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  1. Mack Fire Engine

    Dan that this is awesome! I don't mind the hijacking. As slow as my progress is on this thing it gives me something to look at!
  2. Mack Fire Engine

    Thanks or the info. I was thinking of painting the whole thing white first, then masking and taping what I want to stay white, then spray the red.
  3. Mack Fire Engine

    No updates yet. Rain/cold have taken over again. It was pretty this weekend but I had to get my dirt track racing fix. Hopefully I can shoot some color this weekend if the weather holds out.
  4. Mack Fire Engine

    I'll have to look closer but I'm thinking mine has decals. It looked like decals. If they aren't I'll get someone to make me some up. That R cab truck looks GREAT!! What did you use for the hose bed cover on the yellow one? I was thinking about that last night since I don't have any hose to go back there and it will save trying to detail those tight side sections.
  5. Mack Fire Engine

    Thanks David!! It will probably be an "out of the box" build. It was a Christmas present from a friend. We had "safety green" trucks at my old station (read neon green). I was thinking of a white cab top over red for this one. I may get more adventurous with the next one.
  6. Mack Fire Engine

    On my bench right now. The Revell Snap Tite Mack Fire Engine. It may take a while to get this one done because of the cold weather and me not having a dedicated place to paint. Right now I have washed and scuffed all the parts. I have my heater going in my out building, and some lights rigged up. Hopefully I can catch a break and get some primer on tonight. It was a pretty day here so I figured I would attempt it. So, hopefully the body will dry off with enough time for me to shoot some primer tonight. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.
  7. Monogram Bronco 4x4

    Thanks guys! I thought about the emblems and such, but I've never done BMF and my hand isn't steady enough to paint those side emblems. I am going to invest in a magnifier soon though.
  8. Monogram Bronco 4x4

    Thanks guys! Gary, I got it off of Ebay for a pretty good deal!
  9. It's been a looooong time coming. Some ups and some downs. Overall not to bad for my first model in a very long time. Please excuse the quality of the pics, they are from my cell since my camera decided to die on me.
  10. Monogram Bronco

    Finished! Under Glass Topic started!
  11. Monogram Bronco

    Pretty good day so far! Got the Bronc back on all 4 wheels and the body mounted. It's a little warped so I had to make a bushing (the little red piece) on the front to get it to touch all four mounting points and that also explains the weight to hold it into place. Luckily the bumper will cover the bushing.
  12. Monogram Bronco

    Haha no cats. I actually dropped it