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  1. One of the Moebius ' 65 Plymouth kits has the interior color suggestions from the Hudson kits.
  2. Three spelling errors- "Mallory", "Weiand", "Hilborn"
  3. Last Thursday I was tipped to some Porsche kits at a church rummage sale. I picked up UT 911GT1 Evo, a Tamiya 1/20 scale 935( the green Kremer Vaillant car), a 1/24 scale Tamiya 935/77 Martini livery kit and one I never knew existed- A 1/20th scale Union 930 Turbo with opening doors and an engine.
  4. I picked up one of these at a church rummage sale the other day. I don't think Union ever did their own models, they just used other companies molds in their own boxes. But I don't recall ever seeing this specific large Porsche by anyone else. Anyone know who originally made this kit?
  5. I bought some thinners, 2 bottles of paint, a Fujimi VW Golf VR32, and the Moebius ramp truck.
  6. I believe that upon post race inspection the frame was discovered to be cracked so the car never raced again.
  7. I believe that Testor fine grain lacquer primer is still available ( though it's been a while since I've checked), It was surprisingly good. Not quite as fine as Tamiya but still sands out smooth.
  8. Primer color most often depends on the top coat color choice. One bit of advice; Don't bother using a pink primer to make a red top coat "pop". Unless the red is translucent it makes NO difference at all. I know this because I've tried it.
  9. I finished a build! Last November at the Motor City N.N.L. I was given a beautifully painted Testor/ Fujimi Mercedes 500 SL by one of my fellow local modelers. He got it as part of a collection he bought and since it wasn't a subject he built he passed it to me gratis. While in the midst of finishing it I found out why the original builder gave up on it. The body had a noticeable twist so the windows didn't snuggle up as they should. But I clamped the windows while gluing them and everything went together. It even sits level.
  10. Is it just me or does the nose and tail droop on the A990 car ? The funny car deck looks straight( I know the whole car drops rearward but it drops in a straight line not an arc).
  11. I believe that after the race the frame was found to be cracked. The car never raced again.
  12. It has changed a lot since I visited it in 1996 just after it opened as Daytona U.S.A.
  13. Someone didn't get the word on the supposed high prices for Jo-Han kits. Congratulations.
  14. Our model club held its charity auction this past Friday and I scored a box of 47 bottles of various MCW paints (auto and military) for $55. That's $1.17 per bottle. I think I got a good deal.
  15. I must be an outlier. I've not had any problems with Tamiya putty. Fills well, sands out great, and have not had coverage problems.
  16. Hello from Eastpointe, Alison. A Roadmaster, a Lincoln, and a Mini, eh? Quite a contrast.
  17. I maintain that a Porsche 928 is a Pacer styled by Italians.
  18. You need to get some Morgan Auto Detail wired distributors, There's a choice of cap color and wire color combinations and he's got magnetos, too.
  19. Between tending my table and judging the contest at the D.A.A.M. show I didn't get much of a chance to look around so I only bought an unbuilt Tamiya Lotus 72D kit, the Rat Fink issue of the International 4070 truck, 2 jars of MCW paint and traded a '67 G.T.O. kit to a fellow club member for two of his built-ups. That's not nearly what I usually score.
  20. i got wind of the subject and it's VERY unusual. I won't break the news as I'm sure it will be posted tomorrow by many with the announcement at our show. It's NOT a Davis!
  21. Our toy show setup day was Saturday and I scored an unbuilt Tamiya 1/12th scale Lotus 72D and the Rat Fink edition International cabover that was $11 (!) cheaper than anywhere else I've seen it. I suspect there will be more purchases tomorrow when I sell some of my stash.
  22. That T-Bird kit would also solve your engine dilemma, That kit is common, having been re-released a few years ago.
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