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  1. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Another reason to like older cars!   

    Older doesn't necessarily mean antique. 
    My '92 Chevy has a comparitively simple computer that can't be hacked, and is very reliable. 
    I know people that do drive cars from the 1950s-60s on a daily basis, at least in the nice weather. Some are original, save for some items, like belts, hoses, and the like. Some are restored to "driver" condition. Reliability is there, regardless of age, if proper maintenance and intelligent driving practices are followed. 
    While money, in certain cases, might be similar, there are intangibles in either choice that can't be quantified.
    The buyback has nothing to do with the U-Connect thing. And I agree with Joe. I've never heard of Jeeps having a propensity to blowing up, or Rams for that matter.
    Sounds to me like the buyback is being forced by the government in yet another attempt to social-engineer transportation choices and contribute to the over-inflating of used car and truck prices.
    Charlie Larkin
  2. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 1963 Lincoln Continental HT   

    I dread something like that happening with my glue bombs, but you're doing a nice job cleaning it up.
    I love the 1961-'69 Continentals, they, to me, are as close to perfect a design as any car ever produced. It'll be interesting to see what you add for some mild customizing touches.
    Charlie Larkin
  3. charlie8575 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Couldn't have said it better.
    Charlie Larkin
  4. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Revell Pre-Finished Series 2014 Corvette Stingray   

    Glad to see this happen. 
    Nice-looking car, horribly uncomfortable (well, for me,) but great to look at.
    Sign me up for one. 
    Charlie Larkin
  5. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Moebius 1965 Plymouth Satellite news   

    Looking forward to one. 
    My local shop hasn't been able to re-stock the '71 Ford pickup yet. Did you sell those out?
    Charlie Larkin
  6. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 1400 mile 1974 Ford LTD Country Squire (Sorry, couldn't find the station wagon thread)   

    I probably would've ordered the tan interior with that color. 
    Actually I probably would've gone with Medium Blue Glow and the blue interior. 
    Charlie Larkin
  7. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Next up from Moebius ?   

    Yes to all of the above, especially the Packard and the Javelin. 
    Tom- like your idea of doing some mid-'60s A-bodies. I like Barracudas, and I would very happily purchase Valiants and Darts. If someone goes really adventurous and does a Dart/Valiant wagon....I'm all in. 
    Rich- I would also welcome a selection of early '50s iron that isn't a Ford or a Chevy. For more early NASCAR, how about a '50 Plymouth fastback and a '51 Chrysler Saratoga? Instant diversification. I'd like to see a Pontiac or two and a bathtub Nash, as well.
    Charlie Larkin
  8. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Monogam Untouchables   

    Located not far from me is what I believe was the ACTUAL car that the Monogram kit was based on. It is indeed a Springfield-built Rolls and has been lovingly cared for by the same family for well over fifty years. It is, if nothing else, the same body and model that the Monogram kit depicts.
    The car is kept in a the repair garage of a semi-retired gentleman and is kept covered and very clean. The maroon and black lacquer are about fifty years old, and still look as good as it did then. 
    I'm going to see if I can get over there and take a few pictures.
    Charlie Larkin
  9. charlie8575 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Not too much of a problem, Mike, because it's been so humid and periodically hot, I've been drinking plenty of water lately. I ended up taking a potassium pill in hopes of some temporary relief, and it worked. Good thing, all I could find were green bananas.
    Charlie Larkin
  10. charlie8575 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Kitchen Aids are pretty decent appliances. They're made by Whirlpool, and use the top-spec Whirlpool parts generally, with a few extra features or a little different design. Our Kitchen Aid was bough in November, 1992, when I was a senior in high school, and is still kicking along, although I'm talking with my father about replacing the door gaskets, age may have caught up to them. 
    Dad and I have also talked about gutting and redoing the kitchen from the top down, and I was looking at some refrigerators. The salesman at Home Depot recommended getting a surge protector for any appliance less than about 15-18 years old, as many of them have micro-processors, and the slightest surge in power can wreck the micro-processor, and give you a kitchen of scrap metal. 
    One thing we're almost certainly going to do is buy a new washer/dryer. The only ones I'm telling my father to take seriously are Speed Queens. They have no complex electronics and a real water level control, as opposed to the scale most machines use now, and, unlike a lot of white goods now, are still engineered to last for a long time, with testing showing about 25-30 years in normal residential use. 
    I like Bill's approach the best. When I finally build my own house, I'm seriously thinking about going with mostly pre-1980 appliances. They last and work well, and many of the parts are still available, believe it or not. 
    Charlie Larkin
    Especially when these clowns part out a super-rare kit with a low demand for parts, but his Pavlovian response kicks in rather than actually thinking. I found one in that category, and If this bozo didn't sell any or much of it, I'm thinking of shooting him an e-Mail to make me an offer for the whole thing.
    Charlie Larkin
  11. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Scratched windshield   

    I've used toothpaste and Novus both with decent success.
    If you use the Novus, it might be wise to give the window unit a wipe-down with some alcohol to get any of the silicone residue off of the window to make sure you don't have any problems with any glue or paint.
    Charlie Larkin
  12. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Help with Tamiya TS-58   

    Grab some sprue and try the following:
    1. White primer.
    2. Gray primer.
    3. Tamiya Dark blue, blue or French Blue spray paint, which might work well under the semi-transparent pearl blue.
    Try those and see which you like the best.
    Charlie Larkin
  13. charlie8575 added a post in a topic Next up from Moebius ?   

    Yes, please. In multiples. That Packard would actually make a good move, I think. Lots of customizing opportunities, as well as people who do stock. 
    Don't like the Kaiser? Make a custom out of it. I've seen some pictures of these customized, not bad looking, but not my thing. I like them stock. 
    A '61 Chrysler would be pretty cool, too. Forward-Look cars are popular with just about everyone. 
    Charlie Larkin
    Charlie Larkin
  14. charlie8575 added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Waking up to a terrible cramp in my calf that wouldn't go away for nearly half an hour. Bad enough that I couldn't even move my leg without excruciating pain.
    Off to the grocery store in a few minutes to get some bananas, must be a little low on potassium.
    Charlie Larkin
  15. charlie8575 added a post in a topic 1400 mile 1974 Ford LTD Country Squire (Sorry, couldn't find the station wagon thread)   

    Very nice. 
    170-Horsepower 400. Ah, the good old days of emissions strangulation. Still had plenty of torque, though.
    I'd happily have that in my garage, and yeah, I wouldn't drive it too much, that's an archival car and needs to stay this way.
    Charlie Larkin