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  1. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Spielwaren Messe Neurenberg 2017 + Pictures!   

    Hmmm. They must do things differently over in Europe vis a vis product announcements. I saw several of those kits in the hobby shop today here in Michigan.
  2. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Preview - what's new with Round 2's upcoming Tom McEwen Hot Wheels Dragster kit?   

    I saw both the Prudhomme kit and the Garlits kit at the hobby shop today. The kits look to be identical except for the extra injector hat pieces and the decals. So this begs the question- which kit is more correct? Was the real Prudhomme car a Garlits chassis or is the "Garlits/Swingle chassis in the Garlits kit  something else? Or are they BOTH incorrect?
  3. ZTony8 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    It was last Saturday that I bought the Tamiya Porsche 934 Vaillant version on clearance from local hobby shop for $39. I already have some of the special Tamiya color for it (and I can get more) so I can build it as a companion for the Tamiya 1/20 scale 935 that I have in my stash.
  4. ZTony8 added a post in a topic F1 Hedge ... not what you think   

  5. ZTony8 added a post in a topic CHEVELLE HELP!!!   

    No pix but I built that version several years ago. I switched the wheels to the set from the Dodge Copperhead show car, detail painted the underside, BMF'ed the moldings, snipped off the posts from the headlamp lenses and put BMF in the buckets, and got rid of that awful puppy poo colored interior by painting it black. For a simple kit it came out looking rather well.
  6. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Original 1940 Willys pickup street rod t184   

    Anybody have a good fix for the ill fitting nose piece of this kit?
  7. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Please keep Grandad away from the tools!   

    I'm thinking that this guy was one of those that used to use ALL the custom parts in an old AMT kit- on one model!
  8. ZTony8 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    This past Saturday I went to my LHS as I know that they put kits on clearance in January. So I bought a Hasegawa Mini Countryman Ray package,a Revell Germany BMW M1( which is the old ESCI tool), an Academy Hyundai Azera, and the Revell Tony Nancy 22 jr double kit. I'm sure I'll go back for more as the budget sees fit.
  9. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Divided by a common tongue   

    US= Shock absorbers
    UK= Dampers
  10. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Modelling Oddities/Mistakes   

    For the New Man version of the Porsche 956 one of the drivers was Mauricio de Narvaez. The Tamiya kit decals are correct. The Studio 27 decal set of that version  spells the driver's last name as " de Navarez". OOPS!
  11. ZTony8 added a post in a topic This may be an answer to those of you looking for better chrome markers   

    I've been giving this chrome issue some thought recently and have come to the conclusion that what we're trying to duplicate as chrome is really stainless trim. Stainless isn't quite as deeply shiny as BMF. So what we need is a good stainless sheen foil.
  12. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Round 2 January 2017 Product Spotlight   

    If  all those reissues pay for new kits,you mean to tell me that all they've paid for is the new 2016 Camaro tool and it's upcoming derivitives?
  13. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Chopped London black cab (new Pics 31/01/17))   

    The Rover V-8 is an updated version of the old Buick/Olds 215 c.i. aluminum engine from the 1960s.
  14. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Really, truly need decals from Revell '67 Chevelle P/S kit   

    I found my spare set. It's from the California Wheels series. However-the left side decal with the flame stripe( # 16), one brake rotor decal ( # 2R), and the tail panel decal each have a small chip out of them. If you can still use the sheet, it's yours. Just PM me your address and I'll mail it off to you.
  15. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Heller Humbrol kits   

    Some of the earlier Heller kits are fine-the Ferrari 512 S, 330P & the Porsche 917 along with the line of vintage cars have decent detail with full chassis and driveline. The later models in the rally car series are just curbsides with a flat pan for a chassis and no suspension detail, soft molding of the kit parts, and sometimes decals that too transparent. But they're often the only examples of a particular car so you have to decide what's important.