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  1. Good to be back Brad and Ill have another update as soon as my supplys get here.
  2. Hey thanks for that encouragement Chris. Its hard to pick up were you leave off sometimes but I know i needed to just jump back on it. Im gonna rework the intake today so i may or may not have a update today we'll see how it goes
  3. ok I gotta small update please keep in mind that these are first draft so to speak so things will improve. Anyway i started the fire wall got out a new sanding wheel for my Dremel and started cleaning up the chassis (oxidation). Nuff said heres some pics. Sorry not much to see but i'm just getting started again may take me a while to get my flow back. cya soon
  4. Awesome bro! but i didnt know that those hatch door had a latch on them lol learn something new everyday
  5. This is my 2cents added its not really a 60's era lowrider as a matter of fact I have only seen a few 60's era lowriders in this thread. But it is a 64' Impala more late 70's and 80's style. But this is the car that got me my first magazine spread wish i had more pics of it. Its a full custom with 24kt gold plating.
  6. Hey fellas I was working on the motor today and I realized that my plenum needed to be offset so I broke out the ol razor saw and cut it in half. then I re-soldered it and cleaned it up a bit. Here's some pics for ya. (feels good to be back at my bench even if it is a glass table in my room LOL!) here it is cut in half soldered back together now cleaned up a bit and mocked up. I got the carbs from my friend Terry from Flashpoint Motor Sports thanks Terry (he doesnt sell these they were spares he had laying around)! Hope you enjoyed my small update......cya soon
  7. Cant wait to see more of this , this is gonna be one awesome project!
  8. Great start on a great project Niko I cant wait to see this one progress
  9. Hey Chris I'm gonna give it a try and make it out this year Ive had a ruff 2013 and I'm hoping to start this year anew. I do miss you guys and I would love to come even if i don't have anything to show.
  10. This should be good old friend, cant wait to see more.
  11. Thanks for your comments Michael and Kris I appreciate your support. I didnt want to post untill had something to show but I feel i better get back to posting now so Ill be used to it. anyway I was able to get soe work done on the chassis. Front body supports, front suspension struts, tranny supports. Im gonna get this chassis finished up so i can get it in primer at least. Theres a lil bit of oxidation on the brass but ill clean it up when im ready to go to primer. Here's a few pics. thanks for joinin me.
  12. Outstanding build Tyrone another master piece will soon be rollin off your work bench. Keep up the good work Bro.
  13. Hey This is one heck of a build you got goin I love it! Looks like I wont be doin that convertable Gia after all LOL! keep up the good work!
  14. Brett this looks to be an excellent project keep up the good work!
  15. Wow Charlie i'm glad i was able to see this in progress , looking really good bro keep up the outstanding work.
  16. After getting myself caught up (which took the better part of my morning) I have to say HELL OF A JOB WELL DONE SIR! It's commimg along really nice Chris and its inspiring me to get back to work on my current project. Keep up the outstanding work Bro.
  17. heck it'll weight more than that the last one was almost 5 pounds check it out http://www.modelcars...showtopic=44578
  18. ok i wont post anymore after these two lol this is the Skyline GTR it has full working suspension and a scratch built RB26 DETT motor in it. this is the second one i did but never finished....
  19. And a few show winners from 20+ years ago..... This was one of the first low riders to win best in show ( that I know of anyway) it was also the first model I ever took photos of.... two more show winners , the yellow monte was pushed off a table on purpose and the guy that did it was banned from comming to shows in the local area hope you enjoyed.......
  20. I'd like to add a couple of my favs..... this is the 69 Daytona I finished about a year ago
  21. Hey Ted how are ya buddy?, Yes if all goes according to plan it will have the working pistons and crank.
  22. Chris im doin good Bro been itchin to get back on this man...... heres some pics of some of the parts I found for this build. !/16 scale 69 Camaro body from Shapeway / TDR and Brass chassis (which needs cleaning also) Lenco Tranny and Rear end also from the 3D printers of Shapeway / TDR Rims turned by my buddy Micro Nitro theres lots of goodies just waitin to be used.... see ya real soon....
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