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  1. kwtrucker added a post in a topic Sleepers   

    Steven, .040 is the best thickness to use. I haven't looked at my sleeper for a long time. I went back and looked at it and it is .040" sheet styrene.
  2. kwtrucker added a post in a topic 1/16 kenworth dump truck UPDATE!   

    Nice work, William.
  3. kwtrucker added a post in a topic 125 ton Rogers mining trailer completed   

    Awsome work Dennis! The trailer goes great with the KW, and the dozer.
  4. kwtrucker added a post in a topic What AMT Ertl big rig parts would you like to see reissued as parts packs?   

    I like the decal idea by AJ as well. As far as parts go here's my list;
    1) 10 hole chrome wheels from the Kenworth K100 Aerodyne kit
    2) Front six spoked wheels and tires from the Autocar dumptruck kit
    3) Rear air ride suspension from the International 4070A kit.
    4) Rear suspension and axle from the Ford Louisville Delivery Truck kit.
    5) Six spoked wheels from the Volvo N10 tractor kit.
  5. kwtrucker added a post in a topic Sleepers   

    Brent, There are no kits of the 110"or 120" sleepers for model trucks. There are no aftermarket model builders making them either that I know of. The best thing you could do is scratch build one yourself. You can do this by using .020" or .030" sheet styrene.
  6. kwtrucker added a post in a topic Moebius Smoothie (Skirts Made and Installed) Almost Done   

    Nice job JT!
  7. kwtrucker added a post in a topic Revell snap Pete...Maggini #13 inspired. Maybe i got some motivation.   

    Nice job on the Pete Clayton. Are you going to build the flatbed doubles to go with the truck?
  8. kwtrucker added a post in a topic Moebius smooth side van trailer   

    Nice job on the trailer KJ. The super singles look great too. Talking about those fairings under the trailer, me personaIy don't like them.
  9. kwtrucker added a post in a topic 1960's Mack B61 wrecker   

    George, Great work on scratchbuilding the cab. Don't know if you know this but, you can buy a resin cab conversion in 1/25th scale of the Mack B-61 from American Industrial Truck Models. Here is a link to theri site. http://www.aitruckmodels.com/
  10. kwtrucker added a post in a topic RM Mack plow I finished   

    Outstanding work Justin! I sure like it.
  11. kwtrucker added a post in a topic rig building, what's the worst part for you?   

    Wow, this is a great topic. The worst part of building for me would have to be painting the cabs, hoods, sleepers, etc. "bodies". I'll get the body work all done, sanded real nice, everything is straight, and just the way I want it, then I'll shoot some paint on it and it will not come out the way I expected it to. Orange peel is the biggest thing to try and avoid when painting. I have gotten better over the years, with all the tips and tricks I've learned from friends. I've had cabs/hoods not come out right the first time and strip them and repaint them 2 or 3 times before I got it right! Ahh! It's just like anything else though, the more you do it the better you will be at it.
  12. kwtrucker added a post in a topic White and yellow Diamond Reo   

    Dennis, Nice work on the Diamond Reo. I like everything about it. The way you made the road is a great idea and looks great too.
  13. kwtrucker added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359 Tri-axle logging truck with KFS crane   

    Great job!
  14. kwtrucker added a post in a topic So what company is casting vintage heavy duty trucks ?   

    You can try these two companies. American Industrial Truck Models and IIIini Replica Conversions
    Here are the link. http://www.aitruckmodels.com/. The link for Illini Replica conversions is on the front page of American Industrial Truck Models at the bottom right. AITM is great to deal with and the castings and service is great. I have never dealt with Illini before, maybe somebody here has.
  15. kwtrucker added a post in a topic Almost finished: Peterbilt 358 Custom Needlenose   

    Great work on the 358. The snap together Pete 359 can be built into some many different things and the model is very accurate.
    Keep up the great work a thanks for the inspiring us all.