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  1. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 1990 Thunderbird SC   

    Nice, and the addition of the motorized shoulder-belt in the "park" position is a nice added detail. 
    Charlie Larkin
  2. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 1961 Buick Invicta Hardtop   

    Steve doing what he does best.
    What's not to like? 
    Charlie Larkin
  3. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 1962 Ford Sunliner, To "Skirt", or Not to "Skirt"   

    The colors sound interesting. 
    Looking forward to this.
    Charlie Larkin
  4. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Death of the "Camera Counter"   

    Dad and I have been toying- somewhat seriously, with buying one of these. They seem like a good value for us, and with the amount of pictures we both take (Dad does a lot of medium format and sheet film,) and it'll give us what we need quickly. Into the dedicated film scanner and bingo- digital files. 
    Charlie Larkin
  5. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Death of the "Camera Counter"   

    Among other things, I am a trained paralegal. Many hats.
    The short answer is, at least here, a lot of judges do not like digital photos because even "secure" photos can be toyed with.
    I know of several judges that still insist on negatives, so if that means disposable cameras or black-and-white, then so be it. 
    One of my friends who's a pro keeps his Hasselblad and a stock of black-and-white film around. If the local police call, he goes to the scene, takes pictures, and then a policeman goes back with him to his studio and watches him develop and print the pictures to ensure chain of custody per their regs. 
    A couple friends of mine are PIs, and they use  both, depending on client request; potentially testy/touchy/important matters usually get film to make sure the judge doesn't toss anything. 
    Charlie Larkin
  6. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Has Revell 4 quarter been announced?   

    Been wondering this myself, and AMT's plans for next year, too.
    Charlie Larkin
  7. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Partial special bonus in kits   

    I love that go-cart. I'll have to see if one can be obtained from Reps & Miniatures still or go on the hunt.
    Charlie Larkin
  8. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 58 conversion for Revell 57 Ford Del Rio wagon   

    Agreed, but I'm betting we'll either get a '57 Ranchero or Country Squire first. 
    Charlie Larkin
  9. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Death of the "Camera Counter"   

    I just got a new set of Rapidographs at Artist & Craftsman in Cambridge. Love them. Great for detail drawings, and where I still frequently ink my drafting to prevent smudging, I really needed a set. I had some Staedlers, but I didn't care for them. 
    I'm looking for one of the lettering guides now; been keeping an eye open on eBay.
    Charlie Larkin
  10. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Death of the "Camera Counter"   

    My dad belongs to the Photographic Historical Society of New England, and about a year ago, we went to a lecture dealing with this very topic.
    We've increased the number of pictures we're taking exponentially, but the lack of prints and hard photos is actually already starting to make historians' and other jobs harder in documenting our times. 
    An interesting contrast. I'll see if I can locate the lecture notes.
    Charlie Larkin
  11. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 1965 Buick Wildcat   

    I just grabbed a Missing Link '65 to convert a '66. And I'm not trying to figure out how to fix the '65 interior to build a correct '66.
    I'll enjoy watching this.
    Charlie Larkin
  12. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Death of the "Camera Counter"   

    One of the reasons I teach a bunch of pre-teens and teens how to use film and a darkroom is exactly this reason. 
    The process...the hands-on, the full, total understanding of what you're doing and why. The understanding of limits and abilities and why certain things have certain capacities.
    Kids don't get that in school now, in virtually any form, and this is my way of combating that. 
    While what Harry does is remarkable (and I mean that with all sincerity,) the manual versus electronic process is so very different, and learning how to do things with your hands and mind instead of a computer is what a lot of kids need to do in order to help reach their maximum potential.
    That, and it teaches things like patience, technical accuracy, thought and planning. 
    Charlie Larkin
  13. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Death of the "Camera Counter"   

    You and I are of the same mind.
    In 2013, one of my best friends growing up got married, and his wedding present was photo work. When we got together a few months later, and I was able to present him and his wife with their photos, she said "wow, you did better work than the the pro we hired for the rest of it, and the pictures are really nice. And this is film?" 
    Yep, and as I had a real tight budget at that time, I couldn't even pop for the good stuff like Kodak Portra (best skin tones of any media, film or digital, the wedding and portrait photogs who use film either by habit or request usually use this,) and had to use Kodak Ultramax 400; very good results in a wide variety of lighting conditions and action/still. I was actually rather surprised (and pleasantly) at how well it all came out.
    Charlie Larkin
  14. charlie8575 added a post in a topic AMT 1964 Impala SS   

    Nice job on that. 
    Charlie Larkin
  15. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 1961 Buick Invicta Hardtop, Update 9/29, Engine Finished.   

    Hmm...I'll have to get some of those decals for myself. They look good.
    Nice job, Steve. This is going to look really nice together.
    Charlie Larkin