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  1. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Porsche 917K #22 1971   

    I have the Testor/Heller version in my stash.I hope it comes out as nice as your version did.
  2. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Buying kits at swap meets   

    As opposed to mikemodeler's experience among the best kit deals I ever got was at the NSRA Kalamazoo show swap meet a few years ago.I recall getting a couple of Revell early 90s Grand Prixs(at $3 each),a Jo-Han '34 Mercedes roadster and couple of other kits.The Mercedes was the most expensive-I think I gave $7 for it.And I just missed grabbing an early issue AMT '50 Ford convertible too.
  3. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Pocher Jaguar E-Type convertible - would you buy it?   

    If the kit quality was better than their Ferrari Testarossa effort with Testor,then I might be interested.If not,no way would I waste the money on it.
  4. ZTony8 added a post in a topic My Ford T   

    Nice looking job on what was,for me,a very frustrating, and fiddly kit.
  5. ZTony8 added a post in a topic The mini Popemobile   

    Holy water dispenser in the dash?Nah!Holy water in the cooling system to prevent overheating.
  6. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Lookin for chassis tips..   

    You could pick out the fasteners with some bare metal toned paint.I'd recommend steel rather than aluminum to tone down some of the brightness and lessen the "silver measles" look.Late model vehicles with aluminum suspension components would have those done in a shade of dull or dirty aluminum-again to kill off any over brightness.
  7. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Quick Overview: Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino   

    Other than seeing a built test shot at Sylvania I haven't seen the kit.But I'm wondering if the '71 Torino kit wouldn't cure most of the chassis concerns.
  8. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Check your muffler fluid, M'aam?   

    If I owned one of the involved cars I'd never bring it in for it's "fix".
  9. ZTony8 added a post in a topic What to do with instructions?   

    If you have multiples of the same kit,toss them or give them away or sell them.For an OOB build with liberal guidelines shoot clear lacquer on the pages to stiffen them then paint them and use them as spoilers or tonneau covers or ground effect pieces. 
  10. ZTony8 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I picked up three cans of Tamiya paint and an old Monogram slant nose 911 kit from the Model Cave,a snapper C7 from Michaels at50% off,and another Revell '29 Model A kit(that's #4) from Hobby Lobby.
  11. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Moebius ' 54 Hornet interor started   

    I know what you mean about the foiling.I'm just starting to do the foil on my '53 Hornet and those miniscule belt line mouldings are driving me nuts trying to get them done!I'm dreading trying to do the side window frames.This model may be the first one where I need my Optivisor to do foiling.
  12. ZTony8 added a post in a topic micheals craft store   

    With their recent adjustment of the kit shelves Michaels has cut way back on their kit offerings.Mostly now it's just the snap together kits with a few glue kits.I didn't see any tags for the '29 A kit at Michaels but maybe they'll stock it later(?).But I do have three 50% off coupons to use so maybe I'll buy the 2014 Corvette snapper.
  13. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Anyone using Alclad as a base for candies/'flake/pearl?   

    Alclad makes a specific silver base to go under their candy colors.
  14. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Purple Power????   

    If you can find Super Clean(not Castrol anymore) it's a bit stronger and seems to work better.
  15. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Revell 2014 Snap-tite Corvette C7   

    Advise to sand/file the headlamp opening before painting?