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  1. ZTony8 added a post in a topic 62 Impala Sleeper   

    Could be the angle of the photos but I'm not seeing a steering wheel/column.
  2. ZTony8 added a post in a topic 5 more Johans   

    I understand that Moebius was trying to get the toling ownership clear so it could proceed with the Cutlass and one other former Jo-Han tool(might have been the '59 Dodge).
  3. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Parents first car? Any stories remembered?   

    I have no idea what Dad's first car was as it would have been well before I was born and he never mentioned what he drove first.When he met Mom he had a gray '47 Buick Super convertible(I wish I had that car) and when they married he had a two toned green '51 Buick Roadmaster .
    Mom said she learned to drive in high school during WW 2 but her family was poor and hadn't had a car since the mid 1920s so she never drove(Dad did all the driving during the marriage).When my parents divorced in 1964 Mom turned down a '53 Buick Special that wound up with my grandfather.Eventually Mom did buy a used '78 Malibu but only drove it a handful of times ( I think she  was truly frightened of driving).Mom liked using the relative's good graces (and the public bus system) to get us anywhere. 
  4. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Rebooting   

    I think I need a complete reboot for this hobby.My builds are getting worse as I get older.Because of many reasons I don't get to spend as much time at the model desk as I'd like to spend there and what few skills I have are suffering.Lately I've gone to building some of those pre painted snap and/or glue kits and just adding some paint details to them to try to refresh some of basic skills.After a while I'll get back to some mild kit bashing. I hope to eventually be skilled enough to tackle the Gunze Sangyo Ferrari 250 GTO that's been in my stash for years.
  5. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Your First Ride   

    I can only hazard a guess as I was very unaware of things at that time.It would have been a Buick for sure but I'm guessing it was a '53.My Dad had a two tone '51 Roadmaster (to which he added the '52 fins) when he and Mom married.
    Mom said that Dad liked to change cars like he changed his socks and I remember Mom saying that Dad had ordered a new '53 and then sold it off after a while.
  6. ZTony8 added a post in a topic How to get your Christmas tree home   

    You spruced up that Ford quite nicely
  7. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRC '98 - '99   

    Waiting to see what you do with these Subie Quattros!
  8. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 DTM ...... SAGA   

    I'll be watcing your posts.I have all four of the kits.
  9. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Are NASCAR kits falling out of favor?   

    I bought several AMT & Monogram NASCAR kits back in the early and mid 90s.I think they were about $5 each at KMart.I still have most of them,unbuilt.At last spring's D.A.A.M. show,to my pleasant surprise, I was able to off load a few of them for 3 to 5 dollars each.I'm thinking I should build a couple of them just to say I did it.The rest I'll break for the good parts,for painting practice bodies and perhaps even a slot car.
    Thses kits are such dogs on the market and so unwanted that at the Downriver Model Car Club annual Christmas party there's a rule of "NO NASCAR"! for our Dirty Santa gift exchange.
  10. ZTony8 added a post in a topic NNL Motor City #11 -- Sunday, November 15th.   

    There's no theme for the spring show-it's judged contest with separate classes and some special overall awards.
    Congratulations again,Eric.You did a beautiful job and showed that a top quality finish with a simple scheme will trump a more complicated but less well finished job.
  11. ZTony8 added a post in a topic NNL Motor City #11 -- Sunday, November 15th.   

    Thanks to all the spectators and vendors who attended our show.We had 285 tables in the expanded vendor area,about 250 models in the NNL,and just over 1,000 people through the gate.And for anyone who attended and had a good time-please help spread the word about our show.
    Make plans now to attend our spring show on Sunday, April 3rd,2016.We'll have our judged model car contest,Motor City Madness, more great vendors,slot car drags,and more real cars on display.Come and see another fine D.A.A.M. event!
              Tony Buglione
  12. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Something to do with your '62 Buick gluebombs...   

    I saw that thing at the Buick club national meet in Flint,Mi. in 1976 and it stopped me in my tracks because it was so bizarre looking.
    It was not put together very professionally.The body sections were basically pop riveted together.It looked like a cross between a motor home and someone's old tin storage shed on wheels.And I shudder to think of the engineering to get the steering to work.
  13. ZTony8 added a post in a topic The Equus Bass 770   

    I saw the exhibit at the 2014 Detroit show and have the brochures in my stash.Supposedly the metal is all new and not taken from any Mustang parts(though the influence is undeniable).
    But $500K for what comes off looking like a customized '67-'68 Mustang with 'Cuda influences(and,as I recall,GM  LS series engine power)? I don't think so.
  14. ZTony8 added a post in a topic NNL Motor City #11 -- Sunday, November 15th.   

    We're looking about 250 tables(some vendors have multiple tables) not counting the NNL display tables.
  15. ZTony8 added a post in a topic British supercar from RoG in 2016   

    Jonathon,it still adds up to 110%.
    100+10(small investors)=110