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  1. Zen


    Looking for the decals for the Tamiya CBR400F motorcycle. Thanks
  2. That does help, thanks.
  3. Hello, Recently picked up the Tamiya Yamaha YZF-R1 kit and am missing the instruction sheet for it. This was an opened kit from a local hobby store that someone had started. Thanks, Zen
  4. Zen


    Looking for a nice condition box top for the old Monogram Corvette SS kit.
  5. What scale is the black Mustang with yellow stripes?
  6. Does Chuck have a website for his decals? Would like to see what he has available.
  7. What are you looking for in trade? Anything specific?
  8. Nice looking SVO! Would those decals work for the 1/24 Monogram SVO also?
  9. Would love to see a pic of this 12' case!
  10. My store had some display cases ,diecast & 1/25 boat on clearance also.
  11. Good looking Mustang, love the wheel choice.
  12. Looks great! Big fan of the 4 eye Mustangs also.
  13. Might have these parts, let me check. Nope, What I thought were Bronco parts are the Ranger step side truck. Sorry...…..
  14. Zen

    Maverick or Comet glass

    Yeah, that will be the last resort...…. thanks
  15. Looking for the front & rear glass from either the Johan Maverick or Comet. Thanks, Zen
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