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  1. One week to the Motor City N.N.L.! Come and see why we're the best show in the Midwest. For this show we have 357 vendor tables, the N.N.L., slot car drags, and some real cars to see. Once again we'll have a former AMT employee bringing some of the wood masters that he saved from his time at the company; neat stuff! Five dollar admission and no extra charge to enter the N.N.L. See you there!
  2. ZTony8

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  3. Four weeks to the Motor City NNL ! 350+ tables this year and we're going to widen out the aisles in the NNL show area for easier access and movement. If you've never been to our show you need to experience it. Once you come the first time you'll want to keep coming back to both our Spring and Fall shows. The positive word keeps spreading about our show. See for yourself and you'll understand why attendees are enthusiastic about what we're doing!
  4. A small haul this time from the final Sylvania/ Toledo show. A Hasegawa Nissan R89C, a Fujimi 300ZX and Koenig Testarossa coupe. Our show is next month ( Motor City NNL and toy show) so I'll probably buy more there.
  5. Be careful using Tamiya TS-13. It's known to cause havoc with decals. Try Testor Ultra High Gloss clear; it's much milder.
  6. I went to my closest Ollies last night. They hadn't put out all of their stock yet but one of the employees went to the back and brought out the boxes of what they got. All they got car related was the MPC/AMT '72 GTO and the Lindberg '96 Crown Vic cop car. No thanks. The other night they had a couple of the MPC/AMT Dodge Daytonas and a some of the MPC '50 Mercury snap cop cars but they were all gone last night. Some people must have been desperate, I think. I'm sure they'll be on eBay or the Facebook model pages soon at inflated prices to snag the unwary.
  7. I and other members of D.A.A.M. plan on attending.
  8. There's the one in Taylor.
  9. I stopped at one of the local Hobby Lobby stores today and scored an unexpected deal. I picked up a Corvette C7R kit marked at $26.99 and with my 40% off coupon I figured it would be $16.19 plus tax. The cashier scanned it and it came up as $16.99 ( and not as a mark down.) so with the tax and my coupon it came to $10.80. My lucky day!
  10. Save yourself the time of getting the pink primer if you don't already have it. I tried Tamiya TS-49 over both their white and pink primer and it made no difference in appearance at all! I then tried their clear red over the pink primer and it came out just like TS-49.
  11. I was told that PPG has bought the Testor paint line from Rustoleum. Anyone else hear about this?
  12. With all this revenue rolling in from these Coke issue kits, you'd think that there would be money to tool up a new kit or two.
  13. I got an AMT 3 in 1 Customizing boat and 5 cans of paint at Hobby Lobby and a Tamiya Toyota Group C racer at a local hobby shop. Tamiya really missed the boat with this kit. It's labeled as an 88C LeMans car but it's really an 89 C-V that ran at several places ( but not LeMans) with the style of rear bodywork that's in the kit.
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