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  1. You don't need to warm the paint in water with a mug warmer, Just put the can on the warmer and wait a few minutes. No, I've never had a can explode even after forgetting to turn off the warmer and leaving the can on it overnight.
  2. After I wipe the brush off with my old paint rag I pour a little bit of the appropriate thinner into the jar's cap and swish the brush in it until the brush is clean, then I wipe off the brush and put it back in my storage box( an old silverware basket from a kitchen dish strainer.
  3. He has a few kits from purchased collections and a few other current kits at retail prices. Mostly he has die cast models in various scales and a LOT of books and magazines.
  4. Congratulations on finishing one of those Polar Lights beasts.
  5. I've done this conversion. Hints: 1) Cut off the rear section of the GTO chassis right behind the rear cross member and glue it to the Chevelle chassis. You can play with the shape of the back edge of this piece or leave it alone. If you leave it alone( like I did-I'm lazy) you'll have to glue the rear bumper on after you mate the body and chassis. 2) If you use the GTO engine/ trans you need to move the Chevelle chassis trans crossmember back 3/16 of an inch. You may have to play with the driveshaft length. Mine ended up too short( I cut just a bit too much off the end). 3) I used the Chevelle interior panels and floor panel because they work with the Chevelle chassis. Sand off or cover the bowtie on the rear interior wall. The Chevelle chassis firewall sits about 3/16 of an inch forward of the body's cowl. For appearance's sake fill the slight gap between the firewall/ cowl( I didn't, but, again, I'm lazy). The hood "hinges" on the GTO hood will slide in to gap if you don't fill it. If you do fill the gap, cut off the "hinges" and make some hood pins. You might want to grind down the top of the firewall to get the hood to sit a bit more level. 4) The biggest issue is the instrument panel. The Chevelle piece fits between the interior side panels better but doesn't match up to the shape of the GTO body at the bottom of the windshield. The GTO dash fits the shape of body but is a bit narrow to go between the Chevelle interior panels. I used an unaltered GTO dash( yup- still lazy). 5) I used the supercharged GTO engine. The stock GTO hood needs to be cut out for the blower but if you use the custom hood from the later version( the Vin Diesel movie version) no cutting is needed. It's not a very difficult kit bash. Enjoy!
  6. Last I heard the shop was still open but the dragstrip was sold. Only circuit racing now.
  7. I hope you finish it in time to bring it to our D.A.A.M. spring show next March 29th.
  8. I was at my local Ollie's today and they still had some kits available. I happened to stumble upon them; they were in a different aisle than they are usually located. Nothing all that great; I got the only '05 Chrysler 300 and '55 Vette that they had .The rest of the stock was ( all AMT) the Camaro concept version and the '09 and '10 Corvette Showroom Replica unassembled promo style kits. So check your local Ollie's. Your store's stash may be different and better.
  9. I've wondered why wheels are usually photographed at an angle. Reflection? Glare? Trying to prevent copying of a design? Something else?
  10. 1966 I saw the movie today. Definitely a " Hollywoodization" of the subject. Because I've read about the subject things in the movie do bother me. The time line doesn't follow reality, there are many errors in vehicles in scenes from a particular year, Matt Damon's Texas based accent comes and goes throughout the movie, nothing is mentioned about Lola being the basis for the first GT 40, nothing references the debacle of the 1965 race for Ford,the real 1966 race ended in the rain but in the movie it doesn't end that way,and Enzo Ferrari wasn't at Le Mans in 1966. It's almost better if one hasn't read about the whole story of Ford's effort. It's a decent effort worth seeing; just not an outstanding one.
  11. AMT managed to turn the '65 GTO and the '69 Torino back to stock bodies ( with varying degrees of success) so I've wondered why it's not possible to do it to the other kits in the series. Or maybe it's just that they don't want to do it.
  12. One week to the Motor City N.N.L.! Come and see why we're the best show in the Midwest. For this show we have 357 vendor tables, the N.N.L., slot car drags, and some real cars to see. Once again we'll have a former AMT employee bringing some of the wood masters that he saved from his time at the company; neat stuff! Five dollar admission and no extra charge to enter the N.N.L. See you there!
  13. ZTony8

    Cars in Songs

    Henry Made a Lady Out Of Lizzie.
  14. Four weeks to the Motor City NNL ! 350+ tables this year and we're going to widen out the aisles in the NNL show area for easier access and movement. If you've never been to our show you need to experience it. Once you come the first time you'll want to keep coming back to both our Spring and Fall shows. The positive word keeps spreading about our show. See for yourself and you'll understand why attendees are enthusiastic about what we're doing!
  15. A small haul this time from the final Sylvania/ Toledo show. A Hasegawa Nissan R89C, a Fujimi 300ZX and Koenig Testarossa coupe. Our show is next month ( Motor City NNL and toy show) so I'll probably buy more there.
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