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  1. The Riviera that was released in 1999-2000 is a new tool. They also had a 1966 annual when the car was new, which continued through 1969, and still exists as the '69. Charlie Larkin The Rivieras had their own engines from 1963-'65, as well, from what I've been able to tell, based on my examination of the early 1960s full-size Buicks and the 1963 and '65 Rivieras I have.....I should really finish up that '63. Charlie Larkin
  2. Interesting variant I never knew about. Very nice build. I actually rather like the clean styling. Charlie Larkin
  3. Looks awesome. Charlie Larkin
  4. What a wonderfully unique model. Charlie Larkin
  5. That looks great together. What did you use for the engine? I was trying to bid on one last year, but it went out of my range. I'm hoping whoever is casting these will do some more. Charlie Larkin
  6. Very nice build. I've been long curious about the 1/16 Entex kits. I've considered chasing one of the Packards. Charlie Larkin
  7. I believe the color in question is Yellow Blaze. The interior, as I remember, was pretty close to Golden Fawn. Charlie Larkin
  8. My grandmother had a 1974 Duster in a soft yellow with a white vinyl top, and the interior, I believe was called dark gold. Your exterior color is pretty close to the interior of Gram's car, and the exterior was a bit brighter. Charlie Larkin
  9. The trick is to burnish the foil with a Q-Tip rather thoroughly. That foil should settle into the recesses with very little trouble. Once done, sanding with fairly fine sandpaper should reveal the foil...and do a nice job polishing it up. Be sure to wet-sand. As to technique, I've used FUP, I've dry-brushed, and I've tried Molotow. I find it depends on the quality of the engraving that controls my choice, and, to a degree, the amount my foil is (not) cooperating. Charlie Larkin
  10. Me 4, and for at least a couple. Charlie Larkin
  11. I , for one, and I know many, would welcome a new early Valiant. Charlie Larkin
  12. ^Both of these. I think we're going to see it coming. My bets... At least 2-3 of the 1958-early '60s annuals. 1966 Buick Skylark 1967 Ford Galaxie 1968-'69 Dodge Coronet. If this happens, I hope they'll also fix the known errors from the original kits, like the not-quite-matched quarters on the Skylark. The 3-D scanning capability of original kits, with the ability within AutoCAD to make corrections could team up to not only have some highly-desired kits back, but improved upon. The possibilities are real, remarkable, and almost limitless. Charlie Larkin
  13. Watching with some interest. For a variety of reasons, I have interest in 194-'67 Buick A-bodies. Charlie Larkin
  14. Nice job fixing the quarters. Do you plan to replace the door handles and scripts? Charlie Larkin
  15. Nice job. I have most of these little brass-era kits. I think I may build them this summer just to get them built, and set up a little car museum diorama. 1/32 is a perfect scale for that. Charlie Larkin
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