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  1. Heres amock up of the 454 big block. The valve covers are polished aluminum just like on my 1:1 , I painted the resin tunnel ram with Alclad polished aluminum. this should be pretty nice once I get it all wired and plumed this is whats in my 1:1
  2. hello I just couldnt wait to work on the motor so i got some progress pics for ya this first pic shows some of the parts i'll be using These are the headers that came with the Ross Gibson kit but as i was cleaning them up i figured I could make some better. I made these from solder and polished em up good i still have to make the collectors....
  3. Hey fellas check back later tonight or tomarrow I have pics of the start of the big block
  4. Isnt that what this wonderful hobby of ours is all about, sharing what we know with others? thx for your comment Spacecowboy
  5. Oh Man!! I forgot the mock up, cant have a post without a mock up!!!
  6. got just a few more pics for ya dont get sleepy on me....LOL!]
  7. Hey Fellas I was able to get alot done today, So i have a few new pics for ya . there all of the chassis it's almost done hope you enjoy... I give a sqeeze so you can see the suspension does work!
  8. Nice attention to detail down to the door locks... outstanding!
  9. I got your stuff all packed up and ready to go.... I threw in some rims and tires I think the Micky Thompsons will look good with your project but its up to you theres three sets in all. Im taking it to the post office first thing in the morning. p.s. sorry i couldnt find the other header if i do i'll send it to you.
  10. heres the motor i had to go dig it out... I custome made headers for it but it only has one right now i'll see if i can find the other one. all the pulleys are photo etched and the two belts are made from tape. just send me a email with your address and i'll get it in the mail to you along with anything eles i can find that might help you out with the mustang
  11. I thought i was gonna be able to send you the hood youre looking for so I ran out to my storage unit and looked for my mustang kit and was unable to find it. then my wife reminded me that i had already built the car. im sorry i really wanted to help you out. but i may be able to give you the motor from the kit as i have not used it. I did build it tho. I'll take a pic of it and post it here if you want it its' yours. heres a link to the mustang i built from the GT500 kit http://s179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/aftashox/?action=view&current=PICT0001.jpg
  12. Thx for that link I was able to buy a shotgun scoop
  13. Thx for your kind words and i cant wait to get my car back either i have a garage full of sweet toys to put in and on it. and as for the shot gun bill scoop I hope i can find one somewhere otherwise im gonna have to fabricate it.
  14. Believe me I totally understand, Im good for cutting doors and trunks and such open im a detail man too. and everytime I tell myself "im not gonna cut anything im gonna do a simple build this time" well it just never seems to turn out a simple build LOL! anyway I love this build and im gonna keep my eye on it. keep up the outstanding work!
  15. im sorry i musta have been thinking about my 1:1 it has a Ford 9' in it, ofcourse this model has a 12 bolt GM in it. my bad!
  16. I hope all goes well with your recovery I know what its like to lose the ability to walk. I lost mine for almost a year. Looking forward to more progress on your build as this will indicate you are getting back in the saddle.
  17. Very nice job on the interior....I always say that the interior is a project in itself that deserves just as much attention and many modellers fail in this part of the build thnking "no one is goona see it anyway" Job well done my friend!
  18. Hey Benard: your build has the makings of a winner but i would like to giv you a little advice for future builds. Get in the habit of mocking up your project over and over again, take your time make sure all pieces fit nicely before you even think of going to the paint stage. Ive been building close to 40 years (started when I was 5 im 43 now you do the math) but one thing i figured out early in my building career is "make sure it fits first" and keep some sheet styrene around it's great for making those gaps fit better. anyway I apologize for leaving a book on your thread but i hope i was of some help. keep up the good work and dont be in a hurry!
  19. Thought I'd show you what i got in the mail the other day.....Big Block baby from Ross Gibson this is whats in my 1:1 its a monster 800 horses of front wheel liftin fury....this is what im working toward....
  20. Hey fellas I been gone for the weekend but i was able to get a little done today. I painted the suspension parts I still have to decal some of the parts and i was able to make the coilover supports for the frame you can see them in the last piture. I was also able to detail the 12 bolt rear end. I hope you enjoy....all comments are welcome... come back tomarrow for an update
  21. excellent build very clean , maybe one day you can show us how you made the hinge stops ( I hate using wires and sticks too!)
  22. Good job so far Toby im really looking forward to seeing this project finished
  23. LOL! i guess that makes me a Fiddly little pieces man! LOL thx for your comment Oh and ive looked at your models you have a great eye for detail and i think you hold the title of Fiddly little pieces man too LOL!
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