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  1. Thanks for the compliment. Thank you. Glad you like it. Cool thanks. LOL
  2. Great idea. I think I may have utilized this resource a few times. How do I get you copies of I-Sheets that I have and that are not listed on your site? Yes, I keep them as well.
  3. Su Tissue is completed by adding the mic cable.
  4. Great historical info! '81 ok still cool you saw them live.
  5. Looking good and grimy. Very realistic
  6. You saw them live? That's it then, you win! But seriously, that's Rad! What venue did you see them? LA area?
  7. ... "Man, the manipulator." Su Tissue of Suburban Lawns Thanks for looking.
  8. Good work and interesting bust subject. I've never heard of this company.
  9. 😀 Got mine and so did our County Library System
  10. Realistic looking! I like the color you chose to paint it.
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