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  1. I have mags from Model car, plastic fanatic and sae plus annuals and a few specials going back to almost the very beginning, over 300 or more. Local pick up {"Eastern Idaho"}as they are sorted and in Brand new banker boxes I tried Emodels site gregg had but thats gone, let me know if your interested and in the eastern idaho area Almost all are in excellent to good condition, I stopped collecting about 10 years ago
  2. what are you looking for,for one of the amt camper kits??

  3. any of the mid 70's colonnade body styles from GM
  4. I got a roll-top desk so when I am done building or I have wet I can close the top to keep hands off and yes I remove the lamp
  5. I would need two of the broncos just to make a long box, but it is a idea
  6. thank you for the info and since its molded in black i will pass i like the older kits and i know i could get the revell ones but i like the older AMT/MPC for the challange just not the black plastic and I was think there would be more to the decals who knows I might change my mind and get it anyways
  7. Any news about this kit and what decals are with it and if any new parts have been added???
  8. I got the amt kit and the bed sides are to small and its wrong also
  9. I had the kit but the bed is to tall an it don't match the well well on the cab at all. The pic is of the same truck I had in everyway but the rip in the panel were it say's custom f-100.
  10. back in the 70's they did, but I'm not doing mine as a ranger, I am doing it as 1981 ford f-100 custom I had with a straight-6. it was my first truck that I named Charger, it was forest green with the tan interior.
  11. I recently got the new 81 Ford Pickup Ranger kit from Revell that has a stepside bed and I wanna make it a long bed, Is there any kits out there I can scavenge from to do this??
  12. is there anyone who make's these at all??
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