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  1. Back in the days when these trailers were n the road,the car companies were very fussy about what kind of truck hauled their cars,it was always a ford truck hauling fords,a GMC hauling general motors products,etc. They always seemed to be an ugly old convenental of some sort,they were real work horses.They all had a rack on the roof for a car too. harvey
  2. WOW, you have to study the first picture to make sure its not a real truck,your mirrors are a work of art,the real ones dont look that good. harvey
  3. I have my own bodyshop for cars,what i did was put a bunch of the little testors bottles in a pint sized can,packed them in with towel so they wouldnt break and put them on my air powered paint shaker for a couple of minutes,it actually worked to revive some of the older bottles i had,I even put the aerosol cans on too,you have to watch them as the plastic tops will start to loosen,but it works 100% to make the mettallics loosen up. harvey
  4. Here in Canada at the Great Hobbies web sitr they are 84.99 ? not cheap,but i am😆, not sure what im going to do. harvey
  5. Ive noticed the prices for the "originals" seem to have dropped some since they announced the kit was coming back🤣.Seen a few that were sold in the 150-175 range,ive seen them as high as 400.00 .Pretty hard for me to give that much,especially since i remember buying them new in 74,for 3.75 at the local International dealership. harvey
  6. Really neat to see this come back,i knew it only be a matter of time before it came out.I remembe r being able to buy these kits at the local International truck dealer,they sold some toys and models in the showroom then,the trucks were .3.75 the tractors were 2.75 ,at the K-mart across the road the truck kits were 5.95.At that time the K-mart did not carry any of the Ertl kits,they had all the others.The Ertl kits were hard to source around here at that time,this was in 1973-4.. Harvey
  7. I remember this one from when i was a kid,it was just when it came out,had to have one.However being 10 years old it was too much for me,i couldnt get the rear suspension together enough for it to stand on its wheels,it had the infamous torsion bar suspension.I have hated it ever since,hopefully it will have the standard walking beam rearend this time.It is unreal all the old kits that are coming back,back 15 years ago i had to fight it out on ebay to get any kits at all.Really glad to see them coming back. Harvey
  8. Make sure to fit the grille before you paint it.the grille is very tight in the opening,real easy to have it too high,then the cab wont sit right.Much easier to do now. Harvey
  9. In the united states they had the big V6 in the GMC only,the chevys got the straight 6s,the GMC also had leaf springs on the rear,chevys had the coil springs with the two ladder bars?.I have never seen a 305 V6 here in canada,did have 3 of them when i was younger,had a 65 GMC it had the 250 6 in it,the chevys had 283 and 1 had a 235 6.The GMC had the coils in the rear as it was a canadian truck.The american GMC was more of a work truck then the chevys were. All the 3/4 tons had leafs in the rear. Harvey
  10. They were slanted so they would fit under the hood,when they were laid over like that,they werent as high?.it was popular in some of the medium duty trucks,that normally didnt have the bigger motors. Harvey
  11. i used the rear wheels of the tyrone malone hauler on one,they look pretty good,the kit tires are hideous,i even used the front tires on the kit rims,looks good too. harvey
  12. As a rule the 5th wheel was set between the two rear wheels,or on a single axle it was directly over the wheels..That was how it was done back in the day. Harvey
  13. its unreal the kits Round 2 keeps releasing,i remember fighting for these on ebay a few years back,its really nice to have the selection without the crazy prices. Harvey
  14. Anyone know what truck it is,the later one or the early one with the small back window? I have a reissue,the red one on the box,its the later version,it even come with a sleeper. Harvey
  15. When you put the kit together,watch this area as it is tricky to get right,has to be the right height or the box wont come down or there will be a gap between the heat tube. Harvey
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