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  1. G-MAN added a post in a topic Monogram "Big" Kit Parts Questions   

    The newer BIG DEUCE kits don't have the old Firestone whitewall tires (which are filled with air) The new kits have the '70's GoodYear tires and also a hollow set of newer design old school firestone tires... As for the chrome Pontiac 4 into 1 headers... Those are included on the sprue tree.
  2. G-MAN added a post in a topic Plastic Surgery for the 1/8th "Big T"   

    Looks Great Don!! Let me know if you need any extra parts... Guido
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  4. G-MAN added a post in a topic New TDR Products and REVIEWS   

    Fantastic! I knew those TDR guys were able to pull that one off.