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  1. Since I have some extra time on my hands these days I'm working on completing some of my models. I pulled out my Aoshima 1/24 Knight Rider KITT only to discover I've lost both side mirrors. ? I know these parts are not easy to come by so I'm looking for a little direction. Does anyone make resin castings or 3D print them? Is there any decent substitute that might be easier to find? Thank you for the help, Chris
  2. Completed a trade with Renegade (aka Terry Schmalriede). Great to work with. Smooth transaction.
  3. Does anyone make the grille from the Fall Guy kit in resin? Thanks, Chris
  4. Hey Guys, No major updates to report. I'm redoing the gas tanks. The frame needs to be straightened. I got repops of the tires from the Revell Tomb Raider Rubicon from Maa's Resin. I'm might go with the conventional route to lengthen the bed (I'm hoping to open the secret compartment). The resin bed is from Resin Motor Replicas but it may not work for me. I've got many other things going on. I do hope to,return to this project soon. Thanks for the interest. Chris
  5. Does anyone make a 727 auto tranny or stock intake manifold in 1/16 for the MPC General Lee? Thanks, Chris
  6. Missing Link has a nice conversion--body, interior, grille/bumper and tail light panels--with the option to build it standard or R/T. The quality of their stuff is top notch. Chris
  7. You're pretty brave to make the corrections to that body! I've been working on a Coyote build myself. I stumbled onto this website: http://public.fotki.com/Rockinroller/plastic/hardcastle--mccormi/ I used all the pictures for reference. I made a few changes (e.g. different seats due to availability, differences in assembling scratch-built elements). Good luck on the build! Chris
  8. Quick update. Finished the dash/doghouse. Scratched the radio. Drilled holes for cup holders! Few switches to the right of the gauges. Little bit of bare metal to dress it up.
  9. Thanks for the compliments and encouragement. The plan for the hinges is that once I get them positioned, I'll solder them to a larger piece of brass and glue that to the body. These vans are like "rolling" dioramas. It's hard not to open them up. I just hope I can pull it all off. My goal is to have it done for NNL East in April. Chris
  10. Here are some updates on my van. Here are the brass hinges I made for opening the back doors: I scratchbuilt new leaf springs: I made skirts for the seats using masking tape and aluminum foil. I also added pedestals to mount them: More work on the dash and doghouse. Putty, sand, prime, repeat. Here are the door panels with arm rests. I am using the back side of Plastruct tread plate for the interior diamond pleating. Thanks for looking, Chris
  11. My user name: I'm a pastor so the "rev" is for Reverend (Rev.) and shag is from an old nickname as in Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. My appetite used to resemble Shaggy's. My avatar is the 2010 movie version of the A-Team van. I put it up as motivation as that is my current project. Chris
  12. Just a little update. Got some paint on some of the interior bits (lots of semi-gloss black!) Mocked up the interior: Chris
  13. Chief those are amazing looking! What size wheel did this end up being? Thanks, Chris
  14. Hey Foxer, It was your build that actually motivated me to open the back doors. I'm going to try Jairus Watson's technique for building hinges. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/door-hinges/ Chris
  15. I am going to be making exposed hinges out of brass using Jairus Watson's method found here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/door-hinges/ It requires soldering the brass and I was wondering, which is better, a soldering iron or a soldering torch? More brass work could be in the future of my model building so that might effect which is the better tool. Thanks. Chris
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