super high price kit anymore ,found this on Stevens web site AMT PLASTIC MODEL KITS AMT-1067 1/25 Li'l Gipsy Wagon Show Rod $35.95 TBA
  2. You can only get Jamie on Facebook ....I talk to him this morning .
  3. I do like the first one to come out !
  4. I like the Hideout truck paint job with the lighter blue around the top windows and gold sun visor !
  5. All want to see is the Beall Tank trailer and the Bill signs Peterbilt come back out !
  6. I did not know the bumper were off Peterbilts , I do have the wheels from Jamie !
  7. I never like the front bumper on both hideout truck and papa truck not deep enough and the wheels are wrong !
  8. Thx Force that's good info I have 3 of the A&N Cummins x-15 engines , may have to rob that D13 from that italeri kit .
  9. https://www.mandrwheels.com/ some very nice wheels !
  10. Revell should bring back the Beall tank trailer ?
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