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  1. okiebigblock added a post in a topic 76 Nova   

    I looked at the rest of the pics. Great job.
  2. okiebigblock added a post in a topic What clear to use   

    future is the best

  3. okiebigblock added a post in a topic Building Block / Mental Blocks........   

    I absolutely burned out bad a few years back. I decided one of the reasons I like model cars is conversation starters with other guys. I couldn't justify diecast because there was no activity involved so I started building promo style. This ertl mustang is in some kind of duplicolor. Plan ahead on gluing and paint it a color you would on a full build, then some day you can pop it apart and detail it. If this were an mpc 68 GTO or something you'd be excited to get one in this state. It's at least as exciting as a puzzle and puts cars on the shelf. Only way I build now.

  4. okiebigblock added a post in a topic "Gone In 60 Seconds" 73 Mustang Fastback   

    There are similar wheels and caps in an mpc ford van kit
  5. okiebigblock added a post in a topic New and stripping question   

    It's starting to fingernail off today but not toothbrush. It actually wasn't fully dry when I dunked it. I've had a similar problem before and wonder if uncured paint + CSC = strange chemical reaction.
  6. okiebigblock added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    New and stripping question
    I got a bad paint job with Krylon bright yellow/john deere yellowon a johan 69 roadrunner body. It's spent 48 hours in confirmed good castrol super clean with pretty minimal results/ I can fingernail paint off the roof but not off the sides at all. Should I hang in there or bail and try something else? I'm kind of reluctant to try oven cleaner on the johan plastic. Any ideas?
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