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  1. Quanah added a post in a topic 59 El Camino   

    I have an old '59 El Camino model too, that I built about 38 years ago. Makes me want to dig it out and redo it. Good job! Keep up the good work.
  2. Quanah added a post in a topic Possible to remove old water slide decals...Safely?   

    Thanks for the website... They do have a sheet for the "Hurst Hairy Olds", pretty inexpensive too. If I go that route, I better get with it, seems they're (CLOSING THEIR DOORS) for good.Thank You VERY MUCH!
  3. Quanah added a post in a topic Possible to remove old water slide decals...Safely?   

    Thanks for the input. the Hurst Hairy Olds body has been soaking in water for about 4 days. I know the decals will come off now with an old toothbrush, I've done that on models before, but haven't tried glass cleaner, or anything else, for that matter, just warm soapy water. Like you said, I don't have anything to lose. Thanks again!
  4. Quanah added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Possible to remove old water slide decals...Safely?
    Hello! I'm a newby. I would like to know if there is anyway possible to remove OLD water slide decals. I'm talking about 35 years old probably. I have dug out an old model of the Hurst Hairy Olds, which decals are in great shape, but the paint, not so good. I am going to repaint, and would like to reuse these decals, using new glue from another water slide decal sheet. I am afraid if these decals are loosened, they will crumble into pieces. Don't think finding replacements would be too easy. Thanks for any suggestions!
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