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  1. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Round2 '64 Plymouth Belvedere Lawman Modified Reissue   

    Ok,fellow modelers,correct me if I'm wrong but this looks to have been a simple task of taking the two different style scoops and the slicks from the two '64 Dodge kits,tooling the mags,and doing up the decal sheet.Otherwise it's the '64 Plymouth kit.What would have taken 6 years for this kit to show up?
    I too saw that $39.99 price at Hobby Lobby.Ouch.
    When the Hobby Lobby stores around here do a clearance the kits are priced at 40% off-just like having a coupon.
  2. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Duplicolor primers too hot for current-production kits?   

    I recall that there was an issue a few years ago about some Revell kits crazing when paint was applied because of a change in the plastic.Could this be the case here?
  3. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Chevy Tri-Five floor pan/chassis   

    There are some differences at the front between the new tool '56 & '57 Revell kits and the new tool AMT chassis mainly around the engine compartment area.Nothing unchangeable, just a difference in the philosophies of the two companies of what part got molded with what other part.
  4. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Steve Zimmerman   

    I believe that Steve is coming to our November show here in Metro Detroit.
  5. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Old Revell "H" part # kits   

    I built the '56 sedan as a kid and had no real problems with it.Sometimes being young and dumb has advantages!I still have the model in my stash though pieces have graduallly fallen off of it.Also in my stash I have a couple of the '55 hardtops built way back by a buddy and as I recall the opening panels fit well.I also have unbuilt 70s versions of the '55 and the '57 Nomad in my stash.
  6. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Cars in song   

    The Downriver club did this theme last year.Leave it to me to come up with a stumper(heh heh).I built a stock AMT '29 Model A roadster.Nobody guessed the name of the song(not even a guy who's in the Model A Restorer's club).
    (It's "Henry Made a Lady Out Of Lizzie")
  7. ZTony8 added a post in a topic How About A Call Out For The Old Time Hobby Shops   

    We are lucky here in Metro Detroit.We have several non chain hobby shops still in business.Model Cave in Ypsilanti and Great Lakes in Sterling Heights probably have the most stock of any of them.
  8. ZTony8 added a post in a topic 1974 McLaren Indy car   

    Looks great ! BTW it's a Team McLaren car,not a Penske.
  9. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Is it worth anything?   

    This should be an easy kit to build.Buy it,fill up your bath tub,empty parts from box into tub,model is done.
  10. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Got a new distraction   

    These are affectionately known as " Saabarus" .
  11. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Can anyone 'splane this ?   

    The toy cars are metal, the real cars are plastic-I've chuckled about this for years.
  12. ZTony8 added a post in a topic An apology   

    If someone can't tell that the '62 Chevy in your picture is a model then maybe they need glasses more than I need mine.This isn't a knock on your model or the picture.The indicators are there if one just studies the photograph.Keep on composing and posting your shots the way you desire.I like them the way they're presented.
  13. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Candy Colors: Looking for advice or how to tips   

    If you're considering doing a candy red car use copper,not gold or silver, for a base color.It intensifies the red(see the real Mazmanian Willys gasser).
  14. ZTony8 added a post in a topic List your favorite cars of all time   

    In  no  specific order:
    1)Chrysler or De Soto Airflow
    2)'70 to '73 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and/or Formula 455
    3)Ferrari 330 or 365 GTC
    4) 1941 Packard 180 LeBaron Sport Brougham
    5)1960 Chrysler 300 F
    6)1991-1993 Mercedes 500E
    7)Late 30s Figoni & Falaschi bodied Talbot Lago
    8)Lamborghini 350 GT
    9)'58 Edsel
    10)2005-2006 Ford GT
    11)Chevy HHR SS
    The following I've owned so I voted with my wallet:
    1)'65 Olds f-85-my first car
    2)'71 Firebird Formula 455 H.O.
    3) '75 Olds Omega(Mine was a 260 v-8,three on the tree.I autocrossed,track dayed,and road rallied it!)
    4) '79 Malibu 305 with a factory 4 speed trans.
    5) My 2008 HHR-special ordered with a manual trans and 2.4 liter engine-one of 250 built like it that year.
  15. ZTony8 added a post in a topic Question about tape   

    Be careful about using the blue low tack 3M tape.It states on the inside surface of the roll not to use it with lacquers.