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  1. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Johan 61 Olds F-85 wagon   

    I need to finish restoring my '61. The paint got goobered, along with some of the body repair. I also decided on a different color, so back to the drawing board...
    Charlie Larkin
  2. charlie8575 added a post in a topic small dio for Ford Falcon 64   

    Very nice work.
    Charlie Larkin
  3. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 2014 CORVETTE   

    That looks very good.
    Charlie Larkin
  4. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Revell 57 Ford Sedan - Starting corrections   

    I'm still pretty much a 35mm holdout, but I do have a digital camera for stuff like this, primarily.
    I use a Fuji Finepix AX690, and it's a nice camera, and they're not overly expensive. 
    The only thing I've found with it is that it's very sensitive to ambient light and color registration.
    Charlie Larkin
  5. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 1968 dodge dart 4 door   

    Can we talk you into sending this to D.R.A.G. to get it cast? I'm up for one.
    Charlie Larkin
  6. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Revell 57 Ford Sedan - Starting corrections   

    I think a lot of it is because they had real, art-trained designers who also had good engineers who used their brains, not electronic ones, to back it up.
    Some kits, as we've found, have had their own accuracy issues from the days of yore, but they do seem, in most cases, to be much less glaring.
    Charlie Larkin
  7. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Most fun you had in a car. KEEP IT P.G.   

    You'd be very surprised. It might not be as tossable as your Mini, but B-bodies do very nicely on back roads driven intelligently. With that same car, I ended up going down Adams Rd. in Savoy. That was one of my LEAST fun experiences! I had to stop three or four times to rest the brakes, and when I finally got back to Adams on Rt. 8, I pulled into McAndrew and King Buick-GMC and let the brakes cool for a solid 45 minutes and looked at the cars. I could literally see a red glow on parts of the wheel assembly. 
    Didn't know he worked there. Haven't been back since, waiting for another exhibit of interest, but I would like to go back sometime. It's a very nice museum.
    Charlie Larkin
  8. charlie8575 added a post in a topic my grandsons first, with a little help from grandpa   

    This is a good thing.
    Charlie Larkin
  9. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Most fun you had in a car. KEEP IT P.G.   

    Riding in a 1916 Hudson Super Six around the parking lot at the Hudson-Essex-Terreplane Club's national meet in 2008 is right up there. Same family since new. What a remarkable automobile.
    Traveling down to Front Royal, Virginia in 1999 for the H-E-T's Eastern Regional while I was in college and doing research for my thesis centered around the Hudson Jet and how it sunk Hudson was another great memory. Nice scenery, the AACA Winchester meet nearby and a great group of people, and a flawless trip in the 1994 LeSabre I bought for myself as an early college graduation present. 
    My 2004 visit to the Saratoga Auto Museum for the Bulgari collection and Buick Centennial exhibit, going out the back roads of Massachusetts, Vermont and New York. I ended up with my first 1991-96 B wagon, a '93 Roadmaster, and that was a nice, pleasant ride. The B-bodies are king of the road cars as far as I'm concerned.
    Charlie Larkin
  10. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 3D printing quality   

    Now THAT is customer service.
    Charlie Larkin
  11. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 1961 Ford Galaxie Starliner   

    Very nice job on this. Then again, all your work is first-rate.
    Charlie Larkin
  12. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Delahaye 135, Heller, 1/24   

    Someday, I will have the bravery (or foolhardiness,) to do mine.
    Great job. What did you use for the colors? 
    Charlie Larkin
  13. charlie8575 added a post in a topic My Lower Left Coast NNL pictures.   

    Some very nice stuff there. Loved that '59 Dodge.
    Charlie Larkin
  14. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Packing up…..   

    One of my closest friends- really, the guy that's closest to a brother to me (and we are brothers via DeMolay, anyway,) lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn, now. 
    When I go down to visit Rob, and I usually do so after LIARS, parking around there is horrifying. 
    To make sure I understand, there is literally no on-street parking where you are now? 
    Charlie Larkin
  15. charlie8575 added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Sounds like today.
    I was out collecting signatures to get on the ballot for Marlborough's City Council Ward 4 Councillor, and this little girl, maybe about 3 or 4, dressed in a unicorn costume opened the door very shyly and then smiled when I said, "hi, is Mommy or Daddy home?" She grinned and ran to get Daddy. 
    Sometimes, I really do miss not having had children, but given how the first part of adulthood went, in a very real sense, I'm thankful I didn't, I wouldn't have wanted to subject them to the wild work/income swings I had to experience, averaging out to approximately half the poverty line. 
    What pleased me was yesterday, actually. 
    It took a little bit to get it together, but I had a very nice late 40th party with several friends I grew up with that I don't get to see enough, some other friends and my parents. It felt good to have everyone around.
    Charlie Larkin