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  1. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the 70's Dusters (street or stock) or the mis labled Dodge Dart kits. Even when they were new I only saw a few built. I saw quite of few started, but only a few finished. -Scott H.
  2. The easiest way I have found to make realistic brick and block walls is go to a hobby shop that carries Model Rail Road supplies and look in their Plastruct section. Find something that will work for you and buy one bag of it. Next go to a store that sells the THICK Plastic No Parking, Keep Out, For Sale, exc. signs and buy a couple of them. They are much cheaper than the blank Plastruct stock and work just as well, if not better. Check out my Oasis Convenience Store thread to see what I'm referring to if you need to. (Point of interest - Buying the signs that are printed on one side only makes laying out designs much easier, just lay everything out on the unprinted side) For the next part you will need a METAL ruler that has a millimeter scale on it, a SHARP #2 Pencil, and a good hobby knife with a fresh blade in it preferably. Unless you live alone or have a dedicated building area, a good cutting mat is recommended to keep you from getting yelled at for scratching up the table. Trust me, sanding and refinishing a kitchen table so you can quit sleeping on the couch is no fun! Get out the Plastruct panel you bought for reference and measure the bricks or blocks, depending on what you are trying to replicate. Once you have those measurements, transfer them to the plastic sign, use the ruler for a straight edge (thus the need for a metal ruler - they are usually true on the edges), and using the back of your hobby knife scribe in the lines making sure that you check to keep from going completely through and that it's close to the depth of your reference material. Pointers (In no particular order): 1. Doing all the long horizontal sections first and the short vertical sections last has been easier for me than working on one section and moving to the next.. 2. Use light pressure and make several passes to reach the desired depth results in a cleaner, more believable panel. 3. Cutting the plastic sign to the desired shape and size FIRST is easier than trying to work with a panel that has been weakened with the scribed lines in it. 4. Blood does NOT work well as a lubricant! Be careful when scribing the lines, remember that the sharp side is now on the outside. 5. Plastic signs are CHEAP, so get an extra one to practice on before moving to the finished project. 6. If the printed side of the sign is going to be seen, sand the writing off with a fine grade sand paper BEFORE you do any work with the sign. Sanding a large area is MUCH EASIER than a whole bunch of little ones. And there you have it, a cheap way to replicate brick and block walls that after you paint them no one will be able to guess what they were originally made from. On the plus side, you now have the original (and expensive in my opinion) Plastruct piece to use as a reference for later builds if so desired. I hope this gives you some creative ideas for your project, -Scott H. P.S. They also make great concrete floor panels if you scribe the joint lines in them.
  3. Harry, I gotta ask, where did you find those? Is there a web site dedicated to 'em or something? Those are just strange enough to peak my interest. -Scott H.
  4. I'm me. No more, No less.

  5. I don't know about there, but if you don't show up for roll call here there is a bench warrant issued for your arrest immediately. They also call roll after every break to keep people from skipping out after the first roll call. I've seen it happen live and in person. Trust me, they don't play here anymore. -Scott H.
  6. Harry, I've been on a Federal Jury myself. Here's the advice I was given when I inquired about what was and wasn't allowed at the court house: "Take a good THICK book to read and have another couple of books in your car, you can be escorted out to the car to exchange them. Leave any and all electronic devices at home, they aren't allowed what so ever even if you're sequestered for the term of the trial. Take plenty of bottled water, it's cheaper than what you can buy at the courthouse and tastes better than the stuff in the drinking fountains. If you want snacks, bring 'em too for the same reasons. Chewing gum isn't a real good idea, most Judges hate it. Unless it's an honest and real reason, don't try getting out of it. The Judges have heard it all and can tell when you're lying just to get out of it. A small, comfortable cushion to sit on isn't a bad idea either. Those benches are rock hard." Sorry to hear ya got nailed, -Scott H.
  7. I'm going real on this one for some reason. -Scott H.
  8. Actually, for some reason when I hear that song I mutter "Child Molester!" ... -Scott H.
  9. Nope, it's a Deville Concourse with a tapping northstar. I'm about to fix the car myself and drive it if she won't! -Scott H.
  10. I'm probably wrong, but I voted real. -Scott H.
  11. I hope you and your family have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! -Scott H.
  12. Anyone remember the old Skip's Fiesta release of the Revell 1959 Ford with the retractable hard top? The multi piece body was a royal pain to get right and the roof never did fit or retract properly. -Scott H.
  13. Nice builds! I like the way you took it to a base vehicle. Nope, not my mother's car either... She drives one of these: Unfortunately, it's MY car since her Caddy is broke and has been for a couple of years now. I'm beginning to believe it's never coming home again... -Scott H.
  14. Nahhh... He didn't inhale, but I'm not saying nothin about him funnelin the bong water! I'll agree with you about the HIGH cost of health insurance, but as for the rest I'm going to refer to the joke below... I recently picked a new primary care doctor . After two visits and exhaustive Lab tests, he said I was doing 'fairly well' for my age. A little concerned about that comment, I couldn't resist asking him 'Do you think I'll live to be 80?' He asked 'Do you smoke tobacco, or drink beer or wine?' 'Oh no,' I replied. 'I'm not doing drugs, either!' Then he asked 'Do you eat rib-eye steaks and barbecued ribs?' I said 'No, my former doctor said that all red meat is very unhealthy!' 'Do you spend a lot of time in the sun, like playing golf, sailing, hiking, or bicycling?' 'No, I don't.' I said. He asked, 'Do you gamble, drive fast cars, or have a lot of sex?' 'No' I said He looked at me and said,.... 'Then, why do you even give a ######??' -Scott H.
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