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  1. im lovin the stripe on that thing, very clean looking build ya got there, and also with the phone line u can use the copper for hot rod gas lines and vacuum lines, and save the coatings since they can be used for plug wire boots that look real close to scale... i just tested that out a second ago telephone line gets a thumbs up from me
  2. idk if i should keep the inner wheelwells brown or go to pink idk where my spare floors r for this kit so i cant show a pic of them pink.
  3. Jake-Off

    25 t bucket

    pretty slick... did u use sharpies on the pipes errr what?
  4. think i might have to re do my plug wires now, since how they look like radiator hoses on mine, and i have pleny of ethernet wire since im all wireless now, but im feeling pretty lazy today so i dont think thats going to happen. awesome build btw
  5. thanks for the pics guys they help alot, i just wasnt sure how big or small they were, and it seems that the higher numbers r the smaller bits, i was just courious cuz i was looking at these sets online and i had no idea how big or small they were... some times it would be nice for them to put a scale of some sort or even a penny next to the stuff
  6. i was thinking of ebay but i dont really understand the #60-#80 type stuff besides thats how u identify them from each other, but like what would be the right sizes for doing carb details ya kno or what sizes should i look for in a kit
  7. thanks i'll take a look today most likely
  8. no man thank u for the complements. but im in good at my usual hobby spot, get them deals, which is nice on the wallet, well my girls wallet right now.... i leard not to tell my boss what i really think of him, which is one reason why i have time to work on the scale cars, instead of my real ones. and the shortage of money to build my motor. but im trying to find a job in a body shop instead of a cold wet damp radiator repair shop. lol body shops need to be warm for everything to work right lol warm is nice and i have a way with metal
  9. i was looking at the hobby shop i go to for the detail stuff, theres walls of detail stuff, and i never saw drill bits but the pully kits cost more than the model it self which is rediculus, a guy could put quite a bit into the detail stuff, but i need to get out of heating up pins with a lighter so drill bits need to come first, but i guess ud be the guy to talk to about detail stuff, i found this site through one of your models, cant remember which it was but i was stunned by the detail
  10. here she is, not perfect and also the first time doing carb linkage and all that good stuff. btw where do i get super tiny drill bits
  11. thanks man, but i found a thread in tips and tricks about this same thing, i just over looked it befor but my woman has a mac and we down loaded a font ironically nammed beauty school dropout i just need to print some stuff out, but first need to get white decal paper, i tried with clear but i soon found out that it dindnt show up all that well on brown
  12. i did kind of the same thing, except i used double ply with a constant design in it to give a bit more texture to the "foam" and seat cover then just peel apart the two layers on the corners or rip the one layer, and pretty much glue it on like flocking with the interior color paint obviously ten i hit it with tan and brown to give it more depth and grittyness,. pretty much what diymirage said but heres some photos of my first ever torn up interior, its faily easy and simple since nothing really has to be "perfect" since ur making it look f***d up anyways hope these help to give u some ideas
  13. well i went and got a sheet of decal paper and printed out my lettering, but it seems like the ink is separating a bit but im letting it dry now and then going to coat it with a thin layer of flat clear, but if i dont like the end results, then i will bring the file to a pinter and see what they can do... but if u guys got a secret on printing kustom decals let me know please. the model wouldnt be all it can be with out this decal on it... and i prolly should have this in tips and tricks huh?
  14. im working on a 62 catalina kustom, which i have named beauty skool dropout, if u have seen grease then u might have a good idea of the colors lol but im in a bind, i need to know where who or how to make decals if u could help me out let me know it would be much appreciated i thought of stencils and paint but id much rather just do a decal thanks alot jake
  15. thats pretty funny man, but no i dont.... i just have a messy work bench, and with moving stuff from my table to the bench it miht be in a model box with a bunch of spare parts getting all scratched up but wjen i was younger and had cats i did have that problem offten since i built most my models on my bedroom floor, i was 6 or 7 at the time...and never built a snaptite. i just had to use the orange smelling non toxic glue that i sniffed often what can i say, the stuff smells good but adhered for.... well im sure u know. but i watched my dad build models alot when i was a tike, and the same goes for 1:1 cars as well
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