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  1. I remember seeing it come on the seen in the late 80's, Monogram did two 1/43 scale models at that time with photo etch in them , they were a 63 convertable corvette and a cobra if I remember correctly they were called the ultimates line
  2. How many of you use and color in the car or truck body on the instruction sheet to help you figure out how your going to paint it?
  3. So I got this on the desk now and just started mapping things out for this, I am leaning towards the decal style package for this kinda like the 71 buster which would've made this car stand out better and grabbing the engine from the same kit to freshen it up also, Yes I'm going to use the plastic tires that are in because it's different and why not. The body will be hemi orange or lime green I haven't decided yet because that's still in the air These car really didn't get the love they should've and I thought the plain road runner on the door they did was kinda cheesy so I wanted to make this a little better Tell me what you think or what you did with yours.
  4. Did anyone make this as a kit or as a conversion by chance??
  5. what are you looking for,for one of the amt camper kits??

  6. I got a roll-top desk so when I am done building or I have wet I can close the top to keep hands off and yes I remove the lamp
  7. I would need two of the broncos just to make a long box, but it is a idea
  8. thank you for the info and since its molded in black i will pass i like the older kits and i know i could get the revell ones but i like the older AMT/MPC for the challange just not the black plastic and I was think there would be more to the decals who knows I might change my mind and get it anyways
  9. Any news about this kit and what decals are with it and if any new parts have been added???
  10. I had the kit but the bed is to tall an it don't match the well well on the cab at all. The pic is of the same truck I had in everyway but the rip in the panel were it say's custom f-100.
  11. back in the 70's they did, but I'm not doing mine as a ranger, I am doing it as 1981 ford f-100 custom I had with a straight-6. it was my first truck that I named Charger, it was forest green with the tan interior.
  12. I recently got the new 81 Ford Pickup Ranger kit from Revell that has a stepside bed and I wanna make it a long bed, Is there any kits out there I can scavenge from to do this??
  13. I was happy to see this brought back out cause it match's the 81 ford f-100 I had back in the early 90's, now I just gotta make it a long bed and find a straight 6 for it.
  14. no a few post back someone said something about the AMT version and I was just giving my take on it
  15. The FnF charger is just the Dukes kit with a really crappy nose clip.
  16. Here's the photos of the Vega and Pinto, as you can see the Pinto is built but the Vega is still in piece's, the seat backs for both are open and the vegas engine is all chrome and all of 4 parts,fire wall and radiator are separate parts. No chrome engine parts for the Pinto. The body for the Vega looks good but the Pinto is kinda blocky. No wheel backs but the way they attach you really don't see them. Mirrors are mylar with press on decals for the markings and the rest.
  17. A few years ago I found two kits very similar to this, the Vega and Pinto, very basic but the body's were perfect, I gotta find them and take pics and post.
  18. I was just thinking of this earlier, I keep mine as I make notes on them that I wanna save for a future kit, just in case I buy a double of one and need to refresh myself with any problems or details I wanna make on the next one. And scaning them as a PDF is a good thing if you live in a limited space.
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