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  1. Another part in the white version kit ( and maybe that blue version, too)and isn't mentioned in the instructions is a fuel line that the later kits don't have. It is shown on the box art model on the bottom of the box. But be careful when assembling the front suspension. There have been reports of alignment difficulties which were apparently remedied in the later versions by more precise parts location.
  2. I got my copy yesterday from Pasteiner's. I've been glancing through it but will read it in depth later.
  3. Brass era cars do seem to be on a bit of a price upswing. But the 20s era cars haven't done that as of yet( unless it's a big classic like a 12 cylinder Packard or something similar).
  4. That process was shown way back in the 70s in an article written by Hank Borger in Car Model Magazine. The only question I've had is if you should use cold or warm water. Which is it?
  5. I remember the shriek of the Matra V-12 at the 1982 Detroit Grand Prix. It was a unique sound, like someone somehow tearing metal.
  6. I'm planning to buy one this time. I missed it 40(ish) years ago.
  7. The '71 T-bird has Bunkie Knudsen's fingerprints all over it. The changes were what he could get done quickly on the car when he came to Ford from GM.
  8. Bangle may have kick started the uglifying trend but he's been gone from BMW for a few years.
  9. Maybe you can cut the front pan from a Revell '60 hardtop?
  10. The Jo-Han Cadillac and Mercedes kits are vey nice. Still positively impressive almost 50 years on.
  11. Not to mention the strut versus A-arm front suspension; Obviously 2 different cars.
  12. I bought the B/M Camaro and the Charger for $10 each at a toy show several years ago. I reference them as benchmarks when I build the regular kits.
  13. Quite a while ago i started in on the the Hot Wheels Camaro. I have a magazine from that era with an article about the car and the article shows some pictures of the engine out of the car. The kit engine is VERY dissimilar to the real car's engine because the kit's engine is still mostly Ford. So back into the stash went the kit.
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