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  1. TS-13 on Zero paints

    I've been told by a modeling buddy that Tamiya altered the formula for TS-13 so that any cans made after the recent period of unavailability are milder and won't destroy decals like the older formula was known to do on occasion. This may hold true for it's effect on some paints.
  2. I recently bought the Bobby Allison reissue of the older Polar Lights stock car kit. When I was looking at the chassis I noticed a peculiar thing - there are parking brake cables molded in it. Why?
  3. 2017 - A very good year

    I like the variety of your builds.
  4. Life with cats. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

    My current cat, Zoey, now only occasionally comes down the basement to visit me at the model desk. Usually it's an indication that he wants me to go upstairs and go to bed. Sometimes he wants just wants attention. But he doesn't come down as much as he did. I think the paint fumes now bother him (He's almost 12 years old). Several years ago one of my prior cats, Chachi or Tazio, got onto my model bench and got hold of the only distributor that I ever successfully drilled for plug wires. Several weeks later I found the part minus some of the wires.
  5. Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?

    I've got nothing as offbeat as those food stands but I do have some offbeat car kits: 1) A late 70s/early 80s Skoda Favorit (kinda looks like a Omni/Horizon sedan with a different nose and tail) with instructions on the box in Czechoslovakian. 2) A Fujimi Lamborghini Diablo. Not an unusual subject but this not a glue together kit, it's not a snap together kit-it's a screw together kit! Never have seen another one. 3)Bandai currently has out a series of 1/43rd scale vehicles in a Mecha Collection Ultraman Series. The vehicles are sci/fi related EXCEPT for a Science Special Search Party Exclusive Vehicle- a .............................................(wait for it) '62 Corvair four door sedan! There's also a mercilessly hacked late 50s Imperial sedan that reminds one of the Richard Korkes customized '56(?)Chevy. It's so truly hideous that I won't buy the kit.
  6. What did you get today?

    Bought from the Model Cave yesterday- The Bobby Allison Monte Carlo, Moebius/Model King Butch Leal '65 Satellite, Tamiya Toyoda AA, Fujimi Porsche Cayman, Tamiya '66 VW Beetle, Aoshima Nissan 350 Z, and a bottle of Solvaset. Thanks John and Melissa for a great store!
  7. 2019 Silverado

    It's still way too large.
  8. Daytona Spyder engine question

    BTW if anyone wants to build an '83 or '84 Camaro with the 305 H.O. engine this kit is the only one with an accurate air cleaner assembly to do the conversion.
  9. Who came up with the 1:20 scale kits and why?!

    Interesting tidbit- for the 1/20 scale Tamiya Ferrari F189 kit someone in Japan goofed and the engine is 1/24 scale. OOPS!
  10. Ferrari Bollo (Bubble) Up dated Dec 7th

    Slightly reminiscient of the Howmet TX turbine racer from the late Sixties.
  11. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    I hope it's done in time for the D.A.A.M. show or the Detroit Autorama contests next March.
  12. D-Revell Panamera

    Brown would be my turd choice for a color for the kit.
  13. More on Molotow pens

    One of my local Hobby Lobby stores now carries the 1 and 2 millimeter pens in the model kit section. No more hunting around the store to find it. YAY!
  14. Esci/Revell Mercedes 500 SLC

    ESCI kits seem to be like Heller kits- some were decent, some were mediocre. But each was sometimes the only source for a subject ( How many different Lancia Beta Monte Carlo racer kits were there anyway?). So hooray for that . BTW, the old ESCI BMW M1 kit was recently re-issued by Revell Germany.
  15. Testors Spray Can seeping, anyone else have this happen?

    I, too, have experienced this. I have several ancient Testor enamel cans that don't leak but have had about 5 of the newer lacquer cans leak. Something, perhaps, in the chemical composition of the contents? I'm interested to find out the answer.