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  1. Jo-Han plastic tends to be a bit brittle, as you've discovered. Evergreen and good putty can be a valuable asset. Be careful with the paint. Especially if using any type of lacquer, thin coats are your friend. Charlie Larkin
  2. I would use Dupli-Color/Plasti-Kote. Charlie Larkin
  3. Planning on getting one of these for something a little different. Thanks for the warning, Jim. Looks good, Randy. Charlie Larkin
  4. I'll enjoy watching the conversion occur. Also interested to see how you handle the woodgrain. Charlie Larkin
  5. Nice job on the Al-Clad. Consider getting a dehydrator, they seem to help considerably with enamel dry-time. Charlie Larkin
  6. Paint on is always a good sign. Charlie Larkin
  7. Four decades of work finally beginning to culminate. Exciting. And very nice to see. Charlie Larkin
  8. I have one of these downstairs. I'll be watching with interest. Charlie Larkin
  9. What an impressive project. Even if the final product needs a little tweaking, this would be a good start for a production model and could be a good tool for product development. Charlie Larkin
  10. To me, it's a no-brainer to take the existing 1968-'69 Plymouth moulds and either dig out the MPC bodies/trim/interiors and massage them to fit the newer tooling, or simply tool alternate bodies to work with the newer chassis. The prices the original kits go for would suggest the demand is there. I look forward to seeing what you do with this. Charlie Larkin
  11. She's absolutely adorable. Congratulations, Joe. I hrear you on the age thing, but I still hold out hope. One never knows what life may bring... Charlie Larkin
  12. I've only read a few of his books, but they were extraordinarily well-done. No idea he had such a rich professional life before writing, too. He'll definitely be missed. Charlie Larkin
  13. Wasn't aware of this, and glad I ran across this. Best regards to Rich and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Charlie Larkin
  14. I will probably be placing an order for one. Charlie Larkin
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