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  1. Yeah there are lots of builds I watch just for the craftmanship involved Thanks Ron I appreciate that you enjoy my work!
  2. Well I have a bit of progress to share with ya, I was able to work on the motor and exhaust today. The exhaust took some soldering and I had a really good time putting this all together. I still have to paint the exhaust parts so I plan to do that tomorrow. I hope you enjoy....... alternator with scratched pulley....... Header flange in place ....... and the exhaust work....... this is the exhaust bracket that you have to build to support the exhaust, the trans kit come with and excellent jig to help you build this piece....... Thanks for stopping in .......
  3. Hey Chris im glad you like it Bro .... I plan to bring it with me next year so hopefully you'll get to see it in person
  4. Id like to see that Mike do you have a link to his build??
  5. Thanks fellas for the encouragement.... Dave your soo correct im having a ball and what good is having a hobby if your not having fun with it RIGHT! Fred I agree with you, it's worth every penny I spent and its a whole new building experiance for me too... Here's a few pic of the progress I wont say much, Just that I scratch built the starter and solenoid, And that the horse on the steering wheel is hand painted and polished. enjoy! Getting a bit of top end work done now..... sorry the wheel was still a bit wet in places.... see ya soon!
  6. Thx fellas for the sincere compliments .... And Randy you just dont understand how happy I am to be finally working on this project!
  7. I worked on the front suspension yesterday... Heres an a arm assembly brake caliper and pads...... Complete modification of the front chassis......(sorry i didn't take pics of all the photoetch before it was painted) Thanks for stopping by.......
  8. I wanted to share with you some progress, I was able to put the brake disc together and this was no simple task as the disk is made up of 3 main photo etched parts that need to be soldered together. The Kit gives you two version possisbilities and I chose to build it with the real threaded knock offs. I also opted not to paint the parts as per the instructions , instead i polished the metal parts for a more realistic piece. The shocks were also a nice piece of work as they are made from white metal and photo etch the only kit piece is the spring which had to be cut to size. I hope you enjoy! Heres the new disc next to the pocher plastic disc and those wonderful shocks See ya real soon.......
  9. man! we saw at least 12 differant Blue whales and probably 20 or more Humpbacks, and hundreds of common dolphins, Santa Barbra is pretty much home to blues and humpbacks.
  10. I got a lil done tonight not much of a update because the wife and i went whale watching in Santa Barbra this weekend. i hope you enjoy!!! in this pic you can see i was able to make the pressure fittings and attach the oil line to the pan. the kool thing about this trans kit is , it allows you to make your braided hoses from communication cable thanks for joining me.......
  11. i just want to share a few detail pics these are of the motor and tranny with a lil added detail hope you enjoy! see ya real soon....
  12. I had to go take another look... now thats funny
  13. Ok so i'm home now and would like to share some pics of the trans kit with you.... It arrived in this beautiful wooden box just stuffed with all sorts of goodies Only 200 of these kits were made and each one is numbered in series mine is # 147/200 I laid out the parts from the box on the floor and took this pic, keep in mind there are parts bags in the parts bags that i didnt take out..... I got my kit for a very special price and Uli (the designer of the kit) even threw in some of his new fittings and hose clamps and such. he even told me if I need more to just let him know. Just look at all this photo etch.... Well that's enough i have a few more pics but ill just save the rest for later.....I have a meeting tonight so I'll get started tomorrow after work (or maybe I'll burn the midnight oil tonight LOL!) thanks for viewing
  14. I came home for lunch today to find my kit had finally arrived I breezed through it real fast and I must say I'm impressed. I don't have time to take pics right now but I'll take some as soon as i get home after work. Soo glad I only have a couple hours left.
  15. Very nice indeed cant wait to see it all put together. excellent job thus far!
  16. Bill this is awesome im soo glad i checked this out, you always amaze me with your talents. Keep up the outstanding work my friend!
  17. Heres some pics of the stripped body oh and my bird "Sassy" Sassy says hello!
  18. It is a simple kit but it has so much potential for detail you could really go all out with it! Nice job so far cant wait to see more....
  19. Ok so here's some pics of the paint stripped off a couple of the body parts hope you enjoy.... As you can see im not tottally done stripping but im on my way i bought this to go on my display once the build is completed, its all metal and is has a bunch of tools for the drawers and stuff Hopefully the trans kit will be here soon and we can get down to business....
  20. wow guess i did spell that wrong (didnt even realize i put that "r" there) thanks for pointing that out. i'll be sure to fix it.
  21. Thanks mark I checked it out and ive actually seen this guys build before on an english site, i talk to him on another forum and he's provided me with some excellent wiring reference. thanks again buddy for the heads up!
  22. Hey thanks Mark i'll check it out!!
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