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  1. charlie8575 added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    Al-Mac's- a Fall River landmark.
    Good food, reasonable prices. Lots of Portugese-style specials (makes sense- the population of the Fall River-New Bedford region is the most dense population of Portugese outside of Portugal.)
    Charlie Larkin
  2. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Tamiya S2000 @ Work   

    Nice paint job.
    Do you have any of your co-workers looking on or asking questions?
    I would suggest getting a display case for that as well to prevent any accidental damage. 
    Charlie Larkin
  3. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 1966 Corvette C2 Coupe   

    Charlie Larkin
  4. charlie8575 added a post in a topic How to get your Christmas tree home   

    Very nice.
    What did you use for the snow?
    Charlie Larkin
  5. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Painting and building in an apartment?   

    When I had my apartment, I used to set a small side-table outside with a 10-ream paper box on it, my paint stand and the parts. If I was air-brushing, I'd run the cord out the door (I had a curbside entry,) and paint. I'd let the paint dry outside for 10-15 minute to let the worst of the stench pass (especially in the winter with the windows closed,) and then bring everything in. 
    Charlie Larkin
  6. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Does this need to swim in the purple pond or can I fix it?   

    I'm tending to agree with Bill- too much material at once. Silver can be a very, very tough color to do well. 
    Many, many years ago, prior to their takeover by the Evil Empire, Brand "S" magazine did an exemplary article by Larry Booth(e), sp.?) on how to do a killer silver paint job- it was around 1987-88, using his award-winning all-stock T-Bird Turbo Coupe. 
    It came down to careful, even application of the color, plenty of time between coats, and believe it or not, contrary to many people's practices, an LMG polishing kit, going through all the steps from 2000 up. I don't recall if he used a clear or not, but with that polish, it might not be necessary. 
    I also agree with Steve- try the Testors lacquer system in its entirety. I also suggest a good sandable lacquer primer like Plasti-Kote or Dupli-Color.
    For color, go with the AMC Platinum. It's a bit softer in tone and will be closer to the stock color if that's what you're going for.
    Charlie Larkin
  7. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Two Tone Paint /Masking   

    I agree, 1-2 days is the absolute minimum before I'd even consider attempting overcoating with  a different color. 
    For masking, I use 3-M blue tape, and have had pretty good luck with it. I also tried the Testors tape in narrow width for a very narrow strip I needed to mask. Excellent stuff, as long as you don't need wider than 1/4". I have some Tamiya, and I suspect the Testors is very similar, but that's the wide width, and I'm curious to see how well it works. 
    Charlie Larkin
  8. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 66 Nova Wagon (Mom's Toy) Sleeper Street Rod update today-11-25-15   

    Nice details, especially the e-brake cable. 
    Charlie Larkin
  9. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Speed Shop Dio   

    Coming out very nicely indeed.
    Charlie Larkin
  10. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 64' Polara Wagon Cannonball Sleeper build. Update (11-25-15)   

    Very nice work on making that wagon.
    Good weathering work, too. 
    Charlie Larkin
  11. charlie8575 added a post in a topic On the Workbench...Literally!   

    Some very nice work. 
    Good ideas I may appropriate for my own use.
    Charlie Larkin
  12. charlie8575 added a post in a topic The Truth Is Out...The Earth Is Flat !!!   

    I couldn't even bear to start the video. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is. Yet, I'm laughing at a lot of these posts because they're funny and they do a great job at harpooning how utterly, incomprehensibly stupid these people are.
    Bill's right. The Idiocracy has arrived. And it is us.
    Charlie Larkin
  13. charlie8575 added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    In addition to other things, I have a part-time job for the tax season with H&R Block. 
    I announce my business publicly about Dec. 1.
    Things are starting to look a bit better. 
    Charlie Larkin
  14. charlie8575 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    I was dead-tired at a reasonable hour for the first time in months (finally!)
    And awake an hour later.
    May try again soon.
    Charlie Larkin
  15. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    So, the doors are correct for the coupe? 
    I had this conversation with someone a ways back, but doesn't one of the two body styles have a longer curb-side door or something like that? In any event, I remember it was a case to re-scribing the door-lines to fix the problem. 
    I have one of these downstairs from the mid-late '80s, although I don't know if it has the coupe roof in it (probably does,) if not, so I grab another one.
    Charlie Larkin