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  1. Should have an extra 1/24 scale one here. Let me know...….
  2. Thought it was the 5.2 in the GT350? Could be wrong ……. ??
  3. Zen


    I have the decals that came with the kit but they are not cooperating. I guess being as old as they are is the problem. Some won't release form the backing paper. I would try some original ones again if anyone has them.
  4. Zen


    Looking for Shelby Charger decals for the Monogram kit. Are there aftermarket ones available or just stock originals? Thanks, Zen
  5. Zen

    Monogram Waverider

    Looking for the instruction sheets for the Waverider S10 kit. Thanks, Zen
  6. No idea on the engine, bought this as a parts bag awhile back. You pay the shipping and it's yours.
  7. I have these parts from that kit. Looks fairly complete minus the glass. Looks like someone did a V8 swap on it.
  8. Are the decals specific to the Cobra or would GT decals work?
  9. Zen

    Great Traders List

    Thanks, would do the same with you (thatz4u) !!!
  10. Thanks for the tip! What Mustang are you applying this to? Any ride height pics yet?
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