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  1. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic donn yost dvd   

    Mikey !  You're a nut ! But ..... That's why I luv ya !  Lol ! 
    A very good man once told me that one day I would have to play it forward & give back as to what I had been given .
    While this particular instance referred to softball , I have never forgotten it & expanded upon it as I grew older . I want others to experience the joy and love that I have for this hobby . Hence the DVDs & my willingness to help out where I can ...... Thank you , buddy ! 
  2. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic Motown Missle Willys   

    Ed , 
    You won't regret it for one minute ! I have found that when I am teaching , more often than not , I am learning at the same time myself . They are well worth the cost ! 
    Tim , 
    As of late ,  I have been doing far more commission work then building for myself . I am scrambling right now to complete as many bodies as I can for the NNL East show in April . I have more than a few projects started for myself but I am up to my ears in commissioned work and they simply sit on the shelves , giving me dirty looks ..... Lol ! 
    I will be posting more pictures as time permits .... 
    Thank ya'll for the compliments , they are greatly appreciated ! 
  3. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic donn yost dvd   

    No sir , At that period of time I was involved with the HO train world & did not re enter the model car world until early 2001.
  4. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic Motown Missle Willys   

    No , the wheels are from one of the older Revell Willys kits ..... I wish I had about 20 more pairs of Bob Dudek's aluminum slots which are similar . 
  5. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic NNL East 2016   

    Lone Wolf Custom Painting will be there ! 
  6. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic donn yost dvd   

    All good , Matteo .... Not a problem , my friend ! 
  7. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic Motown Missle Willys   

    Sorry , Bob .... This is just a buck that I built to show case the bodies .......
  8. LoneWolf15 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Motown Missle Willys
    Another phantom , what if , coulda been ......

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  9. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic donn yost dvd   

    Hey , Gang ! 
    Just a bit of a reminder... Quite a few of the individuals involved with the aftermarket have full time jobs . Otherwise , the return address would be a mailbox attached to a cardboard box somewhere underneath a bridge overpass . Speaking for myself , the full time job , commissioned paint work , and running the business , more often than not makes time an enemy rather than a friend . DVD orders are usually in the mail within 4 days , at the longest , a week to ten days . Please learn to be patient . If you don' t hear from me or receive your order within the aforementioned time frame , email me ! Do not file a complaint with PayPal , contact me first .
    While this is a rare occurrence , it has happened. These actions only lead to more confusion & time wasted ..... I actually had a customer from Germany order the DVDs on a Friday and file a complaint that Sunday alluding to the fact that he had not received his order or payment received notification . Problem being , I was running around on a softball field all weekend . All of us have lives outside the hobby and our businesses . This should be taken into consideration , before one reaches to push the proverbial panic button . 
    Scott Aho , Who is Donn Yost ? Just another anal retentive dimbulb modeler with a passion for the hobby .....
    Thanks for "listening " , Ya'll ! 
  10. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic OLD MAN'S MAGIC DUST   

  11. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic How to do mild weathering?   

    A pastel chalk set would probably fit your needs .......
  12. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic Static Charge Attracts Dust - Pics added Wed.15th   

    If you are painting on a concrete floor , wet the floor down before you spray . Plastic walls , booths , etc , already have an electro static charge built in . The slightest movement resets it . Carpeted floors are also a big no no in a spray area . Move your work table away from your painting area also ......
  13. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic How do I create desert dust on a car..   

    Art supply store will carry chalk sets . Cannot be beat for weathering effect .....
  14. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic Airbrush Questions!   

    Stating that enamels take many days to cure when cut with cheap lacquer thinner is patently false ! I cleared three bodies yesterday morning and wet sanded them out this morning . That's within a 24 hour period .........

    Booth temperature was 68 degrees with low humidity . Generally speaking , a one to three day flashout period is to be expected when using a cheap lacquer thinner to cut the enamels with .

    Donn Yost
    Lone Wolf Custom Painting
  15. LoneWolf15 added a post in a topic Contest models that got skunked - show 'em!   

    I agree that the names should not be shown also . However , the secret is that there are no secrets .... Someone knows whose builds belong to what builder and word spreads like wildfire amongst the brethren . Also , builders who have a certain style will have their models easily recognized as to whom they belong to .