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  1. I hear all of this. The last ten years for me have been a disaster. I'm eyeing several different things, including buying an apartment building if I can find anyone willing to work with me. Whether it's my chosen field, or anything else that I find interesting, interviews are non-existent, and have been for the most part since c. 2009. Charlie Larkin
  2. The idea of renewal kiosks at grocery stores is brilliant. The Registry should do that here. Charlie Larkin
  3. That blue is pretty close to Marina Blue, which I think you could get on the full-size cars, I know you could on Chevelles, Novas and Corvettes. I saw mention in here of an eBay seller making more stock-like wheelcovers, and I can't find it again. I want to get a set. I also found a bench seat. Heare's House of Resin on Facebook, and he'll direct you to his eBay site, where he sells. At least in photos, the seat looks pretty good. I'll know more when I get it. Charlie Larkin
  4. I'm very sorry, Carl. I hope things go as well as they possibly can. Charlie Larkin
  5. Well, I went through my feedback, and found this as a review. Nothing derogatroy or mean, and an honest assessment. We all know resin is prone to manufacturing issues. And I'm very serious, this thing will be killer once it's together. If we get another cool/dry spell in the next couple of weeks, I'm going to probably paint it and get it ready to assemble. Two large air bubbles inside, should fill easily. Will look great built. If this is what triggered it...wow. Charlie Larkin
  6. Possibly? I'm thinking of seeing if anyone I know knows this guy, and see if I can get some kind of intermediary set up. If I said/did something, I want to at least try to make it right. Talk about petty. Charlie Larkin
  7. That's disappointing. Looks like it'll be the airbrush stuff, Tamiya, or I've considered trying SEM. Charlie Larkin
  8. First, Larry, I honestly mean this when I say Gregg has made an outstanding choice in your appointment. I sincerely wish you all the best. Secondly, I've been considering doing some writing for some time, and if you are looking for a contributing column or a semi-regular writer, I'd be interested. Feel free to send me a message via Facebook, and we can see if we can help each other. Charlie Larkin
  9. It's a good question. However, right now, as has been the case the last ten years or so, I think massive risk-aversion has taken hold of the planning area for most products, not just models and hobby items. The markets today are changing so rapidly, that nobody wants to take a chance on something, which is unfortunate, because taking chances is what makes a company successful if they play their cards right, and market research is a fundamental part of it. That said, bold chances have also netted massive success, and it would be nice to see a bold chance taken by someone. Moebius did take a bit of one with the Hudsons, and they made out pretty well on those. AMT, Revell and others could stand to follow their lead, and see what might happen. Charlie Larkin
  10. Yes. Especially odd considering I've said nothing negative, and have publicly praised the work I've seen and his casting. Mine had a small issue, but appears fixable (thin spot), but the work...very nice. I know I couldn't do it, and have it come out even 10% as well. Charlie Larkin
  11. Many body-shop jobbers still carry good-quality sandable grey lacquer primer, formulated with mild solvent, for around $20/quart. I'm seriously thinking of switching to that. Problem is it only comes in grey, nobody seems to make red or white. I'm also seriously considering saying screw it, and move to all Tamiya primer. I've been able to use it under most paints without trouble. I wish I could still get Plasti-Kote around here. Nobody seems to carry it. Charlie Larkin
  12. No PayPal issues. I can't even get a bid in. I submitted my bid, and it was blocked. I'm thinking of bidding on something else from another seller, and seeing what the results are. Charlie Larkin
  13. I had a very weird occurrence. I went to bid on a resin kit, and for some reason, I've been blocked from bidding?? I had no rules violations (that I've been made aware of), and it also appeared I've been selectively blocked, despite prompt payment. And I can't find out why because individual questions have been blocked, too. I find this a bit distressing, and and also a little upsetting. Especially because I can't get answers. Charlie Larkin
  14. So I wasn't the only one this happened to yesterday? I was about to take minutes for a teleconference for an organization I'm secretary of, and all my computers went cuckoo. I ended up using a notebook and pen. Not a big deal, but transcription. God, I wish I had taken shorthand in high school. I almost did, and sincerely regret not doing so. Charlie Larkin
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