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  1. 21 hours ago, niteowl7710 said:

    That W900 had to be older than 1992. I think it's as old as the Cabover KW and the Pete 359. I can't see a reason why in 1992 Revell would make a 1980s spec W900, because by 1992 the W900 had square quad headlights and slightly different front fenders. Plus the kit has 230+parts with opening doors which is a sign of those Venice designed, European "Trucks of the World" kits from the early 80s.

    The 1/24 Pete & W900 kits are Monogram SnapTite kits and while they're the same vintage as the Revell kits that's way back before the merger and aren't related. The scale on that one box is a misprint indeed.

    No the Kenworth W900 kit was not issued at the same time as the Kenworth K100 and Peterbilt 359 wich came 1982 and I did not see it anywhere and in any catalogs under the 1980's.
    Why they did an older spec pre-1982 truck kit in 1992 I have no clue but they for sure did, it can for sure have been designed in Venice like the others but it did not come on the market until 1992.
    The W900 kit doesn't share any parts with the K100 kits as the W900 kit is from a completly different tooling...and I have to disappoint you, this kit has lots of parts as you say but does not have opening doors, the cab is one piece with a tilting extended hood, the sleeper (if the kit has one) is not detailed at all like the Peterbilt sleepers are, the curtain between the cab and sleeper is molded closed and the sleeper is just an empty box.
    The Kenworth K100's, T600's and Peterbilt's has a Cummins NTC 475 Twin Turbo straight 6 engine and this Kenworth W900 kit has a Caterpillar 3408 V8 like the big scale 1/16 Kenworth W900 kits originally issued by Monogram and later Revell had, and this W900 kit looks like it could be a down scaled 1/16 kit, I just compared the instructions on the Modeltrucks25 Fotki site and the breakdowns and design of the parts looks very similar between the two and that can't have been a coincidence.
    I don't have the original issue myself so I haven't seen the copyright date on that one but all information I have found indicates the first issue came in 1992 and the date for all other versions does also look correct.

    And as Luc says, the Monogram later Revell snap kits are indeed 1/25th scale, as far as I know no Kenworth kits has ever been done in 1/24th scale, just 1/43, 1/32, 1/25 and 1/16.

  2. 17 hours ago, Luc Janssens said:

    Got mine yesterday, odd that it's released in Europe first, also haven't seen the US boxing advertised.

    Well Luc, Revell is owned by a German company since 2018 so it's maybe not that odd.

  3. One must have in mind that the old US skill level ratings was 1, 2 and 3 where 1 is the easiest, 2 is more difficult and 3 is advanced, the Revell Germany skill level ratings is 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
    Most of the Revell glue kits issued in the US after they introduced the skill level ratings on the boxes were marked 2 or 3 and the 56 Chevy in your pictures was a level 2 when it was issued in the US 2007, so a 3 or 4 in the German scale is maybe not that wrong...allthough it's a quite easy kit so I would put it as a 3.
    So in conclution, you can't compare the old Revell US issued kits ratings with the new Revell Germany ratings as they are not exactly the same, a 3 in the old Revell US skill level rating is equivalent to a 5 in the new Revell Germany skill level rating.

  4. The picture I provided above is the first issue of the dump truck version from 1994 It's the exact same kit and it is 1/25th scale, so it's a typo on the box.
    Revell AG has done the same with some other versions of their W900.

    Here are the different issues and versions based on the Revell AG Kenworth W900 tooling up to now, pictures borrowed from Scalemates.

    The original issue from 1992 in 1/25th scale
    Boxart Kenworth W-900 07538 Revell

    Same kit different box also from 1992-93
    Boxart Kenworth W-900 7538 Revell

    Another version of the W900 with a trailer from 1993, this time they put 1/24th scale on the box for some reason, but there are no 1/24 scale W900 kit out there so it's the same 1/25th scale kit as before.
    Boxart Thurn & Taxis Show Truck - Kenworth & Trailer 7548 Revell

    The W900/T900 Australia from 1993, same as the first tractor kit with some added parts, 1/25th scale

    The first issue of the dump truck from 1994, 1/24th scale on the box, but the basic kit is the same as the tractor with the dump body added.
    Boxart Kenworth Dump Truck 07523 Revell

    Another version of the dump truck from 1995, now with a pup trailer and the W900/T900 Australia parts in it....1/24 on the box again.
    Boxart Kenworth Dumper &Tandem Trailer 07556 Revell

    They did the wrecker version in 1996...1/24th scale on the box.
    Boxart Kenworth K-900 Wrecker 07509 Revell

    Same kit in a different box also 1996-97
    Boxart Kenworth W900 Wrecker 85-7634 Revell

    Next version of this kit as a tractor from 2009, 1/25th scale.
    Boxart Kenworth W-900 07497 Revell

    The third issue of the Wrecker kit from 2010, now the box says 1/25th scale but it's the exact same kit as the other wrecker kits.
    Boxart Kenworth W900 Wrecker 07402 Revell

    Fourth issue of the W900 Wrecker from 2015

    Boxart Kenworth W-900 Wrecker 85-2510 Revell

    The most recent issue of the tractor from 2020
    Boxart Kenworth W-900 07659 Revell

    Last but not least the upcoming dump tuck kit.12628_2_002__13379.jpg

    So Revell AG did not tool up two different W900 kits in different scales and not in scales so close together, so all these are based on the same tool.

