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  1. The model show area will be moved across the room to where the dragstrip was located( no more dragstrip- the owner sold it off) and the aisles will be widened for easier viewing of the models. The former model show area will be filled with more vendor tables.
  2. Paul, the Rossford show was good only if you're interested in other types of toys. Not too much in the way of model cars.
  3. I use Tamiya paint far more now than Testor's, liquid glue more than tube glue, I color sand and polish my paint jobs( wish I didn't have to do that), and pay more attention to proper colors.
  4. Went to the two shows in Ohio yesterday. Picked up an Accurate Miniature McLaren M8B, an Esci Mercedes 190, a bag of parts from the old AMT Indy car triple kit, and some 1/20th scale aluminum injector stacks for use on my MPC McLaren M8D. A buddy scored an unbuilt 80s issue JoHan '64 Dodge for $20.
  5. Nah. An oversized powered shovel 🤪.
  6. The Buick dealer that I worked at back in 1987 had two GNXs- #248 and #510. I wonder where they are now?
  7. You lucked out in finding a stick. Most had that AWFUL CVT that no one can fix and GM only used to service as an exchange that needed several special fluids before it even left the shop.
  8. I see empty spaces on those shelves; shouldn't waste it. You need to fill them with more kits.
  9. I used some round toothpicks on a '65 Pontiac 2+2 as a temporary set up and they worked so well on the Pegasus wheels I used I might just paint the toothpicks black and be done.
  10. Collector is just the polite term for styrene junkie.
  11. There are several flat TS paints and some gloss AS paints.
  12. I don't know if it's still produced but years ago there was a product called Liquid Ebony for use as a scratch hider on black vehicles.
  13. Tamiya Leyton House March CG901. I think it's only one of two 1/20th scale F1 cars they haven't reissued at some point.
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