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  1. Amazingly nice work. What did you use for the turquoise? Charlie Larkin
  2. Scale Finishes makes both colors in enamel. I've used the Olds gold both airbrush and brush-on with good results. And, until Nov. 30, he's running a sale and cut shipping in half. Charlie Larkin
  3. That GS is something else. I have no idea where I'd find a correct 3-speed, but that dark green/saddle/tan top is very pretty, and I like the dog dishes. I don't know if I'd trust my skills enough to correctly remove the roof from a Monogram GSX, and then find a top, but I'd really like this. Onto the main topic... These releases show so much promise for Round 2. The GTOs look great, the Coronet, contrary to some of the party-poopers elsewhere, I think is a nice upgrade from the original kit while not forgetting its roots. I was expecting a new body on a Roadrunner/GTX chassis, but this is nice. I will, however say that AMT might be wise to note prominently that these re-created kits are that, re-creations of original tools with selected upgrades, and are not the same as a modern-tooled kit. This might help address perceived (and possible real) disappointment from someone who buys, say, one of the modern Camaros, then picks this up and doesn't see what he might otherwise expect. That'll give fair warning to people. The Charger and Bronco are VERY exciting. I plan on getting each. The shortbox C/K is nice, too. I could see using one of the V6s from a Sonoma or S-10 with the 350 TBI setup and build someone's toy truck....didn't need a real workhorse, just light hauling in style. Charlie Larkin
  4. I have some Blue Charcoal left over from my Grand Prix. This is giving me ideas. Perhaps with the parchement interior. The '68, maybe the Rally Is in that dark olive green. Charlie Larkin
  5. And the Mexican fuel-injected 250 straight-six. I want one of those trucks simply for the engine. Charlie Larkin
  6. I'm looking forward to this, and I think the targeted upgrades are a good thing. The semi-simplified chassis is a good thing. It's a nice step in-between the plate chassis and the full-detail chassis, and can be seen (and sold) as a way to move your skills up a level without having to go to a full-detail modern design. I think they're going to have a very good seller on their hands. Charlie Larkin
  7. Better chrome? Okay, I'll grab one. I can do some of the neat mid-year colors, too. Charlie Larkin
  8. I have to agree. This is going to be one heckuva kit. I think I'm going to see if I can get my hands on a '22 or '23 brochure and plan out a build. Barring a huge lottery hit or otherwise massive reversal of fortune, I won't be buying a new one (which saddens me), so I might as well build what I'd want to order. Charlie Larkin
  9. That was my understanding. Apparently, I mis-understood. Charlie Larkin
  10. Tim, and @1972coronet, E58, as least last I remember, was the police package on most Chrysler products from at least sometime in the 1970s up to now. Charlie Larkin
  11. No West Adams here....Adams and North Adams. But yes, very pretty in October/early November, and they'll get you with hotel rooms and such. That's when a lot of the people there make their money for the year. The rest of the time it's a pretty tough-up area unless you're one of the very wealthy families in Williamstown. I love that grille lettering. When I was 11, I built the Lindberg 1/16 Stutz Bearcat, and numbered the radiator. For a kid and very low-tech kit, it came out pretty nice. I'm looking for another one of those now to build, and display it as a then/now with improved building skills. I'd like to think I learned something over the last thirty+ years. Charlie Larkin
  12. An amazing piece of work. Charlie Larkin
  13. So far, very nice. The colors fit a Mercury or similar car of that vintage well...works on Buicks, Hudsons, base-model Packards, DeSotos, Chrysler Windsors and Royals. I have seen a couple of people suggest not handling Molotow for 5-7 days to allow it to set up fully so it's a little less susceptible to damage. The Wedge RB is an interesting addition. I could see this re-motoring in an otherwise fairly stock car be not unheard of, although I always thought it was a bit odd AMT supplied a Chrysler engine instead of an FE or MEL Ford engine. An FE could be built to be quite powerful, and correctly set-up 390/406 was no wuss out of the factory. Charlie Larkin
  14. I had no interest in the Storm in high school when those were new. Now....yeah, I'll take a Storm kit. Wouldn't even mind a real one for a cheap to run runabout. This has been a very interesting thread to read. Looking forward to the grand unveiling...whenever it'll be Charlie Larkin
  15. This kit was mentioned in the now-current Rumours thread in new releases, and I have to agree, it's a very clean late-'60s style custom, and this build is really nice. Charlie Larkin
  16. All of this. I was just thinking the three Tamiya kits I have (Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Volvo 850 wagon and the new Ford GT), they box their kits well. And, after managing a hobby shop, and talking with a lot of the shops around here, anyway, nobody seems to really mind the bigger boxes from a shelving perspective, especially if it results in stuff not being damaged. Charlie Larkin
  17. So it really is just bad packing and giving short-shrift to what would most likely be this kit's primary market. The Germans have a word for people engaging in such poor thinking....dumkaupf! Charlie Larkin
  18. I'm really looking forward to one of these. At least one, especially if they do an E58 down the road. Charlie Larkin
  19. Screwing with something that becomes almost trivially expensive in volume as decals seems utterly stupid to me, and of absolutely no value whatsoever from a practical or really, even much of a profit standpoint, especially if all you're going to do is upset people who want replacements. Curious..are the boxes the same? Charlie Larkin
  20. I am really looking forward to one of these. Charlie Larkin
  21. I would 100% buy one of these if it was offered. I'd like to see a wide-block 318/automatic. A very common combination for small towns and unmarked cars. That, and we seriously need a good Polyhead V8. For stock cars, a Slant-Six or wide-block 318 would also be nice to do for a mainstreamer build. Charlie Larkin
  22. In 2017-'18, I was talking to a contract manufacturer at a trade show as I've seriously explored going into the business of producing hobby products, and at that time, the costs, at least according to a few people from different firms I had spoken to, were practically identical. At this point, between inflation, new regulations, and other factors, I'm not sure, although I suspect it has gone up. With that, I would suspect it has in China, too, but the question is how much. Charlie Larkin
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