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  1. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Moebius 1955 Chrysler 300   

    Coming out nicely.
    Charlie Larkin
  2. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Okay, I moved the party and there's no voting, but there's likes, the rest basically stays the same, come up with one idea for a model kit and work it out   

    I'm in. And with the cost of tooling and design rapidly falling, I can really s-t-r-e-t-c-h that money out. With some care and a little careful planning, I might even be able to actually work up two or three kits and keep it within budget.
    Don't think I won't try.
    Charlie Larkin
  3. charlie8575 added a post in a topic NNL East and the most wanted list!   

    A snap Disco Bird would be quite alright with me. With the amount of time I don't have, I'm finding I really like the new snap kits as an alternative to full-detail.
    The resin body looks good. I'd also consider that if it came complete with interior and correct wheels, perhaps sized to fit the Pegasus whitewall tires. The Diamond Jubilee Edition is a pretty package.
    I suggested the 1950 Buick Special Sedanette. The frame, floors and front suspension are done with the '50 Olds. Buick used Torque-tube drives, so the rear suspension would require 3-5 new parts (torque tube, rear axle if separate, and two springs,) engine/transmission, body and interior. It's a rare, but well-liked body with all walks of 1:1 automotive life.
    I also requested the re-issue of the Museum Pieces.
    I'd by a correct Mercer. I'd also buy a non-Ford/Chevy/over-the-top 1930s car. That Buick would be ideal. There are a bunch more I'd like to see.
    Charlie Larkin
  4. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Revell Q2/Q3 Flyer   

    Interesting. Hobbytyme is expecting them in their warehouse last week of the month, +/- a couple of days.
    We'll know soon enough. I have six on order. Three sold, one for me, two for stock.
    Charlie Larkin
  5. charlie8575 added a post in a topic MPC Fuzz Buster Volare - lets kick it around   

    I think I might build mine sometime this year.
    I'll have to make cast duplicates of my Duster 340 (now I really need to learn how to do that,) and probably grab a 904 from M.A.D. at NNL-East.
    Figure out how to sand/fill those T-bars so they look decent, and then off to paint...I always liked that Chianti Red. Perhaps with the camel interior.
    Charlie Larkin
  6. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Update on Revell Model A Coupe and Roadster kits   

    Saw that in the store's e-Mail this morning. Definitely  very good news.
    Charlie Larkin
  7. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Revell Q2/Q3 Flyer   

    My salesman told me April 30 for the Suburbans a couple of days ago, along with a price increase from Revell.
    The Charger will be a strong seller, and I think the Torino in straight-stock form will move better than the S&H.
    The '64 Fairlane usually sells well. I expect no different, especially if the stock-ish parts are included. It'll be a nice base for one of MCW's bodies.
    A full-detail Mustang needs to happen.
    Very disappointed to see the Foose Eldo is not correctable (i.e., stock,) I really hope they'll do a stock version down the road. In stock form, I remember that it was usually a pretty high finisher in requested subject polls, and the stock version allows you to build a completely-customized version to your vision, not having to work with/around someone else's.
    Charlie Larkin
  8. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Tax added on Ebay now?   

    In Massachusetts, although you're "supposed" to collect tax, private sellers usually don't, nor do they at yard sales and such, which would be tough to do anyway, so the Commonwealth lets it go, it's not worth chasing.
    Now, if someone has a store or does eBay as a business venture, they yes, they collect Massachusetts sales tax.
    If you're an out-of-state buyer, they're supposed to waive it.
    Charlie Larkin
  9. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 3D printers are one thing, but what about a 3D scanner?   

    From my own research, a 3D scanner suitable for modeling use will run about $10,000 new. Used units are out there at considerable savings, but still not cheap.
    Charlie Larkin
  10. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Darryl Peters RIP   

    The hobby has had a cruel week.
    Charlie Larkin
  11. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Why Glue Bombs ?   

    Partially the challenge, partially budget.
    Unbuilt old kits can be pretty expensive, and my hobby budget can be very, very tight, so I get as good as I can find and do something with it.
    Charlie Larkin
  12. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Sad Sad Sad News: Our Harry Passed Away   

    I saw this yesterday on Facebook. Well, now Tuesday, as it's very early Thursday morning now.
    It's still sinking in, not sure if it will completely or not for a while.
    Harry was truly a driving force in this hobby, and in hobby publishing.
    Most of all, a intelligent, friendly, voice of reason on this forum. And yes, his wry sense of humor.
    His presence will be missed by all of us.
    Charlie Larkin
  13. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Anyone ever feel the need to clean up and start over?   

    I understand "tight."
    I had to move back in with my parents in 2010, when the whole world went to Hades in a hand-basket. Our house was already a bit..."full," due to deaths and the resulting "well, where do we put it all?" questions with stuff we either couldn't get rid of, or in a few cases, didn't want to.
    As things are slowly (and finally) starting to improve a little for me, I'm hoping I'll be able to get out of here this year. The problem is that in eastern Massachusetts, both rents and home prices alike are at record highs simultaneously, and even central Massachusetts is getting expensive. Basically, too many drones commuting to Boston, and if it's even sort of commutable, they're going there.
    I've found a couple of places that I'm going to see if I can swing, and they all have a reasonable amount of space for things like a modeling room/den. That is one of my absolute requirements.
    Charlie Larkin
  14. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Any interest in a 59 Imperial Lebaron pillared 4 door sedan resin kit?   

    I'd be interested in 1/each.
    Any feel for pricing?
    Charlie Larkin
  15. charlie8575 added a post in a topic New Member   

    Welcome, Matt.
    Don't forget about the RTS Expo this Sunday, March 19 (unless it gets snowed out,) at the Holiday Inn in Taunton. This is the old MassCar show.
    While I'm at it, MassCar meets the third Wednesday at Porter & Chester Institute in Canton (Rt. 24 to 139/Stoughton, Right on Turnpike St. at Cumby's, go about two miles down into the building, go left towards the auto shop, we meet upstairs from there.)
    Not sure if we're meeting tomorrow due to weather, though.
    Charlie Larkin