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  1. The D.A.A.M. spring show is March 27th, 2022 at the Macomb County Community College South Campus,12 Mile Road and Hayes in Warren, Michigan. 9 a.m to 3 p.m. Still only $5 admission which also covers the entry into the judged contest regardless of the number of entries for the contest. Over 300 vendor tables. Come see why many are calling our show the best in the region! The college is requiring a mask to enter the building.
  2. A fellow D.A.A.M member was selling off some kits so I got a Revell '69 Dart G.T.S., MPC '57 Chevy Gasser, Tamiya Raybrig NSX, Focus WRC car,and '72 Skyline hardtop, the first issue of the newer Revell '30 Model A coupe, and a Moebius '70 Ford F-100 4X4.
  3. Wow, I want so many. Ferrari 330 GTC, Chrysler Airflow, '58 Edsel, Mercedes 500E, '41 Packard LeBaron Sport Brougham, '67 G.T.O. ,'67 Olds 442 , and a Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione 16V rally car to start.
  4. ZTony8

    1984 Z-28

    Interesting. I've never seen an '84 with a clock on the console, only in the radio. I'll have to check my sales brochure.
  5. ZTony8

    1984 Z-28

    One of these years I'm going to build a model of my '84 Z-28. Mine has the H.O. engine so the dual snorkel air cleaner is coming from the Miami Vice Daytona kit(!). The '82-'83 kit console and dash need modification to do an '84- no clock in the console on an '84 and the dash air vents need altering( my car is a non a/c car).
  6. Being 1958 there's probably contact points in the control box. Heaven forbid that the point gap gets too big.
  7. I wonder if you bought an old can that lost pressure. Change the nozzle and if that doesn't cure the problem, yup, it's a bad can.
  8. I was going to suggest using pieces of old bed sheet.
  9. I bought it at a place called Whistle Stop. It's the closest hobby shop to my house.
  10. Except for an AMT '40 Willys( that was built in the last 25 years) I've never had a tire melt problem. I have original 60s and 70s vintage MPC, JoHan, and AMT kits and there's no tire melt. Was this more of a problem with Revell or Monogram kits?
  11. The Accurate Miniatures Corvette Grand Sport kits have an intake manifold for Weber carbs( along with a beautiful set of 4 Webers).
  12. Picked up my copy last night at the LHS. Very entertaining and informative so far( even with a couple of spelling errors),
  13. Your continuation of the Art Car series?
  14. '41 Packard Le Baron Sport Brougham, A Chrysler Airflow, '92 or '93 Mercedes 500 E, a Chevy HHR SS, and I want back my '71 Firebird Formula 455 H.O. 4 speed .
  15. The roof on the real car looks like it came from a '66 or '67 GM A body with the buttresses trimmed off.
  16. Tim Boyd posted that the tooling was altered to make the '63 Nova. I, too, wish the Buick could come back. I have a built up given to me by a fellow model club member for helping him move a few years ago.
  17. Bought myself some presents yesterday- the AMT' 63 Nova wagon with trailer, the '64 Olds 442 hardtop, and the Meng 1/24th scale Ford G.T.
  18. You've been lucky re the cracking. It's a known occurrence with TS-13. Semi odd thing is that TS-13 won't cause TS-65 to crack, and TS-65 won't cause the base color to crack.
  19. Our next show is March 27th, 2022 . I'm surprised that you hadn't heard of our show before this.
  20. Whatever it is, it's to our benefit. I used TS-65 over TS-55 blue once on a '61 Ranchero and it came out great. It's still one of my favorite paint jobs.
  21. Since TS-65 is a gloss coat, you really don't need TS-!3 over it. As a bonus TS-65 doesn't seem to cause the cracking problem that TS-13 can cause.
  22. Went to a toy show in Kalamazoo and got two wheel sets, a Tamiya Mini Cooper and a pair of Flintstone bodies. Then we went to a few hobby shops around the area and bought a couple bottles of paint and a La Ferrari photoetch set. At the final hobby shop stop we caught a 10% off sale so I picked up an Italeri Porsche 911 Cabrio, a Revell BMW Z1 roadster and scored a NuNu McLaren MP4/2C and a BMW M8 GT3. This was the first time I'd seen NuNu kits in a hobby store in this area.
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