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  1. Stefan added a post in a topic Two type two   


    It is very easy to blacken out the doorlines:
    I just paint some dark Testors Metalizer colour (Exhaust or dark Iron for example) over the lines, let it dry for a few minutes and then wipe it away with a cloth and modelwax. The colour will stay only in the lines. If some wax remains in the lines I remove it with a hard brush.
    That technique works only on Automotive laquer, not on enamels!
    Don´t know about Tamiya paints...


    Since there is no chassis detail even when you´ll build them box stock (poor kits), I´ve built them curbside... with toothpic axles :wink: .

    Btw: What technique for window treatment?
  2. Stefan added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Two type two

    Here are my finished Hasegawa type 2´s!

    Both are painted with automotive laquer.
    The grey one is box stock except for the sparebox tires and Polar Lights Herbie hub caps.
    The pick-up has the 23-window bus bumpers, converted Revell Empi rims and also sparebox tires. The roof arch is scratchbuild.

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  3. Stefan added a post in a topic *Completed* Nismo R34 Skyline GT-R   

    Very nice paintwork on the black one! (On the other one as well :wink: ).

    Seems that the Aoshima has a longer front end, i think Tamiya has done a better job getting the right overall shape of the car...
  4. Stefan added a post in a topic Two Type 2 - nearly finished   

    Thanks guys,

    i appreciate your answers

    If i had a shovel, i´d laid them even lover...
  5. Stefan added a post in a topic Two Type 2 - nearly finished   


    You´re right, it might be easy to detail these models, but i´m happy to finish anything since my son was born 12 weeks ago and im not in the mood to do some "difficult" Models, because of lack of time.
    I choose japanese kits, because they´re mostly curbside and fit very well. :wink:
  6. Stefan added a post in a topic Two Type 2 - nearly finished   

    Sounds interesting! Do you have any pics?

    I was thinking about safari windows too, but i didn´t felt like it... :? because there is nothing to see in the interior.
    Once I will build the 23 window into a more detailed rat. It will have safari windows than
  7. Stefan added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Two Type 2 - nearly finished

    I´m working on 2 Hasegawa Type 2, the delivery van and the Pick-up.

    First I must say this kits really suck!
    There is nearly no detail on the Chassis and the interior. The chrome is bad and they even have chromed taillights and front sidemarkers with no glass...
    The bodys have good shapes, but some sinking marks.
    The price for them here is really a joke. I don´t know about how much they are in the US, but here in Germany they´re really expensive.
    Thank god i got mine from HLJ :wink:
    I think modellers can expect more from a japanese manufacturer. (Or any manufacturer).

    here are some pics:

    I Lowered the chassis (Both have the same chassis, so the work was equal).
    I took the bumpers from the 23 window bus.

    The Bodys have a few sinking marks which needed to be filled.

    I glued the blinker in place and sanded them.

    After painting the bodys I had the problem how to paint the VW-logos...
    The decals don´t fit :roll: , I tried to mask them with BMF but that didn´t work either. I masked the outside with Tamiya tape then and the inner parts with liquid masking fluid.
    I painted the logos before the clearcoat and worked them over with a fine brush.
    I don´t understand why the heck Hasegawa didn´t made them as seperate parts???

    This is how they look right now.
    I need to add some more details like rearview mirrors...

    The van is nearly box stock except for partbox tires and the hupcaps which come from the herbie kit (was that from polar lights?).

    The pick up has the bumpers from the bus and Empi rims which came from the Revell Imp. I made them larger and added also partsbox tires.

    More to come...
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  8. Stefan added a post in a topic How to paint Hot Rod flames, my way.   

    Well Jarius, actually no, i haven´t... thats why I asked :wink:
    I tried with an ink pen, but it didn´t worked well.
    I also have a brush like Steve has, but never tried it really... :oops:
    Last year I met a swedish guy, Claes Beck-Fries, you may have heard or read about him, he makes awesome pinstripings with such a brush , so I bought one.
    For straight pinstripings like on trucks I have very nice KFS decals which work well.
  9. Stefan added a post in a topic How to paint Hot Rod flames, my way.   

    Way too cool!
    But what about pinstriping around the flames? Does anybody have an idea?

  10. Stefan added a post in a topic Ford LTL 9000 with Trailer   


    I used brass hinges which are for (big) modelships. They had the perfect size and i didn´t need to scratchbuild them.
    BTW, both doors are hinged :wink:
  11. Stefan added a post in a topic Pics of my latest flame job   


    Hi Brian, thats really amazing! Can you tell us how you did it?
  12. Stefan added a post in a topic Ford LTL 9000 with Trailer   


    As I wrote, a friend of mine did them on his computer.
  13. Stefan added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Ford LTL 9000 with Trailer

    this is the first (and last :wink: ) big rig i´ve ever build:

    An Italeri Ford with an italeri trailer. I´ve shortened the chassis of the truck 3cm´s , the sleeper is also shorter and its roof is scratchbuild.
    The dors are hinged with brass hinges.
    I´ve added some scratchbuild details, like the rear fenders and the grille-net.
    Most of the crome parts are done with alcladII. Don´t ask me why i did it :roll: ... It works well on smaller parts but on big parts like the bumper it is not good, because it is not very scratch and "finger" resistant.

    The trailer is build oob, except for the 10cm shortening.
    Today I know that the trailer rims are wrong.

    All the decals are homemade by a club-fellow.

    I hope you like it...

    ...ans allways remember: don´t take your pics in the noons sun!
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  14. Stefan added a post in a topic Off road type tires for a big rig?   

    Hi Aaron,

    I know this one.

    One more thought about the offroad-tires;
    What about those old two piece plastic Italeri tires? They have a nice deep profile...