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  1. Very resourceful problem solving.
  2. Realistic looking! I like the color you chose to paint it.
  3. Not a boring subject at all. I'll be watching this and following your S-B-S process.
  4. Outstanding concept and build
  5. Edward Gore

    A crate?

    cool crate. Some shipping labels and handling instruction stencils maybe?
  6. Excellent concept creature! How did you make the aerosol can label?
  7. Great job overall but I'll also say the teeth and eyes are an outstanding detail touch.
  8. I like those ads old mags. The prices and what was the brand new thing, then. Also, notice there are no URL or emails to contact. You had to send in a SASE to receive inventory info or and extra $1 - $5 for a catalog. And sometimes a telephone number.
  9. ^ Monogram Chopper - Haha, that is perfect!
  10. Very good paint work on this. I like the subtle color changes in the steel.
  11. That looks like it was a lot of fun. Cool little flying ride!
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