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  1. ford56 added a post in a topic CPMCC Meeting and Party pics   

    Congrats on the pic of your '57 in NNL Nats coverage in SAE magazine. Also great coverage of the CPMCC meeting.
    I always check out your post after the first Sat. of every month. Cruz also takes some great pics. I live in York Haven which is about 4 miles from the Eagle fire Co. in Mt. Wolf. I've been meaning to get over to a meeting, maybe one of these days.
  2. ford56 added a post in a topic Ford C series tanker   

    Beautiful work!! Your attention to the details puts the model over the top. Great job.
  3. ford56 added a post in a topic some pencil drawings   

    Awesome drawings!! I esp. liked the Hillbilly Hauler. That would make a great build.
  4. ford56 added a post in a topic Newsflash! GM will kill Pontiac!   

    Isn't it funny that the company that made the P.O.S. Taurus is the only one of the three standing on it's own feet.
    GM and Chrysler are finished. It's only a matter of time. They should have NEVER took the bailout money. the government
    will never release ownership, never. They will dissolve Chrysler and GM will only be making those little segway pieces of
    s--t or maybe a wind powered vehicle with a sail. Let's take it another step. The internal combustion engine will be outlawed in 10 yrs. or close to it unless we rein in this current administration and the environmental WACKOS.
  5. ford56 added a post in a topic Ed"Big Daddy"Roth's Road Agent   

    Outstanding build. Like the paint choice.
  6. ford56 added a post in a topic Don Prudhomme's 1971 Hot Wheels Funny Car   

    Check out this link Nice frontal photo http://www.petersen.org/default.cfm?DocID=...p;ExhibitID=415
  7. ford56 added a post in a topic Rusted 1955 Cameo replaced 7/6/17   

    AHHHH!!! now thats a pickup truck. Looks to me like it was just broke in and now it's ready to be used hard.
    Beautiful work.
  8. ford56 added a post in a topic Vintage Drag Racing Forum   

    Hey Txrat, thank the Dragmaster over there at VDRMI for my Christmas present , will ya...
  9. ford56 added a post in a topic Advise on starting em young   

    As I read this thread all of the posts are words of wisdom. I especially resonate with Floridaboy. In my generation model building was a part of growing up. I have an 8 yr old son that I introduced to car modeling (where my passion lies) but he gravitated towards airplanes. I did not discourage this and now he is into star wars and the snap kits of that genre. He will do a car theme snap kit occasionally but the point is that each of us develop are own likes and dislikes as we grow. Hopefully after he sows his wild oats he will come back to modeling because I sure am accumulating a substantial kit collection for him, and hopefully his children to build.