  5. The NASCAR cars were really low.
    Here is the K&K Insurance car compared with a street car.
    The front and rear wheel arches on the race car is moved upwards quite a lot and the car is lowered accordingly, they used fabricated K members in the race cars and to get it as low as possible they also used dry sump oil system on the engines.


  6. 21 hours ago, stavanzer said:

    When I first saw this my first thought was that it was a Revell Re-box of the Italeri Dump Truck, but that kit is a Freightliner. And 1/24 Scale. So, this has to be a different kit.

    ITALERI - Freightliner Heavy Dumper Truck

    Yes that's a different kit, the only thing they have in common is that both are dump trucks.
    Here is a picture from an earlier issue of the Revell kit.

    Boxart Kenworth Dump Truck 07523 Revell

  7. 18 hours ago, NOBLNG said:

    Your math is correct. The difference in 1/25 scale between my 1/2” wire and your proper 8.5mm wire is 0.0068” which is pretty much undetectable by the naked eye. Like you said…if it looks right, it works. Anything much larger looks cartoonish in my mind.

    I agree.
    And if the wires are to small it doesn't look good either.

  8. 1 hour ago, RancheroSteve said:

    I'm not Tim, but I believe gassers were required by the rules to have two seats.

    Yes, that car was meant to fit in the Gas class as well as an Altered, so it had to be legal in both.
    As far as I know Ohio George only drove the car once and it dissappeared soon after.

  9. 9 hours ago, NOBLNG said:

    This is what I use. It measures .020” which is 1/2” in scale. It looks right and that’s what counts. I see a lot of builds that look like they’ve used heater hose for plug wires.



    Anything thicker than that looks clumsy and not right.
    But to be fair 0.020 = 0,5" is quite larger than ignition wires are on most cars as 0.5" is 12.7 mm, the MSD ignition wires om my Ford 390 based 445 stroker engine I just built and put in my 1963½ Galaxie are 8.5 mm wich equals 0.33" (0.014 in 1/24th scale), but some things looks better slightly overscale so it really doesn't matter...as long as it looks right by the eye it works.
    I use Detail Master 0.016 wire for my scale ignition wires, what gauge that equals to I have no idea.

  10. On 7/30/2022 at 9:54 PM, Pierre Rivard said:

    Jason, beautiful work and fast! 

    If I may suggest, having built two, do a lot of testing on suspension installation. Some mods needed to get a proper NASCAR ride height. The rear is pretty easy by tweaking spring shapes but the front is trickier. Suggest you consider separating the lower arm (and attached torsion bar) from the K frame so you can move it up to lower the stance.


    7 hours ago, yellowsportwagon said:

    And flip the spindles upside down and use on opposite sides if I remember correctly 

    Yes, the front is substantially lower on a NASCAR Daytona race car (and Superbird) than on the street counterpart.

  11. For me the retro box art is a nice thing and compared to the totally boring not much telling boxes from the Racing Champions/RC2 era for AMT/ERTL it's a wast improvement and tells a lot more than the boxes did back then.
    The box art if it was an artwork, pictures of the kits or picures of the real thing was the main thing that made me decide wich kit to buy back when I started this hobby around 50 years ago, and a model kit with the coolest boxart was the kit that followed me home.
    Nowadays it's not that important for me and not a decider on what to buy as I allready know what the kit is anyway if it's an older kit, but it doesn't hurt if the boxart is nice and if it will catch someones interest in the stores...maybe even a new builder...it's a bonus and if it help Round 2 selling kits, why not.
    It's more important to me that the box somehow shows the options and features on the sides or on the bottom and nowadays we have internet and lots of sites that tells us what's in the box with kit reviews and such so it's not that much of a surprice as it sometimes was back in the day when you didn't have a clue what was in the box, 
    And for Round 2 the majority of the kits they do are reissues of older kits as they haven't done many new ones, likewise for Revell, they have done more new tooling kits than Round 2 the last 15 years but most of the kits are reissues.

  12. Nice work, Sox & Martin is one of my favourite subjects.
    I would have shaved off some material of the wheel arches as they looks to be a bit too large and maybe scribed in some more detail to the headers, but you have done a good job so far and it will be a nice model when it's done.

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