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  1. I finished a build! Last November at the Motor City N.N.L. I was given a beautifully painted Testor/ Fujimi Mercedes 500 SL by one of my fellow local modelers. He got it as part of a collection he bought and since it wasn't a subject he built he passed it to me gratis. While in the midst of finishing it I found out why the original builder gave up on it. The body had a noticeable twist so the windows didn't snuggle up as they should. But I clamped the windows while gluing them and everything went together. It even sits level.
  2. Is it just me or does the nose and tail droop on the A990 car ? The funny car deck looks straight( I know the whole car drops rearward but it drops in a straight line not an arc).
  3. I believe that after the race the frame was found to be cracked. The car never raced again.
  4. It has changed a lot since I visited it in 1996 just after it opened as Daytona U.S.A.
  5. Someone didn't get the word on the supposed high prices for Jo-Han kits. Congratulations.
  6. Our model club held its charity auction this past Friday and I scored a box of 47 bottles of various MCW paints (auto and military) for $55. That's $1.17 per bottle. I think I got a good deal.
  7. I must be an outlier. I've not had any problems with Tamiya putty. Fills well, sands out great, and have not had coverage problems.
  8. Hello from Eastpointe, Alison. A Roadmaster, a Lincoln, and a Mini, eh? Quite a contrast.
  9. I maintain that a Porsche 928 is a Pacer styled by Italians.
  10. You need to get some Morgan Auto Detail wired distributors, There's a choice of cap color and wire color combinations and he's got magnetos, too.
  11. Between tending my table and judging the contest at the D.A.A.M. show I didn't get much of a chance to look around so I only bought an unbuilt Tamiya Lotus 72D kit, the Rat Fink issue of the International 4070 truck, 2 jars of MCW paint and traded a '67 G.T.O. kit to a fellow club member for two of his built-ups. That's not nearly what I usually score.
  12. i got wind of the subject and it's VERY unusual. I won't break the news as I'm sure it will be posted tomorrow by many with the announcement at our show. It's NOT a Davis!
  13. Our toy show setup day was Saturday and I scored an unbuilt Tamiya 1/12th scale Lotus 72D and the Rat Fink edition International cabover that was $11 (!) cheaper than anywhere else I've seen it. I suspect there will be more purchases tomorrow when I sell some of my stash.
  14. That T-Bird kit would also solve your engine dilemma, That kit is common, having been re-released a few years ago.
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