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  1. Beware the Cobra Chickens lady
  2. That would be it. Thanks Greg. Nice not to be crazy occasionally
  3. Seeing as I am getting old and starting to become prone to imagining things I have a "Does anyone remember". It would be the late 60's or very early 70's does anyone remember a model, I believe it was called the Peppermint Fuzz. All I can remember was it was molded in a bright Pink colour and had 3 piece styrene tires and a machine gun on the roof. Please, if anyone can let me know if it was real they might just let me out on a day pass again.☺ Thanks Bubba
  4. Drove one for a bit in my misspent youth and seeing this one makes me want to get the coveralls and the cattle prod out from under the bunk and start loading
  5. Hey,   Happy Birthday Bubba Barrie!  Enjoy your special day & stay safe.  Best wishes!           hack-n-whack AKA Tom Buda

  6. In the BJ & the bear era the 24.5 would have been the popular choice, especially for the O/O crowd. As far as width most axles are set for a 96" width but with the increase in trailer width to 102" axles are becoming wider as well. JUst explain that on a rebuild you went with the wider axles "for stability" and everybody be happy. ☺
  7. There is a resin aftermarket supplier that has a couple of the small diesel engines.You will have to excuse me as it is an old and forgetful day for me today and I cannot remember which one. It will probably come to me at 3:00 am. Just came to me. Trailer Trash customs and Models by Dave are 2 that are supposed to have the Cummins and Powerstroke engines
  8. Just remember as well that if you need 24 feet behind the cab take into consideration that you will need about 120 scale inches of frame from the bumper to the back of cab. (BBC measure) and most standard highway trucks are 120"BBC, not counting the sleeper. Brent
  9. Good lord. Its time for me to give up the paint and glue. I was 3 pictures in before i realized they weren't real and a few more pictures in and I still wasn't sure. Unbelievable work. My hat is off to you sir
  10. As far as i recall tri-axles have been around since at least the late 60's (probably before that but i'm getting forgetful). What surprises me is the tridem set up with the 3 axles with no spread. The old tri axles i pulled had about a 10' spread between the lead axle and the tandems at the back. Also the lead axle was a lift axle. The tridem grouping was a more recent style . It is easier on the roads.
  11. AI Truck Models (http://www.aitruckmodels.com/) lists one, a 60" Mercury in their web site. Good Luck, Brent
  12. HeyBuba, I don't know about the pullers in your link, but the truck pull at Notre Dame du Nord has a no motor mod rule. The only real mod is a plate to protect the fuel tanks. if you google Noter Dame du nord you should find the link to Rodeo du Camion. Good luck. Bubba
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