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  1. ZTony8


    I'm deemed an essential worker because I procure parts for municipal vehicles for the city of Detroit so it's work as usual for me. I just don't venture out after coming home. I'll be doing my regular Saturday shopping but probably not much else. I'm comfortable being by myself( I wish it was different but I'm used to the way things are for me) and I can keep busy if I desire.
  2. The Chicken Little syndrome has struck. Because of the Covid 19 scare, our show on 3-29-20 HAS BEEN CANCELLED by the college where the show is held. The Detroit Area Auto Modelers club is EXTREMELY disappointed about this but this wasn't our decision. We have no alternate venue available but plan to have our NNL and toy show this November at our usual location.
  3. Nice grafting of the 1/25th scale AMT '57 Chevy custom bits onto the 1/24th scale Monogram body.
  4. Paint the interior the same color and you could fool some people into thinking it's some kind of rare promo,
  5. Make sure that the two little tabs on the front of the interior bucket are in their holes in the firewall. That makes a difference.
  6. Thany you, Eric. I received information today that the owners of the drag slot car track have sold it so there won't be any more slot car drags unless we find another portable track owner who wants to set up at our show.
  7. I'm sure there will be pictures. Several people have posted them from our past shows.
  8. I noticed that there's a 1/16 snap version of the 356 coupe available from Revell.
  9. Coming March 29, 2020, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., is the Detroit Area Auto Modelers Motor City Madness contest and swap meet. This is a judged contest. Class trophies and specialty awards will be given. Admission to the show is $5 and there's NO additional charge to enter the contest. We'll have over 300 vendor tables for the swap area, slot car drags and a few real cars on display. We're the biggest show in the Midwest, come and see why. Mr. Moderator, how do we get this event listed on the main forum page Upcoming Events box?
  10. I suspect that, given some time, another version will be released by Moebius. No proof, just a hunch.
  11. Oh boy. A model of an SUV. Yippy skippy. Hey, maybe it'll attract millenials to model building.
  12. I can't tell for sure but the test shot of the E Type looks like a 2+2 , not the regular fixed head coupe. Any body know for sure?
  13. Come scope out our spring show, Motor City Madness, this March 29th.! Tony Buglione, Detroit Area Auto Modelers
  14. Try good old Testor putty. I've had good luck with it filling voids in 1/43 resin bodies. It even smells like the resin.
  15. I always chuckle when I think of the irony of a die cast metal Corvette.
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