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  1. Ive done working U joints before with a brass drive shaft and once all is said and done. I think i put way too much work into building them , I thought about doing it for this project and im still not sure if i want to invest the time it takes to make them. But who knows? This whole project is shaping itself, im just following directions.
  2. Yeah thx for the link , and trust me this isnt my work area, this is my desk at work I just work on small things there...
  3. You already knew I was gonna do a mock up for ya, didnt ya? Stay Tuned for more...
  4. I wanted to simulate a BorgWarner 4 speed tranny with shift linkage and Hurst stright shifter. Heres what I started with...both pieces has a few hole in them that need repairing but a little white putty fixed that right up. heres the tranny and Bell housing after paint and linkage detailing I still have to add bolts but its almost done this is a pic with all three pieces simi done
  5. Hello fellas welcome back. I have a few progress pics for ya. I got my shotgun Bill scoop in the mail but it was too short so I had to add some brass tube to it and reform it. I hope you enjoy.... heres the hat with the extra tubing added Here I added squadrens putty and CA glue the CA glue makes it almost like a plastic cover, I add the glue after i get the final shape then I resand. [i/]
  6. Now ya got my attention... This is gonna be GOOOOOD! great work so far!
  7. I almost passed this one up glad i stoped by GREAT BUILD! keep up the good work and i'll be checking back often keep up the excellent work!
  8. In my opinion Jeff I think you should go ahead and take it to the next level and make the hinges operational ( but hey that just my opinion) You are doing one heck of a Job my friend keep up the excellent work!
  9. you know I cant leave you without a mock up ..... What ya think???
  10. Thx go out to Mike And Marty for the kind words of incouragement, I havent posted in a few days because Ive been waiting on some photo ecthed parts to come in the mail...but i got bored waiting so i cut up the body and removed the doors and trunk. And since my 1:1 will have a tilt front end I cut it off too. So I have some progress pics for ya I hope you enjoy.... heres the body after cuttin it up..... LOL! J/K I have two bodys this one is what we call the donor body. See you destroy one to get the doors and trunk or whatever you need, then you just cut out the same parts on the other body and file down to the lines. See perfect fitting doors and trunk...
  11. Thx Mudpit glad youre following along
  12. Jeff is totally correct i use a polishing kit also once you get used to it you'll have yourself some winning finishes
  13. either your hands are gonna be busy or your pockets are gonna get a little fuller..... nice collection
  14. Make sure you re-enforce the rear end because as soon as you touch the gas pedal its gonna throw the rear end in your neighbors living room LOL!
  15. I noticed your paint has some orange peel and I'd like to give some advice as to how you can avoid that in the future. 1. If your using spray cans try boiling some water then (after you turn the fire off on the stove) place the can in the hot water for about 1 min to warm the paint up. this will help the paint spray thiner. 2. If your using an airbrush try to keep your paint at the consistancy of water this will keep your coats thin. 3. whichever spray system you use make sure you do spray in a warm room at least 72 degrees and not too hot as this will make your paint gas out too fast. 4. And lastly but most importantly. instead of trying to cover your model in one thick coat, spray 5-7 very thin coats with 15-30 mins between each coat. Anyway ive wasted enough of your time and space I hope I didnt offend you and that maybe I helped a small bit have fun and keep up the good work!
  16. Peter I can tell you are a man of good taste and we are glad to have you aboard for the ride. Thx for the compliments
  17. Almost forgot the body mock up again LOL enjoy!
  18. Hey fellas I got the motor somewhat put together. I still need to make brackets for the air conditioner compressor and get some pulleys. I also have to wire, plumb and add small details like nuts,bolts, and spark plugs . I hope you enjoy these early pics of the motor. If you look close you can see the altenator bracket and adjustment bolts
  19. Well Robert what I'll do is put together a small tutorial on the header tomarrow
  20. this seems to me to be a project worth following I'll be watching closely.... Keep up the outstanding work and thx for sharing
  21. I used heatshrink tube for the collectors, i gluded a piece of brass tube to the end of the header and then slid a piece of heat shrink tube over the two pieces, add a little heat and some aluminum Alclad paint and WHA-LA instant collector LOL!
  22. Hey Fellas I was able to get some work done on the headers and some other engine parts , but for now i'll show you the progress on the headers. I still have a few touches to add to them but there alomst done. I hope you enjoy these are my 1:1 headers
  23. Thx for the kindly welcome aboard RustyBill to answer your question, I use a jewlers file about the size of the bend i want to do I just put the file where I want to bend the solder and bend it around the file handle, If you dont have small files you can use any small object like a screw driver, pin vise, small piece of tube, anything..... I hope this helps you out thx for your comments
  24. Thx fellas for the compliments
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