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  1. 37 caddy added a post in a topic Scrap Container Haul   

    Very Nice, you could try a false floor in the trailer,then it wouldnt take so many tires to make a load?But i think it looks perfect the way it is. Harvey
  2. 37 caddy added a post in a topic Hanks truck website   

    Its easy to become a member,you have to prove you are a real person,not a site looking for email addresses?,you have to apply with a reason you want to join,it is a real good website,i have wasted many hours on there.It might take a day or two for them to get back to you,but they will. Harvey
  3. 37 caddy added a topic in Truck Kit News & Reviews   

    AMT Shell Tanker coming?
    Seen a advertisement for a Amt Shell Tanker,all the sites that list them have no pictures yet,anyone know anything about these?.just wondering if it will be the same old Tank trailer or maybe a new casting. Harvey
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  4. 37 caddy added a post in a topic DM600 questions   

    another thing might be to narrow the front of the frame so it does not flare out?,Another thing is the rear suspension,not sure if they used the camelback setup that old,a lot of the b61's were single axle with a tag axle if they were tandem.ask over on Hanks Truck Forum,someone there can tell you exactly how they were. Harvey
  5. 37 caddy added a post in a topic another reason I love Hobby Lobby!   

    Dont forget the 40% off coupon either,it can be printed from the internet,We dont have them in Canada,at least not handy where ii live.When i go to the US i always take some coupons with me . harvey
  6. 37 caddy added a post in a topic AMT Ford L-Series Tire Size?   

    i got mixed up on the original question,my answer is not relavent at all.The 11.00 tire from the old MPC kits are the best looking tires out there,they are a little fatter then the 10.00 ones that AMT uses,but the tires are not supposed to touch,the pics of the rear tandems are how it should really be,with the 11.00 tires they are to close together,it does look better but is not really right,You could pack the 10.00 tires with cotton wadding to give them some depth,have seen that done before. Harvey
  7. 37 caddy added a post in a topic What is this part?   

    Ive seen this too,But how does it go?,it could be attached back there about 3-4 different ways.Anyone have any pictures of what the real thing looks like. Thanks Harvey
  8. 37 caddy added a post in a topic AMT Ford L-Series Tire Size?   

    The 11.00 X 22s are from the freightliner,autocar,roadboss kits,They would work if you had the right size rims for them.All of the louisville kits had the 10.00 X 20 size tires,the tandems too.Shouldnt be too hard to find some 20 inch tires, most of the other AMT kits used them. Harvey
  9. 37 caddy added a post in a topic Bj and the bear K100 questions   

    You can google this truck,there has been 100's of pages devoted to it, The same person owns it and the Movin On truck as well.it is very famous in the show circles.It is all over Youtube as well. Good Luck with it. Harvey
  10. 37 caddy added a post in a topic California Hauler paint & decals   

    If you had 2 sets of them you could apply 1 over the other and then the color should be true,they are sort of transparent,that is why they dont look real white,Or as someone mentioned is to paint the white under them,if you were using base coat/Clearcoat the base is very thin and would not leave much of an edge,i would just put on a mist coat of white and it would help with the decal not bleeding through,Spray both colors and apply the decals then clearcoat it,it would really pop in the sun. Harvey
  11. 37 caddy added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359 from AMT kit   

    most of the peterbilt motors back then were painted white from the factory,supposed to make it easier to find the oil leaks. Harvey
  12. 37 caddy added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359 from AMT kit   

    I wouldnt worry too much about the engine,as the hood is fixed to the front bumper.it doesnt
    , tilt anyway?.Has always been one of my peeves about this kit,Has anyone come up with a easy way to make the hood tilt?. harvey
  13. 37 caddy added a post in a topic Ebay does it again !   

    Ebay is a giant scam now,there is no end in sight for their greed.Their sales have been dropping so they are trying to up their revenue by gouging everyone,in the "old days" it was simple,buy something,get a shipping price and away the box went,now the shipping has to be displayed,the only way you can do that is to have local pickup only?,I live in Canada so i cant even give a pricefor them?.Dont even get me started on this "international shipping",the extra charges,who gets that,the seller,Ebay or is it going to the Feds?,if i get a tax receipt,then i could live with it,but if Ebay is just pocketing the money,then i dont think it is right.Any other canadians have any experience with this yet?, i just bought a part for my wifes car,it had 17.00 extra charges on it?,havent got it yet but am intereted in how it will work out?.Harvey
  14. 37 caddy added a post in a topic Cabover Kits- What's Available and Which One's the Best?   

    The GMC astro or the Chevy Titan are pretty easy to get right,they have a easy hinge setup and the cabs are 1 peice.Also the IH kits are easy to assemble,they are a little more pricey,but are worth it.One of the harder ones is the Peterbilt cabover,the cab is 1 peice but the tilt hinges are tough to do,the K123 is tough also,the only one with the multi peice cab is the Freightliner cabovers,not impossible but a little harder,but make a nice truck when done.I made all these when i was 12-15 years old,and i didnt mind them at all. Harvey
  15. 37 caddy added a post in a topic Where to get 1/25 straps for a flatbed   

    another thing to use is 3M automotive masking tape,it comes in yellow,green and tan colors,it has a similar texture as the real straps do?,stick 2 peices together and cut it to the desired width and there you go,on the end where it is sticky it can be used to hold onto the clips on the ends. Harvey