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  1. That thing looks like it's just pissed off... at anything. Well done.
  2. Thanks, Jeff, The figures are from the ICM Chernobyl kit and modified.
  3. Drive-thru test kits were handed out today in 1/35-1/32. ICM, ARII, and MENG kits were used for this. Thanks for looking.
  4. Great and unique project! Where did you find an IM plastic kit?
  5. I'd be interested in a trade for the Gama Goat. I have an Edsel or Nomad. The Edsel is complete but many parts are off the sprue and no assembly instructions are included. And one part started. More pictures available if interested. The Nomad is still sealed.
  6. Very cool. What are the curtains made from? Are they textile material or color prints?
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