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  1. Wonder if the hood will fit the new kit? You could order a Malibu with buckets. Drop in a small-block...or a SIX, find some regular wheel-covers, and instant main-streamer. Charlie Larkin
  2. I can see myself buying a set. Charlie Larkin
  3. I have a suspicion they may have gone with curbside to make the job easier, but if it has that six in it (which isn't a bad-looking model,) that's okay, too. Looks like MCW becomes the answer for the Falcon. Charlie Larkin
  4. I'm seeing news of the Nova wagon more and more. This is a good thing, and I'm in for at least one, possibly two. Can the Falcon in that drag pack still be built stock at all, or would require massive re-engineering? Charlie Larkin
  5. I'm trying to figure out how to make the front seat correct. I'm wondering if the rear seat could be used as a starting point, and adjust as needed? Charlie Larkin
  6. Nice technique that would well in tandem with Al Meske's misting for the overall tint. Charlie Larkin
  7. This has been interesting to read. I think the big thing I go for is "does it look more-or-less like it's supposed to look?", and "Is it something that if it were 1:1, I would be embarrassed by if I said I had anything to do with its assembly?" My builds are far less than perfect, usually. Most are box-stock, or box-parts-swap. Someday, I will successfully wire an engine, and I think I figured out how. I just need to find a car I want to try it with. It's funny...as people usually look at the exterior, I'm finding myself being drawn more and more to restoring old curbside annuals, so it forces me to work on things like coachwork presentation and the interior. That's what people see, and as much as I want to be happy with my own builds, I want people to who see anything I build and be surprised or delighted by something because everyone deserves to look at something that's actually worth looking at. But, in the end, you must be the one satisfied. You are the customer and the contractor, both. Reminds me of a story I heard when I was in college. I don't remember where I heard it at the moment, but it was an important one. An old carpenter was skilled and did his job well, and his boss gave him his most challenging jobs. As the time for him to retire came closer, he was getting tired, and wanted to go enjoy life, when his boss said "I need you for one more job before you retire. Do you mind?" The carpenter wasn't thrilled, but agreed to do it. The carpenter was tired, and decided to not be quite as fastidious. A couple of corners weren't quite sqaure, structurally sound, but not square. Some of the finish work wasn't as clean as he usually worked. The exterior had a couple of minor flaws. But, the house was completed, it was sound, and the carpenter was tired and ready to rest and enjoy life with his family. His boss came by, inspected the house, and handed him the keys. "This is for you, as your retirement gift, and as a thank you for all the years of hard work and dedication to me. Enjoy it for many years." He shook his hand, and went his way. Suddenly, the carpenter felt not so easy, and more than a little ashamed. Moral: you'll know what you did right and wrong. If you have to fudge something, make sure it's something you can live with. A little something to keep in mind. Charlie Larkin
  8. The O/D was a very rare option by then. I didn't think it was even being offered. The '55 Dodge I just bought has overdrive. That'll be a very nice car when you're done. Charlie Larkin
  9. Not a bad idea. Easy, reasonably safe to apply. I'd be willing to try it on a couple and see what happens. Charlie Larkin
  10. I suspect the greenish tinge comes from the metallic particles interacting with the clear, or the way the light refracts through the yellowed clear, and picks up the blue spectrum. Charlie Larkin
  11. Good to know. They have the proper commercial base for Massachusetts, at least from the late '80s forward. I wonder if they'll add more of the bases? Charlie Larkin
  12. I've acquired a few old annuals with decals applied directly to bare plastic. I've read in various places that water may or may not work. What do you like to use for safe decal removal that is not sanding? Charlie Larkin
  13. I'll be watching with interest. Charlie Larkin
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