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  1. Mj-Styro added a post in a topic 1961 FORD Galaxie   

    Very nice!!!!
    Love the back drop! makes the car look real!!!

  2. Mj-Styro added a post in a topic Mustang II   

    AWESOME Jerry!!!
    Your right you dont see many Mustang ll's done.........( have done a few of them myself i kinda hord them hehehehehhe think i am at 50 now shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    If you dont mind i'll post up a stang ll i did acouple years ago, my first pro touring car and kinda went with it............hope you enjoy it


    <GASP) i forgot to get the finished engine bay pic with the dizzy oooops

  3. Mj-Styro added a post in a topic 1972 Ford Torino Coupe   

    Looks like a 1976 Elite

  4. Mj-Styro added a post in a topic 1972 Ford Torino Coupe   

    His was a 1975/6 torino elite another awesome car, i started to do years ago but body was warped pretty bad and gave up on it, wished i still had it bet i could have fixed it now

  5. Mj-Styro added a post in a topic A couple of Ranchero's   

    Very nice!!!
    i have a 70 Chero as well that i need to redo,did some work to it years ago and didnt fix an area i wasnt good in well till now, so i would like to redo it.......
    i did get the trumpeter 'chero kit and can hard wait to dig into it! been after one of them for years!!


  6. Mj-Styro added a post in a topic 1986 Monte LS   

    Thanks Guys! theres a gentleman that does a real nice piece and will have to research his name, pretty sure hes on the board here some where, price isnt tobad for what ya get........which is everything conversion wise.............
    mine came from a friend i hounded for a year they were bad seconds and had to put thinking cap on to see how i could correct it.........here are the pics of what i had to do....
    The LS is done just need to look thru my glass bin and see if i can modify anything i can get to work for this........


  7. Mj-Styro added a post in a topic nuclear nova   

    Ditto on the crazy paint job, but it looks great!!

  8. Mj-Styro added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    2000 GMC Envy Blazer
    Another replica build, took a 1996 GMC Jimmy promo updated it to a 2000, by modifying the grill the best i could,i cut off the front clip and added one from a S15 pickup kit so it wasnt a curb side, and also used a 1995 2dr Blazer kit (AMT) for the chassis and engine.
    I added a brush gaurd as an extra cause i would like to find one for the wifes truck.....color is almost the same and is auto paint i thinned and shot thru air brush (same color as on the 86 Monte LS)

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  9. Mj-Styro added a topic in Under Glass   

    1986 Monte LS
    Replica of how my oldest son wants his car to look like........after getting a few LS noses (that needed alot of work) i managed to get it built, Still need to make headlights for it some how and havent fiqured out how i am gona do it just yet.........

    Took a bit of researching and digging thru parts bins and kits to come up with a 4.3 i built for this build.....

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  10. Mj-Styro added a topic in Under Glass   

    1985 Monte SS
    This is a replica of what i did to my youngest sons car last winter after a total tear down and rebuild........(Frame off)

    I didnt get to put the mist on gold flames in the hood stripe, wanted to do but wanted to get it built.....its as close as i could get to the 1:1
    PS: the red stripes are the same color as the ones on the 1:1 also

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  11. Mj-Styro added a post in a topic 1979? chevy van car hauler   

    they are resin copys of the ones found in the Monogram F350 kit, the white spokes came from the revell trailer which i added 8 lugs too instead of the 5 it used to have.........
  12. Mj-Styro added a post in a topic 1979? chevy van car hauler   

    Thanks Guys,
    Added pics of the flat bed ford also..............

  13. Mj-Styro added a post in a topic 1972 Ford Torino Coupe   

  14. Mj-Styro added a post in a topic 1972 Ford Torino Coupe   

    the stockcar chassis is alittle nicer altho not stock with some effort tho it wont be to bad, i used the stock car trailing arms and the rear end from a 1966 Fairlane kit AMT.......have to do some trimming on the cross member... will post acouple more pics after bit............

  15. Mj-Styro added a post in a topic 1972 Ford F250 4x4 short box