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  1. I still have this kit ! I would take only the Revell Bill Signs truck, I bought the other one .1/25 SCALE REVELL PETERBILT BILL SIGNS MODEL TRUCK KIT – ST Supply Company
  2. OFF Face Book ! I hope we get the option of two grills to pick from in the A/FX Dodge ?
  3. Thank you Dave ,Awesome I will need 6 of them Please !
  4. Grill & Bumpers and interior ?
  5. Just throwing this out there ,I wonder if Revell sometime after the '71 Olds 442 comes out ,will they back date it to a '70 Olds 442 ?
  6. I just got one from Ebay ,but I'm thinking it was from Southen motorsports .
  7. Anybody got one of these air cleaners plastic or resin will do ,have parts to trade .TIA
  8. Scored a few cars the other day , I got the '32 from Spotlight Hobbies ,and the two Chryslers from my LHS . I'm going to restore the '32 with a twist !
  9. Ok guy's I just got my kit in yesterday ,and had a look inside the box . The casting is very good no pin hole very little flash ,the one place where this kit differs from the KFS kit is there is only one cast metal part)s the roof lights are the only metal parts Auslowe casted all the metal parts in resin now which is ok with me , well worth buying .
  10. Wow thx guy's for all the info ,I think I'll go with the wheel out of the Revell '72 Olds and just keep the chrome trim ring ,I was told dealers did put Trim rings on some car to sell them .
  11. Look for wheels for my Olds rallye 350 , must not have the trim ring ?
  12. and a GMC General/ Chevy Bison Late this year !
  13. This is only a proto type model of the kit coming .
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