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  1. thanks guys. I'm happy to say that I did indeed find a few models while I was back home for the weekend. I'm still unsure what all is missing or what exactly I have But right off the bat I found a plastic tub with at least 8 model kits in it. I brought 2 tubs home and will inventory it sometime soon.
  2. You seem oddly familiar... you should start gathering up some of those kits and sell me some stuff I know you have far too many hoarded away. Thanks. I honestly don't know if any were stolen I think they were in my mom's house and never actually in storage. (if I remember correctly) I just honestly don't know what I even have anymore.
  3. Defiantly doesn't seem the same around here...
  4. time really does fly by fast I've not touched a model in 4 years. Even then I built 1 model. Before then I had only ever built pre-painted plastic models as a kid or models that my stepdad would paint the body for me. I'm living in a new place with a spare bedroom and can't help but think of all those times I wish I had a designated room and I always said one day I'd make a hobby room.... well now I plan on it. Hopefully I stick around this time and can actually work my way back into building. I have a wanted post up now hoping to find some of those old models. I know when I go back to visit family within the next couple of weeks I really have my fingers crossed that I might have a few models left (all my stuff was stolen in a storage unit that was broken into) so I'm not sure what all I actually have left from those days.
  5. don't forget to paint a 3 on the side lol.. I (might) work on mine some tonight.. dunno yet
  6. I almost ripped the armor off mine and built it that way.. lol
  7. It's still in the same place I left it. I started working on an f-150 to take a break and I've not worked on a model in a few days. right now I'm to the point I need to hack out the side so there will be a place for the guns to be coming out of.. I didn't think it through when I glued it together so it's going to be a pain.
  8. mine was changed from the escalade to a mack and tank
  9. they work fine for me?? Just copy the image url and click the image box up top when you are posting and enter it or use the tags on the pic.
  10. I want to see more rust details lol I like the way your method looks
  11. I almost bought one of the saws.. after using an xacto knife to slice the tanker and having to do a ton of block sanding to get it straight I wish I would have gotten one... lol It's looking good.
  12. reminds me of a Dodge interceptor... with a van on top haha
  13. I'm having a ton of fun with this. Now I just need to wait until I can gather the funds to order some styrene and I can get to work on it some more. like I said it is loosely based on the Dreadnought from Death race the way I see it is it can be a fortress on wheels and a defense against any marauders who try and attack the caravan plus plenty of room for storage with a section left for fuels When the world ends there will be plenty to scavenge from ... We find an abandoned tank that was being restored along with a stockpile of live ammo at an armory. It was being readied to be converted into a museum piece. We used a couple of crane vehicles and tools to hoist it on our converted tanker trailer and then armored our rig and headed out to search for a settlement!
  14. A friend's family member found it in a trashcan as a baby lol and I'm shocked no one has exactly figured it out o.O so I'll post a pic of the 1:1 inspiration. that would be sweet but I'm already out of my comfort zone attempting this.. this will be my second model I'll be doing in a long time and second model I'll paint myself o.o
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