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  1. I think you are in the wrong section, this fits better in the 1:1 Car Reference Pictures category.
  2. Thanks for the nice comments.
  3. Time to show another of my old builds...this time an AMT 62 Chevy Bel Air built back in the mid 90's. The inspiration for this build came from a magazine article in the now defunct Car Modeler Magazine about a 61 Buick Invicta back in 1994-5 or something like that...I couldn't find a 61 Buick so a 62 Bel Air had to do. The color is Testors Colors By Boyd CheZoom Teal as the Buick was in the magazine article, the wheels are from the AMT 63 Corvette with AMT tires in front and Revell tires in back, the ribbed valve covers comes from the AMT old tool 57 Chevy kit, the air cleaners comes from the AMT 69 Plymouth GTX kit and the engine is detailed with some wires and other bits and pieces. The suspension is lowered by cutting a couple of turns of the rear coil springs and I turned the front spindles upside down to get the stance I was after, and I mounted Detail Master drilled disc brakes in front...otherwise it's built out of box...oh yes...I made the missing rear panel trim out of a strip of Evergreen plastic and all trim is then foiled with BMF, I also sanded the backside of the grille so it's now open. To the pics. Enjoy.
  4. I don't think Tyrone Malone had a special hauler for the Defiance like the Mama Truck for the Boss Truck, Papa Truck for the Super Boss and Hideout Truck for the Bandag Bandit, I have seen pictures of it hauled on a yellow lowboy trailer together with The Hurricane KW and Smokey Bear Corvette and on another blue lowboy trailer together with The Hurricane KW pulled by a KW W900B Aerodyne.
  5. I have bought several decal sets from Jerry at Modeltruckin' and have got nothing other than great service and nice products.
  6. Thanks again. I will show more of my work later,
  7. As far as I know the only difference was the 427 L88 and 454, otherwise they were built the same...at first...they did the changes to the "camera car" engine later during the movie production.
  8. Thanks a lot guys, more will come later. Bob: I cheated on the doors...I don't open them anyway so I glued them shut.
  9. I haven't shown much of my work on this forum so I thought I would change that and show some pics of one of my old builds. I saw a nice 58 Impala with yellow and white paint and green interrior here in town when we had a car show back in 1995 and I thought I should do a copy of that one, so this model was started in 1996 and finished a couple of years later. It's an old AMT kit built mostly out of box but with some detailing and aftermarket stuff such as American Satco tires, Model Car Garage photo etch set, BMF for the trim, flocking and some wiring and photo etched pieces for the engine. The paint is rattle can car touch up paint, the yellow is a VW/Audi color and the white is Volvo, and finally clear over the whole thing.
  10. Here is a link to a nice set of Daisys on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Resin-1-25-American-200-S-Daisy-Mag-Wheels-Wide-Narrow-Set-/321268246808?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item4acd146918
  11. I'm eager to see this project in the works...so hurry up will you.
  12. Yes I know that, but the first Badman kit I built back in the mid 70's had two Daisy Mags...I still have them. But they are not that difficult to find on the aftermarket in resin. Daniel: The TLB movie isn't that good at all due to the reasons you gave, it's just the car that's cool...very cool. They had planned to end the movie with a crash, but they decided to leave it to the viewer to figure it out by themselves and did the ending with the film stopping in the projector gate and got burned through by the hot bulb instead...that's why the stunt car never were used in the TLB movie.
  13. Why would you want them to be removable...I mean it's on a model and how often do you think you will take them off? But if you want them to be removable just take a look at how real ones are attached on the particular car in question and you will probably get an idea how to do this, but there are as many attachment setups as there are manufacturers of fender skirts.
  14. Yes, but to put a body from an X frame car on a perimeter frame you have to cut the complete floor out and do a new one, but on a back halfed X frame chassis you only have to redo the rear end, so it's half the work...on a real car that is. Then we have the issue with the 7 inch difference in wheelbase, the Chevelle has 112" and the 61 Impala has 119". But on the other hand, the chassis on a full out Pro Street car could also be an all fabricated square tube, or Pro Stock type round tube chassis, with full rollcage, in that case you only use the outer body shell from the original car...it all depends on how far you want to take it.
  15. Nice Blue Mule truck...I like the "Iron Lung" modification. I agree with Terry, no one should waste their money on the old ERTL Rubber Duck kit, it's all wrong and almost nothing is usable to do the movie truck if you want to do it right...I bought the ERTL kit back in the day when it was new and started to build it, but it never got finished due to all faults and most of the parts were used elsewhere. The AMT R model is a far better starting point and the AITM resin kit is based on that and it's very nice, the movie truck was a RS700L tho' so it has a longer hood than the AMT kit, it also has an Able Body 60 inch sleeper, an air foil for the roof, 2-hole budds, a bull bar, a duck hood ornament and some other stuff you have to supply from someplace...the resin kit has all parts needed to do a curbside truck...no engine.
  16. Well the car after the crash when it burns was just a non running junk car borrowed from a local salvage yard, it was a hard top but with a piece of wood in the middle of the side windows to resemble a 2-door sedan and was returned to the salvage yard after the burning. So the stunt car was just used for the crash scene but not the explosion and burning.
  17. Not exactly true,...yes all three are basically the same kits but the first kit can only be built stock with what's in the box. The Goodguys and Pro Modeler kits on the other hand can be built two ways, stock or street rod so they contains more parts. The recent chopped 48 Ford Coupe are also based on these kits with some different new parts.
  18. Maybe because it's wrong for the car. The 58-64 Impala has a X frame and the Chevelle has a perimeter frame...so if you want to do it correctly the Chevelle chassis woun't work. The Impala got perimeter frame 1965.
  19. You can find two wider ones for the rear in the Monogram Bad Man 55 Chevy and the AMT 63 Impala has a set of more regular width.
  20. Yes I would jump with joy if we had the same prices as you do in the US, I'm doing as you Mike and order most of my models directly from the States, and even tho' I have to pay for shipping, customs fee and sales tax it's still cheaper than to buy them here. For a regular 20-25 Dollar kit you have to at least double the price to get what we have to pay in stores over here. Good five-hole wheels you can get from Ben Wicker http://bwicke9.wix.com/class-a-resin
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