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  1. Looks great! Way cool .....
  2. Should have the Mustang here, will double check.
  3. I think the 87's got the 4 wheel disc but this does have the quad shocks in the rear. Here's a pic of what I found in the trunk and one from the ad.
  4. This one is an automatic. Has period correct front mount intercooler, adjustable boost valve, and aftermarket boost gauge. I think the previous owner had some fun with it? Gave it a bath late yesterday, will get some better pics soon.
  5. Had this delivered yesterday, bought it Saturday in Indiana. This is right off the trailer complete with all the pole barn dirt.
  6. Just got this Tbird delivered yesterday, bought it Saturday and had a friend flatbed it to me. Only pic I have now is fresh off the trailer covered in dirt. It's a 1986 Turbo Coupe, 73k miles, no rust survivor. Needs some TLC but otherwise great shape. Need to wash it for sure ...........
  7. Yes, the box says TTA, but I thought it was a GTA.
  8. Would be interested in seeing that article also if you don't mind.
  9. Nice, who makes the TTA?
  10. Nice! So you've built one of these Capri's before? Oh, that looks like the Mustang version.
  11. Now if someone would make a stock 86 Capri version I'd be all set.
  12. Nice to hear that, just ordered the Willy T Ribbs version.
  13. Anyone have any experience with this resin body? Am thinking about purchasing one. 1/25 Mercury Capri SCCA Trans-Am, resin trans-kit, 3 liveries to choose from | eBay
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