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  1. With conventional machining, you're correct. 3-D metal prints fairly smooth, so the the only thing you need to do is what would amount to the final polish, and maybe a small amount of clean-up/adjustment. Not sure, but around here, machinists charge around $40-50/hour, or more if it's a specialty shop. Charlie Larkin
  2. Tamiya, being a lacquer, can be top-coated with any paint you'd like. Just make sure to let it dry thoroughly. I recommend overnight. Charlie Larkin
  3. I'll be copying and shrinking as appropriate. Charlie Larkin
  4. That's one of my favorite series of stamps. Might get one just for that. Charlie Larkin
  5. Grabbed mine Monday. Very nicely-moulded and some of the best tires I've ever seen. They absolutely scream "Goodyear" without saying Goodyear because royalties. Still very nice. I may use this as a second 24-hour kit. It's perfect for it. Thinking Cordovan Brown or Monaco Blue, or a couple of other colors I have in the stock I can use. Charlie Larkin
  6. So that's newer construction? Impressive. Vienna is nearer to D.C., correct? Seems a house such as that would sell nicely around there. So, after reading this review...this is what I'm reading: 1. Correct the exhaust. 2. Fill in the scoops on the hood, and make it a flat hood. 3. Present the car as a 302/351-W car, and be done with it, or get one of Ken Kitchen's 240/250 I-6s and a C-4 from Kris Morgan, and make it main-streamer with the Pony interior (which it sounds like this "deluxe" interior is more-or-less like)? Am I on the right track? Might be best to see if Revell does in fact do a new kit if you really want a Mach 1, or turn this into something a little closer to what it might actually be. Charlie Larkin
  7. Nice car, but those houses! Is that Williamsburg, or just someplace with really good architecture? Charlie Larkin
  8. Re: Grille? 3-D print/resin cast of same to the rescue? Charlie Larkin
  9. Ah, I thought you were looking for the Spring Special package. He didn't happen to tell you what manufacturer (i.e., DuPont, Acme-Rogers, Ditzler-PPG, etc.) those came from? Charlie Larkin
  10. Have you tried clearing it? Also, do you have any pictures of anything you've painted with this for reference? Charlie Larkin
  11. For most of my exhaust work, I use Vallejo Oily Steel, which has a slightly darker tone, and then dry-brush Vallejo Light and Dark Rust on it. The Dark Rust usually goes well at the joints. Play with that a little. I also find the Oily Steel with the Dark Rust dry-brushed makes for an excellent appearance for near-new exhaust manifolds. Charlie Larkin
  12. So many.... V12 Packards. Never-done or new 1954-'59 Buick/Olds/Pontiac/Cadillacs. More Forward-Look Mopars. The moulds are gone, the kits from Jo-Han aren't coming back. I will volunteer my 1955 Dodge, once restored, for any manufacturer that would like to measure it up. I'd like to see Moebius do a 1948-'50 Hudson. It would require a lot of new parts, but a lot of them would carry over, too. A new 1958 Ford (listening, Revell?) A Chrysler or DeSoto Airflow. More 1940s cars that aren't Fords. A shark-nosed Graham. Any LaSalle, especially the 1934-'36 or 1940 models. A Marmon V16. Just for something totally off the wall. A Stanley Steamer. New pickup trucks, meaning post-'90s. We really need these. 1992-2011 Panther-chassis Fords. Lincoln Mk. III-VIII. Correct, properly-done 1933-'36 Fords, especially a wagon. Stock 1937-'38 Fords. 1939-'48 Mercuries. 1930s Plymouth or Dodge (aside from the Lindberg 1/32 cars). STOCK 1937 Lincoln Zephyr. 1977-'90 Caprice/Impala, or any other B-body, and a correct 1986-'92 Cadillac Brougham. 1979-'91 Panthers. More 1930s luxury cars. 1971-'73 Riviera. 1971-'76 GM wagons. I like the Buick and Olds best, but I'll take any of them. 1978-'87 Pontiac Grand Prix Pontiac Solstice The new Chrysler Pacifica is a cool-looking van. 2010-'19 Ford Taurus with police parts or an SHO. 2011-up Dodge Charger/Chrysler 300. To appeal to the masses, perhaps some contemporary SUVs, like a Grand Cherokee, Suburban/Tahoe, Explorer or Expedition. Some modern, non high-end cars. Make the models relatable, and priced right (around $15-20), and kids might buy, especially if simple, like the Academy Hyundais, although hopefully with a little better engraving. Olds Vista Cruiser/Buick Sport Wagon. Fuselage-body Mopars. A properly-detailed 2015-up Mustang. More brass-era cars. The list goes on. Charlie Larkin
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