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  1. Zen added a post in a topic Advice needed re Monogram Fox Mustangs   

    I would agree that using the Monogram parts would result in a better looking 1983. Using the 83 convertible nose with the 80 body is the way to go, could use the hood scoop from the MPC 83 kit. Rear spoiler on the 80 body looks correct for the 83. The rear seat could be cut out and replaced with sheet plastic.
    I have built several of the Monogram Fox body cars and by swapping noses & hoods you can up with several different versions of the cars. I've done a 80 convertible (never really made), 84 1/2 GT350 convertible, Pace car, etc.
    I have several "scrap" bodies of the Monogram version plus a bunch of spare parts and even multiple complete kits of all the Monogram versions. PM me with what you may be interested in.
  2. Zen added a post in a topic Brittany Force wins,Makes her father break down tears.   

    Johnson is/was co-crew chief on her TF dragster!
  3. Zen added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    This is mainly a toy show but kits & promos are there to be bought. It's the Saturday after Thanksgiving (11/25).
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  4. Zen added a post in a topic Pro street camaro, beretta, or tbird wanted   

    Which PS Camaro? Might have all 3.........
  5. Zen added a post in a topic Johan Maverick parts   

    Still looking for a front bumper/grill assembly..............Thanks
  6. Zen added a post in a topic Amt 67 Comet   

    Have 4 wheels &  tires that I just took off a kit.
  7. Zen added a post in a topic Johan Maverick parts   

    Thanks Casey!
  8. Zen added a post in a topic Johan Maverick parts   

    Tail lights found! Still in search of hood & front grill/bumper. Wouldn't mind a stock hood (if they even made one) or a Grabber hood also.
  9. Zen added a post in a topic Monogram 1/24 57 Chevy   

    PM me your address, I'll get it out to you.
  10. Zen added a post in a topic Monogram 1/24 57 Chevy   

    Have a glue bomb 57 and have the front & rear bumpers. Do you need any other parts from it?
  11. Zen added a topic in Wanted!   

    Johan Maverick parts
    Looking for some parts for the Johan Maverick, need a hood, front bumper/grill, rear tail lights.
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  12. Zen added a post in a topic '80 Mustang Cobra Decals?   

    I don't have this kit but this is the Lindberg version...

  13. Zen added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for the glass for the Revell Formula Sunbird kit. I'm thinking the Monza version would work as well.
    Thanks, Zen
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  14. Zen added a post in a topic Wanted: one or two water pumps from the Revell '66 Mustang GT 350 kit, and ..   

    Do the water pumps need to be from the 66 GT350 kit? Or do you just need a small block Ford pump?
  15. Zen added a post in a topic eBay Scammer Afoot!   

    Dang, I think I got had by this seller or someone just like it. Bought a California Street Vette for a cheap price then realized it was from seller in China. Got too excited and hit the buy it now, thought it was too good to be true afterwards. Oh well, live & learn I guess.....