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  1. Yep. Nice people. I get paint from there occasionally. D&G Auto Body Supply on Lunenburg St. in Fitchburg will also mix paint if you prefer PPG. Advance Auto Parts in downtown Gardner handles Nason and Chroma. Charlie Larkin
  2. Some very nice work here. I like that it's not some fire-breathing resto-mod or a 400. I forgot that Revell kit existed. Might have to keep an eye open for one. Charlie Larkin
  3. One of my military modeling friends tried the Ammo by Mig bottled version- apparently this stuff is all made by one company, and Badger and Ammo re-package it. He said essentially this. Molasses thick, but works beautifully. Charlie Larkin
  4. Okay. I have some Simple Green. Last bottle of Bleche-Wite I bought didn't even work on my whitewalls. This is fresh resin, so no paint, etc. to remove. Charlie Larkin
  5. With some reports I've read recently of SuperClean/Purple Power losing their oomph, I'm wondering about cleaning off a body I just purchased. Has anyone tried Simple Green on resin? It is a pretty good cleaner, and shouldn't bother the resin, but I'm wondering if anyone else has tried it? Charlie Larkin
  6. Tom, Custom Aerosol on Central St. in Leominster will mix that for you. Your choice of 2-oz bottle for an airbrush or spray can. Nice people to deal with. They do need a couple of hours to a day for older colors, however. Charlie Larkin
  7. Is that suitable for use under lacquer? Charlie Larkin
  8. The Olds blue is much too bright for the Toronado. Pontiac's metallic blue is much closer. Also, I don't think that bright blue showed up until around 1968. Charlie Larkin
  9. And I stand corrected. This past weekend, I ran into a mostly-original '66 Toro at a car show, and, much to my surprise, the engine was a shade very close to Pontiac's metallic blue. Turns out the gold engines were in the other lines (F-85, 88 and 98.) Charlie Larkin
  10. Well, for starters, Christine was actually a Belvedere, not a Fury, Furies were only in Buckskin Beige with a special white and gold interior. Why Steven King (who's a bit of a car guy) used Fury instead of Belvedere, I don't know aside from possible familiarity with the public. In any event, I second Scale Motorsports' upholstery decals. Charlie Larkin
  11. A few months back, I picked up a Revell '68 Chevelle SS396, and mine had a mis-moulded hood. I went to check Revell's website, and at least as of then, they weren't honoring requests for replacement parts. Does anyone know if they are? I would actually like to try and get that one built this year. Charlie Larkin
  12. These are two very good ideas. If it helps generate revenue for the magazine, and keep it going, it should be seriously examined. Charlie Larkin
  13. Very nice color and build. Charlie Larkin
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