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  1. gator added a post in a topic Jerry Sims (AKA "Mitchum")   

    I don't post that often but I've been a member here since 2008. I have lots of pictures of Jerry's cars. He got me started building models about fifty years ago.
  2. gator added a post in a topic Any Dirt Modelers on here?   

    I build all types and classes of local cars. Here's a local ministocker before I added the hand lettering.

  3. gator added a post in a topic Any Dirt Modelers on here?   

    Here's a streetstock I built a couple months ago.

  4. gator added a post in a topic Any Dirt Modelers on here?   

    I build a few dirt cars. Actually I build a LOT of dirt cars. lol. Here are a few that were "under construction" a couple of weeks ago. Most of these have been completed since this picture was taken along with another car or two.

  5. gator added a topic in General   

    message from gator...
    I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. I have been reading all the many posts on the different forums and message boards concerning Jerry and they mean more to me than any of you could possibly know. Jerry touched many people during his lifetime. I know he would be amazed at the many posts that have been made in the last few days. He never would have dreamed that he was an inspiration to so many. In my case I would probably never have built models or gone to the races if not for him. He got me started building models at a young age and taught me the right way to go about it. He was always willing to take the time to help anyone who asked and would do anything he could for anyone. He always took me along to the dirt tracks when I was younger and was a big inspiration to me when I was growing up. We had the typical "big" brother, "little" brother relationship and we loved each other very much. As I sit here it's hard to type this through the tears and like everyone else, I'm going to miss him very much.

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  6. gator added a post in a topic ....   

    Those are great looking camaros! They look too good to race, especially the first one.
  7. gator added a topic in NASCAR   

    asphalt latemodel
    Building something a little different than my usual dirt cars.
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  8. gator added a post in a topic oldie but goodie   

    Thanks Tom! You can see more of my cars in my gallery. http://users.virtual1.net/~gator/gallery/
  9. gator added a topic in General   

    oldie but goodie
    I've been playing around with making a new body mold to do some old coupes. This is the first car I've built using my new vacuumformed 48 ford bodies. Back in the early sixties Tommy Jordan was one of the top drivers to beat around here in his familiar red #11.
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