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  1. I was at Hobby Lobby today and saw that they are carrying GSI Creos Mr. Surfacer 1000 so I used my coupon and bought it.
  2. The reason for the similarity of the PT Cruiser and the HHR is that they were styled by the same guy,
  3. I see the problem as evaluating an old tool through current standards. I, like many of us, thought those kits were fine back then. We had nothing else. But through the years of incremental improvements ( and experiencing Tamiya kits)we acclimated to a higher standard of quality. Now many of those old tools seem impossibly crude.
  4. Fish eye is usually caused by a contaminant on the surface. That needs to be eliminated so the best bet is to strip, clean, and recoat.
  5. Your front end treatment is coincidentally very reminiscent of a 71-73 Opel Manta.
  6. I heard from a reliable source that the reuse of JoHan molds was unlikely because their tooling was so different than that of the other model companies. Anyone know about this possibility?
  7. Perhaps the upcoming release of the Chinese kit has stalled the CMA offering?
  8. Nicely done model. The real cars used lousy steel in the bodies and were champion rusters. At the first Buick dealer I worked at one of the mechanics had a '73 Regal with the more formal style roof than John's model. It was a good thing that the Buick had a vinyl top on it as that was the only thing holding the roof panel to the quarter panel! On the later cars the rear bumpers used to rust and fall off of the reinforcement bar. A wood plank was an often seen substitute.
  9. Revell already does the '68 Firebird so for them a dashboard change and a new windshield with vent glass would be needed along with a new body to include the vent window posts, the different front valance and lower front fender, and the elimination of the rear marker lights. I don't believe the '67 Firebirds had the mono leaf rear springs that came on a Camaro so the '68 kit rear springs would be fine.
  10. Since Revell corrected the mistake that now makes the original, wrong, decal sheet rare and worth a lot of money, right?🤣
  11. Sixteen feet= 192 inches, and the real van is 195 inches long. Divide that by the model body dimension of 6.75 inches and you get 28.88 inches of real van per inch of model so it's just a touch bigger than 1/29th scale.
  12. As a note of trivia not only are the fender vents unique to the '71 Firebird but that's the only year that the engine size digits are larger than the "Firebird" script. I know this because I had a '71 455 H.O. Firebird and the kid down the street had a '73 Formula 350;his engine size and name script were the same size.
  13. Went to Hobby Lobby the other night to use my 40% off coupon and initially didn't see anything that interested me in the kit aisle. Then I turned around, looked up, and saw a Revell 2017 Ford GT on the "overstock" shelf. None on the regular shelf so I grabbed it. Makes we wonder if an employee stashed it there for themself or a buddy.
  14. The spring 2021 Detroit Area Auto Modelers show was cancelled by the college where we hold our shows. Yes, due to the pandemic. So we're hoping that the fall show happens next November.
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