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  1. This is the body the Jo-Han kit is based on, right? Charlie Larkin
  2. The olive/ochre/khaki Packard Victoria is interesting. The last Packard in black and silver would look nice, too. Charlie Larkin
  3. Those, from the sounds of it, are a bit thinner than a litho plate. Quite a bit thinner, actually, but the material could still be used for something. Next time I'm near a Michael's, I'll take a look. Charlie Larkin
  4. Whoever makes some (along with perhaps casting some Ford and GM mirrors so I don't have to raid kits,) I'd be interested in a bunch of each. Charlie Larkin
  5. I'll take it, too. I'd like one of the single-cabs for an idea I have. Charlie Larkin
  6. Very nice. I'm looking forward to building mine. I was thinking the same color. As any Mustang interior could be ordered, I was thinking of going with a blue interior. Charlie Larkin
  7. Nice trio, and I agree, that diorama looks great. Charlie Larkin
  8. Very nice build. The DeSoto was bold, but very nicely-done, and I think a bit underrated. I consider it and it's companion Chrysler to be one of Exner's better designs. Charlie Larkin
  9. I've only used the single-stage enamels because that's what would be closest to most of the cars I build. It's very nice stuff, and behaves not too dissimilar to lacquer. Charlie Larkin
  10. Tamiya flat aluminum paint (XF-17, I think, the acrylic jar,) followed by a little Testors clear parts cement (which can also make lenses) works very nicely. Charlie Larkin
  11. Although they aren't as big, K&S has some sheet aluminum that's pretty close in thickness, although perhaps not absolute flexibility, as an offset lithography plate. Very nice work, Tom. Charlie Larkin
  12. This is really cool! I'm looking forward to seeing how this comes out. I've heard of The Olympian Cars, and I think I have seen exactly one copy, ever. As far as car books go, it's pretty much my grail purchase. Copies seem to be quite hard to find, and cost dearly when they do. Charlie Larkin
  13. It's starting to shape up very nicely. I'm not familiar with the exact shade of copper, but I think it'll fit the car well generally-speaking. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with this. Charlie Larkin
  14. There's a fellow doing 4-doors, too. I plan to acquire one of those and build it, as well. I also have a Jimmy Flintsone Roundup somewhere. What can I say, I like weird stuff. Charlie Larkin
  15. It may be a midnight finish that night to have it on the show table for the 6th! Charlie Larkin
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