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  1. Robert added a post in a topic Lint free cloth   

    Yes, I assumed you were talking about car bodies. I use an Anti-static Cleaning Cloth. It works great since static-cling is notoriously one of our worst enemies when it comes to preparing a model for painting; especially during the winter months,
  2. Robert added a post in a topic Lint free cloth   

    The best thing I have found to use is an Anti-static Cleaning Cloth. I used these for years to wipe photo negatives before printing and have found they work well on models. You can purchase these online, or at any photo supply store (If any still exist).
  3. Robert added a post in a topic Three Stooges going back to D.C.   

    I agree with you. I sold cars at a dealership in Gainesville. FL to work my way through college and I have to say, I was always honest with customers and had no problem selling cars, provded the customer was being honest with me as well.
  4. Robert added a post in a topic Jerry Harvey AFX   

    Just Google Jerry Harvey 427 SOHC Mustang (images). I found several pictures of "The Quiet One"
  5. Robert added a post in a topic Megahobby.com   

    Thanks, all. Seems like Tower is the place to go.
  6. Robert added a post in a topic 1965 Impala SS   

    That's a great looking 65 Impala SS. My best friend had one years and years ago. I remember flipping it over a couple of times for him. Oddly, it still ran, but, of course was pretty much totaled. Thanks for the memories.
  7. Robert added a topic in General   

    I was looking at some models on this site. http://www.megahobby.com/ They're having a sale (20%) off. I was wondering if anyone here has dealt with this company. They seems to have some pretty good 1/24 models priced around $14 to $17. I just hate getting ripped off. So, if anyone knows anything about this site could you please let me know, good or bad.

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  8. Robert added a post in a topic Revell '32 sedan   

    That's a great looking custom job. I like everything you've done with it.
  9. Robert added a post in a topic 60 impala   

    Don't let anyone bring you down. That's a good looking 2 tone. I can't wait to see it when it's completed.
  10. Robert added a post in a topic "First Run" 32 roadster   

    Great looking build!
  11. Robert added a post in a topic Hello to all!   

    Welcome, Dan. You'll find this is a great site for modelers. The tips and tricks you learn here are great. The people are great, the builds are great, so relax and enjoy this site.
  12. Robert added a post in a topic Rail Job   

    He's just a kid (12). Don't discourage him. I think it's great that he tries, so I give him a lot of credit for that. Maybe your builds are better, but to him his builds are just as good as anyone’s, and I thought this site was about the hobby, not discouraging a kid who's only been building for 3 months.
    Way to encourage children to become interested in model building, Tim.
  13. Robert added a post in a topic finished 2 cars   

    Those look great!
  14. Robert added a post in a topic Gas Prices - GEEZ!!   

    $1.87 per gal. for reg. in Huntington, WV, but since my company shipped my job over-seas I don't need to buy gas, lol. I have no job to drive to, so the lower price doesn't matter a lot to me, but I am happy it's gone down. We all must remember, though, when it comes to prices; What goes down must come up.
  15. Robert added a post in a topic Revell '67 Charger   

    Great looking build. This is the very reason I don't post my builds.