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  1. Looks exactly the same here, nothing new in months.
  2. Sounds more like Drag Week than power tour ...........
  3. Good looking Cobra and nice collection.
  4. Wow, pretty cool! Will be watching this one.
  5. I ordered one from him and received it within a few days. Seemed to good to be true for $23 shipped but had no issues.
  6. The Saleen rear wing is available in some of the versions of GT convertible.
  7. Have this version available, complete minus decals & the optional large diameter wheels & tires.
  8. Might have an extra one here, will check soon.
  9. Zen


    Still searching for the hood scoop..........
  10. Looks like it took a few beers to get that installed?
  11. I think price range is from $14.97 to 24.97? They also have display cases for $7 too.
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