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  1. I got an email back and they said they will be sending them both at once unless I want the one that is in stock to ship now and pay extra ship
  2. I ordered one in Feb from Megahobby, charged my card and still have not got one. No tracking number, just order number...
  3. Man I have three gluebomb little red wagons I've been thinking about converting to a Econoline...hmm...
  4. Hey guys, does anybody know if they might reissue the old Amt kit? They're bringing back alot of old goodies..cross your fingers I guess.
  5. I wanna see some more shots of this truck if possible. Also curious about how you did the rusting..
  6. Cool, I can't wait for these to come out. My buddy of mine just sold his 71 with a 69 front clip. Hope there are many more old fords that will be issued.
  7. I got four built ones and almost done with the real one...I'll have to post up some pics sometime..
  8. This is gonna be so sweet! And I like the fact your building the fenderless version..don't see many of them
  9. I like it, and that color is sweet...don't see alot of cars painted that color.
  10. That's awesome, I will use your technique someday..I wanna build a 56 9 passenger wagon.
  11. There are more if you want them, no more interior but alot of outside ones. I was gonna build my 1:1 similar to this.
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