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  1. Thx for your compliments and i feel the same way you do, As we are all still learning in this hobby of ours some of us are just getting started or you might say are in pre-school and then yet others of us are high schoolers, and still others are collage students. And then the theres the very elite class of builders that are the professors.
  2. I love it just a plan simple grocery getter with a shine like it just came from the car wash. good job and keep up the great work!!
  3. Thx for your commment I will be bringing the rear down with the shorter set of coilovers i have.
  4. As far as fabricating a metal frame I could do it, and have really considered it, but it wouldnt be feasable, our hobby is truely about the end result, The chassis will be a complete rolling chassis tho with the appearance of metal. thx for your comment.
  5. A quick mock up..... the stock style trailing arm
  6. Hey fellas heres the progress i made today , I fabricated the rear end suspension. I was in the process of making the stock rear trailing arms when i decieded to make aftermarket tubular trailing arms instead. Anyway heres a mock up of the components I still have to clean em up and paint them. hope you enjoy.... the frame had to be reinforced to hold the brass parts These are the new tubular trailing arms
  7. Commin along nicely very clean build... Keep up the good work!!
  8. Go stock with it i cant believe they even made a kit with a donk setup, those cars are nasty ( no offence to you donk lovers) waste of time and money , might as well just buy a truck
  9. you can get Mr. Model Wheels at www.rpphobby.com just go to the plastic model section and tell em Romell sent ya LOL!
  10. My plans are to totally detail the frame before I move on to the motor so I'll have a working rolling chassis by the time Im ready to do body and interior work..Stay tunned
  11. The finished product thx for following this thread please visit my 67 Chevelle build and leave your comments
  12. Well I was able to fabricate all the components for the front suspension today I finished one side so i could show you guys. And yes it all works. Its just set up temperaraly, it all still has to be cleaned up and painted. I hope you enjoy..... this is a pic of the bottom of the A arm with the coilover attached I facbricated two 2 inch drop spindles Heres a pic of the parts together heres an early mock up
  13. And which forum would that be......???
  14. Thx Tumbler Glad you have had a chance to enjoy it again. I for one am greatful that I got it back and was able to fix it.
  15. Hey Pharr usually I would say "yes i turned the coil overs" but this time I cant take credit for it. My good buddy Robert of RB Motions turned these and i must say I am impressed with them. I wanted to show these Rims From Dr. Model I have purchased rims from this make on a few other projects and im never unhappy with there products I was gonna modify them but there really close to the rims im puttin on my 1:1 (in the bottom Pic)
  16. Id like to give a little advice seeing as this is a learning forum. I suggest you take the body off when you get ready to paint. Its a good pratice to paint your body then assemble your parts. I wish you well with your project
  17. do you have a web address for JB Hobbies I've heard about them before I'd like to see what they offer. And good job on that chassis i'll be watching this one
  18. hey Mopar are you using the picture insertion tool at the top one button away from the smiley face ? click on that then put the direct link in the box and then click the insert image button. hope that helps you. You also have to use the direct link option from Photobucket
  19. I like the springy things too DanielGthx for the compliment
  20. thx for the compliment, I do the same thing ,pass on a certain build and go back later and be like WOW! welcome to the build
  21. Hey Kaleb I use two AA batterys and yes its only hooked up when i want the lights on. The battery box will be concieled in a trailer when the model is done.
  22. Thx Zuk nice to know I have a new friend on the forums
  23. Here you can see some of the inside lights working even the xbox 360 under the dash has a working green light.....
  24. Heres the cab with working lights, I used LED's i picked up at Radio Shak and ground them to the right shape. I installed a headliner to hide the wiring. Stay tuned for more to come
  25. thx for your comment Tumbler and i will keep em commin
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