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  1. Interesting. I always thought, at least to my eye, that Chevy and Pontiac shared the roof stamping, even on the American cars. I was also under the impression that the Canadian Pontiacs had completely unique exterior sheetmetal, not shared with anything else, unless the GP is close enough. I'm curious to see how it all comes out. Charlie Larkin
  2. This is absolutely incredible. I don't know how it escaped my notice. Charlie Larkin
  3. One clarification: For the brush paint, you'd be smart to get a little well-type paint palette at an art supply store. Add paint to that, and add the lacquer thinner to that paint. More than a few people have reported some of the newer Testors paints not being friendly to lacquer thinner in the bottle, so add as needed. Charlie Larkin
  4. Microscale offers a light-duty glue that's billed as usable for temporary positioning of parts. It looks like it's similar to the adhesive used on Post-It notes in liquid form. Charlie Larkin
  5. Keep the older kits especially indoors where you have decent humidity/temperature control. Consider bagging the tires in the boxes with Ziploc/similar bags to prevent reactions with all your kits, if the tires aren't already bagged. Store the decals in a 3-ring binder in archival pockets; baseball card/stamp/coin shops should have those, even Staples might be able to get them if they aren't on the shelf. Charlie Larkin
  6. How bizarre. What brand of paint are you using? Are these new paints, or were they ones that all of a sudden started acting up? If they're new paint, I'd suggest contacting the manufacturer. It sounds like they may have gotten the mix of chemicals wrong, and they're not catalyzing. You might be able to get replacements. If they're old paints, try adding a little hardware store lacquer thinner to them as you use them. That might help kick over drying. As to the spray lacquers, I have NO idea what to do with that. See if you can get the humidity checked in your house to be sure the humidity is what you think it is, because that's the only thing I can think of that would cause the problems you're describing outside of poor application process or defective materials. Charlie Larkin
  7. Ended up at one of the local shops, and the '64s were already sold out. I'm going to try to get one next week when the restock comes in. Charlie Larkin
  8. So, it looks like, as originally expected, the Olds and new '71 Mustang should be out late summer/early fall, if Stevens is to be believed. Definitely interested in a 4-4-2, maybe two of them. Converting it into a regular Cutlass S/SX wouldn't be all that tough, especially with MCG photoetch. Charlie Larkin
  9. The new Charger, I suspect, will sell very well, especially if they do a supplemental police version. I also see good numbers coming for the Mustang fastback. The Lindberg '66 Chevelle is very nice, and will also be well-received, I think. From discussion, there may be at least one more major tool in the works, and I'll be curious to see what that ends up being. I'd love to see one of the 1960s Imperials. The one I'd put money on, though, for within the next year or two, based on a VERY long history of demand, is the 1969-'72 Grand Prix. If that happens, I think demand will be near-unprecedented. Charlie Larkin
  10. Well, that makes that easy. If this sells well, however, it bolsters the case for a 1970-'72 Cutlass Supreme. Maybe we'll get really lucky and get a thoroughly modern small-block Olds out of that, too. If that goes well....maybe, finally, a Vista Cruiser? Charlie Larkin
  11. Definitely a must-have. I'll probably pre-order one at the hobby shop when I head there this week. One thing I would like to see Moebius re-introduce (and other manufacturers follow suit) is the color guide for interiors with suggested paint matches. Makes painting much easier. Charlie Larkin
  12. Impressive. It appears I'd still need to buy one of the hardtops (or maybe even substitute an AMT Chassis plate/six) for a stock Nova, aside from the interior modifications needed? Charlie Larkin
  13. I wonder if the Olds will be the fastback or formal roof? Charlie Larkin
  14. Magnificent job! Charlie Larkin
  15. A very nice build. The Tamiya Orange is a very close match to the factory color. What did you use for the buckskin interior/vinyl top? Charlie Larkin
  16. A lot more productive than I was, that's for sure. I might still be able to get one, maybe two, finished by New Year's. Charlie Larkin
  17. Very clean mild custom. I like it. Charlie Larkin
  18. Is the checked pattern in the Edsel interior painted, or did you use some kind of marker for those? Same question with the Plymouth. I'm planning on doing a '59, and was thinking Scale Motorsports blue plaid decals would be a decent start, if nothing else, it would give me a good grid to work with, and I can dot it in with a blue technical pen. Charlie Larkin
  19. The body is actually a new tool, as is quite a bit of the rest of it, but it was done to the standards of the original, for better or worse. I'm tying to figure out how to do that side-spear. I'm seriously thinking about masking off the body, and using my Molotow marker to save hassles given how faint it is, and then foil the rest. Like you, I chose the Midnight Mist (Chevy's Daytona Blue), and from previous suggestions, found that Pontiac Engine Blue is a pretty good match for early-mid '60s GM blue vinyl. I used a mix of non-metallic blues for the carpet. It did come out a bit bright, though. I might re-do the interior if I decide it bothers me enough. You did a nice job on this. Charlie Larkin
  20. I have one to build. I'm assuming you plan on using brass wire for the windshield frame? Which T did you raid wheels from? Which blue did you use? That looks about right from the pictures I've seen. Charlie Larkin
  21. I'll be interested to see what you do with this. Remember, the '70 USA Oldies series has the Cadillac engine in it, so it won't be 100% right. I believe the original '70s have an Olds engine. The correct Toro engines show up on eBay periodically. Charlie Larkin
  22. I tried embossing powder for the first time, and while not displeased with the results, I'm wondering what I did wrong, as it came out uneven and clumpy; that said, it's a closed car, so I'm not AS worried about it, but I do have a convertible coming up, and I want to see if I can get this right. After putting the glue on the floors, I sprinkled the powder on, and evened it out as best as I could with a paint-brush. I will disclose I painted the interior first, although that doesn't seem to have made much of difference in terms of adhesion. Should I have simply dumped the stuff on, shake the tub a bit to even it out, and then pour out the excess? Ideas appreciated. Charlie Larkin
  23. I happen to have a can of Tru-Color spray paint in front of me, which is 4.5 oz., and is listed as 128 grams, which, as I understand it, would be roughly equal to 100 mililitres. The Tamiya cans are 100 mililitres. Charlie Larkin
  24. I might be in for a couple more '56 Fords for some of the resin bodies I want to get. The USPO Pinto might a fun diversion. I could get a nice little diorama out of that. Charlie Larkin
  25. The color is spot-on, and I like the wheels. And the repair is top-notch. Gives me a great idea for fixing some other...problems I have. Charlie Larkin
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