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  1. Here's a hint- If you have one of the Revell lowrider series kits take the wire wheels from it and put them on the Honda. They're the right size and look pretty good on the model.
  2. Going waaaaaaaaaaay back, the silent movie "Wings" made in 1927 had a huge automotive gaffe. The early part of the movie takes place before the start of America's involvement in WW1 so circa 1916. One of the heroes builds a Model T speedster but the car they use is from the early 1920s. Much newer was an episode of Jay Leno's Garage where they chronicle the build of his '66 Toronado with the Corvette frame under it. The opening scenes show them rolling a Toronado off of a trailer to begin the build. It's a 1967 Toronado! Jay's car was at the Detroit Autorama and I asked one of the GM booth guys about it. He said I was one of the few who caught that. It seems that they had already started to build the '66 before the filming began and they wanted to show the build from the beginning so they fudged it.
  3. Tamiya's Pure Red is the same shade as Testor 1203 red. And don't waste time or money on Tamiya pink primer. Unless you're using a transparent red ( which renders the same red as TS-49) it won't make any difference under a solid red. I know because I tried the pink under some TS-49 and white under the TS-49 and it made no difference.
  4. Yes, it is a deal. Cheaper than if I got them overseas with the shipping added in.
  5. Retail is $53. I picked my two kits up today for $33.29 each plus tax.
  6. I bought two of the Tamiya Mustang GT4 kits and some paint.
  7. I think it was called the Jeep X-1 concept. Memory is so fleeting.
  8. It's a level 4 kit because of the major surgery it would take to make it look as good as the newer 1/25th scale kit.
  9. The windshield height/ side window height relationship is definitely off. Hope they fix it before regular production. And that funny kick up at the lower quarter window doesn't look to be easily remedied. A convertible will solve both of those issues.
  10. Though not photo etch, those covers are in the Pennzoil PC-7 kit. Story goes that Rick Mears sensed that they affected the way the car raced so he had the crew leave them off after an early pit stop.
  11. Pulling Saturday work duty. I knew not much would be happening so I brought a Ferrari Enzo snap kit to work on.Alas, I was hoping to make more progress than I did. I saw that the nose piece, the outside mirrors, and two body side pieces are a distinctly different shade of red than the rest of the body so now I'll have to paint the body assembly later on.
  12. Right now it's beyond MY skill level, too! That's one of the reasons I haven't yet begun the work.
  13. I have that kit in my stash. My plan is to take the engine from the 1984 Toyota Tom's prototype and use in the Supra. Yes, that a 4 cylinder in there-I think it was peculiarity of the Japanese series rules.
  14. I bought one of those Coronados. Mine's a flash laden mess. Beware.
  15. This is a good example of how the different model companies interpret the shape and size of the pieces of a kit. Those windshields should be identical.
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