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  1. yomama added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Lotus restoration and rebuild
    Here's a 1/32 Lotus body by Strombecker I bought on eBay for $2.00. It's been a year since it's been done but thought I would share it here. Chris4q is my inspiration...his cars are immaculate!

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  2. yomama added a post in a topic The next step, Milling my own metal parts....   

    I have a Sherline 4000 lathe and a HF Micro Mill. The Sherline lathe is absolutely perfect, and is a very precise piece of machinery. The HF Micro Mill appears to have been manufactured by drunks. Absolutely horrendous. Tolerances in the millimeters. I plan on selling the mill to buy the Sherline Milling Column instead. Here's a great link of a few hours of free video on machining:
    I have tons of other machining resources...let me know what you need.