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  1. Harts parts had e body pistol grips . https://hartspartsresin.com/product/mopar-short-pistol-grip-shifter/
  2. I need to find a streering wheel for my LiL red Express mine went missing can anybody help me ! thx
  3. AMT-1215 1/25 Kenworth/Challenge Transit Cement Mixer $59.95 TBA
  4. Just seen this on the Steves web site AMT-1221 1/25 Ford C600 Hostess Truck w/Trailer $59.95 TBA
  5. if you can navigate this web site he has two of them under show rods and show cars ! And I have bought from him in the passed a real good guy to deal with (Japan) .http://www.translatetheweb.com/?ref=SERP&br=ro&mkt=en-CA&dl=en&lp=JA_EN&a=http%3a%2f%2fwww.fleetwood.jp%2f
  6. I have been waiting for an order 4 months now to come to Canada , From Australia , I had to FB Renee and tell her that it must be lost ,so she put a new one together for me ,and now I see from Australian post is saying it may come by sea not air ? that's going to take sometime , And just to let you all know ,Nigel casts to order that's what takes the time .
  7. I just seen the video ,I must say Revell did a much better job on this one ,now if they would only do an 1969 El Camino or if there is any resin casters out there hint hint !
  8. One of the best GMC cabovers I have seen in along time !
  9. ether it's too far back or to far forewords and does not line up with the wheel well on the hood .
  10. Going to be cool..... don't forget to fix the front axle !
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