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  1. 1/24 Mclaren M6A Fisher resin

    TS-56 is really Repsol orange but it's so close to correct that if you weren't told it was different you wouldn't know it.
  2. Hobby Lobby Summer 19 clearance

    Today I went to the two closest Hobby Lobby stores to me. One store had a few kits marked down( '23 T Coke truck, Prowler, and old tool stock version '57 Chevy) and may have more earlier for there were a few empty spots on the shelves. The other store had no kits marked down.
  3. At the Downriver Club meeting last Friday one of the members told us about a product that he found. it's called Crud Cutter Graffiti Remover (gel) and judging by the bodies he brought it works great and even takes off flat black! He found his bottle at Ollies. I found a non gel version at Home Depot for about $8 for 22 ounces.
  4. Revell 2019

    It's based on the new tool '70 Barracuda/ Sox & Martin kit. I got one last Friday (6-14-19). The Hemi valve covers and dual carbs are left in the AAR kit from the earlier releases but the 4 tires are still all of equal size (unlike the real car's staggered sizes). Maybe the AMT parts pack tires will work (?).
  5. Something New At Hobby Lobby

    No Porsche tractors at the two closest Hobby Lobby stores to me. No space indicated on the shelves for them either.
  6. Fujimi 911S '69 and 911R '67 are back!

    The Dino Spyder in Regular series uses a different body mold than the one in the Enthusiast series. It has a separate front lower body that has to be installed after the chassis and body are mated due to the way the underbody is molded. That makes for a problem as it leaves a seam where the pieces mate that isn't on the real car.
  7. Enamels dry by oxygen intake so if you can increase that then an enamel should dry faster. Or am I wrong in my thinking on this?
  8. Depending on the sheen and / or shade of white you want you can: 1) Spray Tamiya TS-65 pearl clear or TS-45 pearl white for a slight pearl effect. 2) Spray Tamiya TS-7 for a creamy off white then use a semi gloss or flat as necessary for the desired sheen. 3) Use flat white or white primer and then buff with your finger. Your skin oil will impart a slight gloss. 4) Spray flat or semi gloss clear over the kit white plastic.
  9. Greg, the Tamiya '66 Beetle would be the best one. Try to find one of those. The only version of the Polar Lights kit that has the sunroof provision is the Love Bug version; but it's just a wrinkled insert over a solid roof with two locating holes. The later versions have a solid roof without the two holes. And to my old eyes the side windows look like the larger 1965 versions ( I have a Spiderman version and a Love Bug).
  10. Looks like a 1965. All the versions are nice kits: multiple choice of wheels, seats, and bumpers. Only downside I see is that the tail lights are way too large.
  11. Tamiya: Toyota TS050 Hybrid Le Mans 2018

    I got the kit at a hobby store in metro Detroit.
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    The Tamiya Toyota TS050 is out. I now have one.
  13. A Idea for NASCAR

    I'd be wary of dropping too much speed from the cars. I was at an ARCA race at Michigan Speedway back in the Nineties and those cars were lapping at about 165 m.p.h. They looked so slow it looked like they were dragging an anchor behind them.
  14. EPSON NSX 2005 super GT by Tamiya

    I think that's one of the easier liveries. There's that blue one with the music industry theme that looks much worse to do.