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  1. @Hi-Po @kruleworld @ChrisR Thank you so much for the compliments!
  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I think I read that they are from Egypt.
  3. This was a toy GMC Utility Van that I found in a thrift store for .99¢. It's approximately 1/21 scale. Base coats were painted with an aerosol can after masking off the white parts and black parts and windows. Converted to a contemporary Gaza Ambulance. If you're interested, the WIP is here: Thank you for looking.
  4. The light bar parts are from an electronic component that I disassembled. I masked off the clear light parts and sprayed aerosol aluminum color. The clear lights were horse-hair painted acrylic clear red. The rear light was already included with the original toy so I just painted it clear red as well. The insignia and placards were sourced from the internet then scaled to size. Then I printed them on self adhesive label paper. A few more angles are in the Under Glass post topic. Thanks for looking
  5. @NOBLNG, Thank for checking in and for your compliment. @iamsuperdan, Thanks for the comment. I hadn't sanded it off yet and didn't want to advertise without commission 😀
  6. Found a plastic utility van at the thrift store for .99¢. 2 AA batteries in the bottom will make all the lights turn on with a dual option switch. I tested this circuit and it still works! Disassembly to prep for primer and paint. Then painting the safety red/orange along the bottom. I had to paint it higher than the prototypes because I had to cover the existing stripe on the toy. Then wheel prep and paint as well. Thanks for looking
  7. Nice detail touches. I've built this kit and enjoyed adding detail. I also liked playing around with the ride height. Did you notice that it's adjustable?
  8. That thing looks like it's just pissed off... at anything. Well done.
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