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  1. Golf MKII GTi

    Wow!- that's a high flake content paint.
  2. 72 Celica

    If I was that driver I'd change my name.
  3. Beemax Audi Quattro

    I've read that the drivers preferred the longer wheel base car to this version. It was said to have strong understeer.
  4. AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat

    The kit has GS moldings and in between those ribs there's supposed to be a red stripe. Good luck.
  5. What did you get today?

    I bought several kits at the NNL winterfest ( ) show in Waukesha on Sunday. I scored one of my grails- the Tamiya BMW FW 24 Formula 1 car- the only 1/20th scale Tamiya F-1 kit I didn't have. I hadn't even SEEN one in a long while until Sunday. I also got a Tamiya Eggensberger Ford Sierra Cosworth and an Escort Cosworth, a Hasegawa '93 Toyota Celica rally car, a Heller Peugeot 307 rally car, an oddball Heller 1/18 scale 2004 Renault Formula 1 car, a 1/32 scale AMT Surtees Formula 1 kit,some decals and paint. We also stopped at Model Empire since we were so close and I bought a Toyota Cerumo EXIV kit, a die cast Corvette ( think about that for a moment) for a co-worker, and found some old Tru-Match NASCAR paint there. I think I personally boosted the economy of Wisconsin a good bit with my shopping spree!
  6. Milwaukee NNL

    All the attending members from the Detroit Area Auto Modelers had a great time at the Milwaukee NNL. So many excellent models! We're already talking about returning next year with more models and more members. Our guys were astonished at the number of entries ( 688) you got for your show. We had less than half that number for our judged show three weeks ago and for our Motor City NNL last November. Your show has us talking about ways to improve our show's entry count. Thanks for a great time and a great event.
  7. Milwaukee NNL

    The Detroit Area Auto Modelers will be there for the first time. There will be about eight of us attending and we're excited about the trip.
  8. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    How about some decal sheets? Pin striping, scallops, racing stripes, seat inserts for specific kits, instrument clusters, sponsor decals for race cars. How about some upgrade sets for specific kits? Tamiya does this very well, so could Round 2. What about aftermarket seat sets like Corbeau, Sparco, and Recaro?
  9. I Have Often Wondered

    One blown and one unblown engine for Ivo. Hmmm, talk about a power imbalance!
  10. OH NUTS!

    Does it only go to Shell stations?
  11. What made the Edsel fail ?

    Another factor in the Edsel failure was that then Ford President Robert McNamara was against the idea of the car. He did nothing to assure it's success and anything he could to help kill it. His baby was the Falcon (and the Cardinal which became the German Taunus) .For an entertaining read of the Edsel story find a copy of "The Edsel Affair" by C.G. Warnock who was the P.R. Director for Edsel.
  12. That S-W-C Willys looks like it was subject to very warm temperatures for a good while. Perhaps that exacerbated the melting problem?
  13. I read something several years ago about the wheel base difference between the Dodge and the Plymouth. I believe it stated that there really isn't a difference, Chrysler just fibbed so Dodge buyers would think they're getting a bigger car than the cheaper but mostly identical Plymouth.
  14. What did you get today?

    A LHS has a 40% off clearance every January so I stock up on kits from there ( like I need them)so today I bought the Tamiya Mercedes SLR McLaren. It's the clear body version but it's gonna get painted.
  15. Testor makes some large flake mid coat colors in enamel. But try finding a good enamel clear to go over them.