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  1. Pity. Off to eBay. Charlie Larkin
  2. Very nice 1/1 and 1/25. Charlie Larkin
  3. I found with a lot of the colors that outdoors is best, or at least near a window with good light. I took this picture of my Imperial outside in the January sun one afternoon to get a better effect for the green. I included an indoor shot under the dining room light for a comparison
  4. Very interesting. Are these still current production? Charlie Larkin
  5. Legos are probably very good therapy for your motor control issues, so this was a great idea from your kids. I had no idea these were so intricate. Looks pretty good when done, too. I hope this year treats you kinder medically, and in any other way you think 2022 fell short, Pete. Charlie Larkin
  6. I thought this was a real car you patterned it after at first, then...no. Stunning model, and superb photography. Charlie Larkin
  7. The Aqua is a nice choice for that. Very nicely done. Charlie Larkin
  8. Very nice on all, but those Jags.... Charlie Larkin
  9. Another one I'm hoping to see come back out sooner than later. I'll be watching this one. Charlie Larkin
  10. That hopped-up Slant is cool. Very interesting project. Charlie Larkin
  11. Good to see the C8 gap finally getting filled. Some other items of possible interest. Charlie Larkin
  12. All kinds of neat stuff coming. The diorama stuff is interesting, and I'll probably try to get the Caravelle-Concorde set for Dad. Charlie Larkin
  13. I've never heard of these. Interesting design. Charlie Larkin
  14. This looks great. Charlie Larkin
  15. I think Hendrix is still casting, but I'm not sure. In any event, that'll be a nice car when it's done. Charlie Larkin
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