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  1. Thanks for the warning. I have a police version to build myself, which will be an unmarked/retired unit. Charlie Larkin
  2. What gauge wire are those springs? So far, really nice work. Charlie Larkin
  3. Your idea for doing the graduated tinted glass is remarkable. I never would've thought of it. Did you airbrush the paint, or manage to get it to coat without brush marks? Vinyl top looks great. Charlie Larkin
  4. That black/red, while not stock, is really sharp. I like the idea of marking the foil knife with a marker, too. Charlie Larkin
  5. A very interesting choice of build. Charlie Larkin
  6. If that's dark blue, check out Tamiya TS-55 Dark Blue. It's a non-metallic dark midnight blue, almost black. If that car is actually blue, this will make an excellent match for it. Charlie Larkin
  7. The story is building nicely so far. Charlie Larkin
  8. This is really quite telling of how big this car was...or how small English ones were. Or both. Charlie Larkin
  9. Good. I'll definitely be keeping watch for it. Charlie Larkin
  10. That cream-white with the black accents is pretty. Tamiya Racing White is an almost perfect match for it, too. Idea on the cream theme....maybe use cream with accents in something like Forest or Brunswick Green or Navy? Vermillion might be a nice choice, too. Not too oranage. Charlie Larkin
  11. Really? I'll have to keep an eye open. If you know who might have a copy for sale, don't hesitate to contact me. Charlie Larkin
  12. I like the colors together. Very pretty. Charlie Larkin
  13. This is going to be an interesting project. Charlie Larkin
  14. An interesting conversion. Can't help but wonder if that would sell in resin. Charlie Larkin
  15. Probably the two easiest ways to produce Parissienne scripts: 1. Locate a photo of a 1967-'68 model online, as I seem to remember the typeface for the two model years was the same. 2. Using your software, edit out the background so all you have is the lettering. 3. Either print some decals or make some photo-etch using your artwork. Charlie Larkin
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