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  1. Chuck D. added a post in a topic 'Snowball 2'   

    I'm the final keeper of Snowy now John... it's been a long time coming and I'm now doing a lot of scratch building for the interior...

    Chuck D.

    quote name='RatRod' date='Aug 31 2009, 07:24 AM' post='205864']
    Project Snowball is still alive, and last I heard Dave Mikrut had it to finish. I have heard so many horror stories about this project, that I wouldn't even want to attempt it. These projects start out great, and everybody has good intentions, but something, or someone eventually happens. The one idea of having just 4 people partake sounds like a winner, but I hope you all pick a kit that works, and goes together very well. Good luck!!!! Here are a couple pics of Snowball as it sits today.

    These pics came from Dave's album.

  2. Chuck D. added a post in a topic 'Snowball 2'   

    Hello gang! I'm the keeper of MCL's original Snowball. She is still under construction but getting close to the final assembly stages. I am out of town visiting for the holidays but will try and save this link as I'd like to follow the progress of this project.. Speaking for all the participants on the original Snowball project, I would have to say we are humbled to see such interest in starting a similar project. Stepping on toes? not at all!! enjoy yourselves and enjoy the teamwork from your fellow modelers.. The only thing I would offer up is that you stress very strict time limits for each builder and make sure every participant uses some type of tracking when shipping... Good luck guys.. it looks like I better get busy and finish the original Snowball project which sparked all the interest!!

    Chuck Darnell / MCL Moderator
  3. Chuck D. added a post in a topic ulrich mini men   

    Just for clarification purposes .. these are 24th scale that we're trying to get back in the modeling world.. the smaller 32nd scale Minimen came with little steering wheels and roll bars to fit them in the 32nd scale slotcars back in the 60's .. The 24th scale body's come in 16 parts each with 2 pevis' so they can be built for standing or sitting .. ! there's 2 - 24th scale men in a pack at $5.00 a pack .. Thanks for any support you may offer ...

    Chuck Darnell
  4. Chuck D. added a post in a topic ulrich mini men   

    Hello all .. just a quick note to let you know that I have been working with Steve Gill at Ulrich Models for over a year now in regards to the 24th scale Minimen .I am in the process of building a data base by means of a "pledge" from prospective buyers and NO UP FRONT MONEY . Here are the details for those who have an interest ... Please read completely ! Thanks -Chuck Darnell / Quincy Illinois

    Statement Released Oct. 14th / 2008

    Just off the phone with Steve Gill at Ulrich Models regarding the production of 1/25th scale STYRENE Mini-men .. . As many of you know I have put a lot of work into this project cleaning up the masters with the help of an additional Minimen from FRIEND Rick Innis . The price each is going to be $5.00 per package which includes 2 / 16 piece "build and pose your way" figures with 2 pelvis' to build them either standing or sitting.. before proceeding I'll need 1500 packs sold on pre-orders .. in other words I need to pre-sell 1500 packages at $5.00 per pack which contain 2 little men in each pack. To verify this I'd be treating it as a pre-order but NO MONEY UP FRONT .. All I would need is your complete mailing address phone number and email address along with the number of packs of Minimen you would like.. I am strictly taking the "old school" approach and taking everyone's word that you will accept the product when they come off the press... Hey, if you can't take a guys a word then what is the world coming to ? An exact release date will be posted once I've achieved the 1500 packet pre-order status .. until such time - no release date - no production - period ... If you've never had a Mini-men then you don't know what you're missing as they add realism to any model . These also come with a full satisfaction gaurantee ...

    Please PM me or email me at : chuck_darnell@comcast.net
    Thanks for your support -
    Chuck Darnell