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  1. Stock Car Edelbrock

    This car is a awesome stock car!
  2. way gone mustang

    Kick butt dude i love that car
  3. Stock Car Edelbrock

    Hello everyone this car is satin,and cherry red it is almost finish the only thing it needs is the decals and the glass all aluminin engine 1 4 barrel carb. and a good roll cage. Here is a few of pics I hope you like this car
  4. way gone mustang

    Did you use a magnum body to customize it or did you just by a special editon mustang wagon? I dont know, Unless they make hatchback mustangs now
  5. 57 Belair Custom

    That 57 Fairlane that is in the picture is the one i am restoring this very minute
  6. Mini Car company

    Some ppl like there Mini's with 4-cyclinder but check this out the 2008-2010 model Mini Cooper Vv6 (Verison V6) they now have v6 in them what next Chevy Malibu's having v12 . But i mean my friend's dad just bought a 2008 Mini Cooper Vv4 (verison v4) Now a couple weeks later he gave that car to his wife and bought a Mini Cooper Vv6(big and bad) the are cool starting price at 35,788 dollars (vv4 and vv6 are just code names i use for the mini coopers, easier to identfy to me)
  7. 1965 Impala SS

    Nice car! Cool
  8. 60 impala

    sometimes people like to piss people off you know what i mean. Thats why my dad stop posting his cars
  9. 60 impala

    Hey evilone what color you think the interior should be i say flat white, or flat black then when it is good and dry whip your finger across the interior then it looks like real upholstery! I love that impala. double thumbs up!
  10. 95 Camaro

    cool! i like it
  11. 57 Belair Custom

    yeah i took a while to find an engine that would fit did you see my little roof scoop
  12. Lemans Racing car

    Well my friend gave me this busted i could'nt save the glass on top so its a covertbul primed hood and trunk. still in progress has no engine still reparing.
  13. 57 Belair Custom

    Well here you all go it has wrap around glass,2001 300c Hemi,kick butt sound system,carpet in trunk,global blue interior,and fire extigusher and neon lite in trunk blue
  14. 67 chevy chevelle - a little bit customized

    A little bit custommized? How bout a lot of bit! Is there a fire arlarm in here becuase that car is smoking hot!
  15. Jo-Han Cuda

    Wow!!! check out that engine that is kick butt!