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  1. Wish you had the glass......... oh well.
  2. Well done! Love the real 03 also!
  3. Oh heck yeah, I've always wanted to do this one also. I had a special edition LSC back in the day and will find another one some day.
  4. Very nice, can't wait to see some of this build. Wondering what parts from the Tbird are used for this build?
  5. Zen

    Grand national glass

    I would think so if it's 1/24 scale. Let me know what you need for it, thanks.
  6. Zen

    Grand national glass

    Looking for the front & rear window glass for the Revell/Monogram 87 Grand National (Regal). Thanks
  7. Zen

    83 Trans am

    Looking for the Monogram 1/24 1983 Trans am kit. Have many kits to trade. Thanks, Zen
  8. Looking good! Also wondering what kit this is.
  9. I finally found some @ Lowes, they are on the cheap side. Less than $5.00 for a 2 pack.
  10. For those of you who have the Pace 24" spray booth where are you getting your 12 x 24 filters? Seems to me that the 12x24 size is almost obsolete? Might start using the 14x24 since they are way more available.
  11. WOW, Looks great !!!!
  12. What happened to the Mustang?
  13. Zen

    91 Firebird Formula

    Looking for the stock tires and decals for this kit.
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