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  1. The bottom dump trailer looks like the trailer that is behind the IH transtar 2 on the box art?,but that was a ERTL kit so i dont think it was a possibility at that time?,would be neat to get the garbage truck body,have been hearing about it for years. Harvey
  2. If you put the part in where it is supposed to go,it doesnt look that bad?,AMT instructions were notorius for poor pictures.You need to be a mechanic to assemble them,just so you will have an idea as to what it is and where it goes.. Harvey
  3. another way to tell will be by the light blue plastic the 4270 kit was cast from,it is a very light blue,the engine assy is all blue,the tranny was black.I had this kit when they first came out in 73,it was the first ERTL kit i had. Harvey
  4. WOW,thought it was a real truck at first,simply amazing.Harvey
  5. chrysler was experimenting with turbines back then,around 64-65 they had a fleet of cars they gave to the public to test for them,didnt work too well,they didnt make it to production..it is a strange picture,looks to be in a warehouse or loading dock of some sort.Harveyb
  6. anyone know anything about this one,it is advertised on a local hobby shop website,says ford C-600 with the hostess dcals, truck is all wrong for a C-600 has tandem rear wheels and looks like a newer conventional truck.. http://www.greathobbies.com/productinfo/?prod_id=AMT1139
  7. I think the warlock kit had those spoke wheels,i had one about 40 years ago,it was black on the box,the wheels were a gold colored plastic? There used to be a lot of different dodge truck kits back then,all seemed to have the stepside box too?
  8. To me it seems like all the parts that are chrome on the AMT kits are parts that would have been made from aluminum?,I do agree there is way too much chrome,but i always hated to paint over it,anyone else feel the same. Harvey
  9. The horns that come in the DM600 and DM800 mack trucks are the nicest ones i have seen,all the other ones seem to have the sink in marks in them,the mack ones are not capped and look better in my opinion. Harvey
  10. Wow, some of the outdoor pictures are really hard to tell from the real thing.Very impressive. Harvey
  11. When i was younger,about 35 years ago?, i used to heat the end of the metal axle with a match,and when it was still hot i would press it in to the brake drum,it worked pretty good,the heat softened the plastic enough for it to slide in easy,and it would stay and the axle,wouldnt slide off.,dont heat it to red hot,just very warm,after you have it in the rear end,heat the other end the same,be careful not to melt the rear end?. give it a try it really works. Harvey
  12. Another thing to take into account is that the Marmons were a custom built truck aimed at the owner operator market,they were hand built to order,if you wanted a pink truck with a lime green interior they would build it for you.the sky was the limit on them.You cant go wrong no matter what color you use. Harvey
  13. Cool little kit,one of my favorites.The motor is a 361 dodge,it is part of the big block family,same as the 440 383 bunch every one loves,the distributor on that will go at the front f the motor,sticks out at a 45 degree angle on the right front corner.I always thought it would be cool to stuff a hemi in one of them. Harvey
  14. What does it look like in the box,would like to see it?.Looks like a neat old time tractor. Harvey
  15. the model companies parts are also all a bit different,revell is not the same scale as amt and etc.The boxes are the same from 55-66,but a revell box will not be exactly the same as a AMT box,myself i wouldnt worry about the minute differences,when they are that small no one is going to be able to tell anyway? Harvey
  16. Frieightliner was big on the fact that every truck was custom built to the owners specs,they always had ads in the magazines promoting just that.Coming on to the end of the cabover era they werent really a fleet truck,IH Ford and Dodge were the real cheapy ones then,frieghtlier was a step up from them,KW and peterbilt were the top of the line then,Mack was not at the bottom but between a IH and a frieghtliner.At least thats how i remember it. Harvey
  17. That old truck looks like its been ridden hard and put away wet?,there are some good shots for details you normally dont see,it has stack towers very similar to the kit ones,wouldnt be hard to replicate that.It has the small emblem on the grille top,it is a pointed type,not the rectangle one in the kit.The cab in the kit is an oddball cab,they had a very limited run of the cab steps,was a one year only?.I have never seen one in person that is the same cab with those type of steps.There were some pictures on here of the real one that had those steps. Harvey
  18. The directions can be hard to read,its best to test fit parts first,they do have some warpage issues too.I grew up with them as a kid,i have only built 1 italeri kit in my life?..It helps to be able to visualize what the end result is going to look like,i work at Auto Body work so it is easier for me.AMTs wheel and tires leave a lot to be desired in the authenticity department,the tires never fill out to the edge of the rim,they look like they are going to pop off,i used to put the rims and rings together first,then slide the tires over them like you do a real tire,it helps to get the rubber tire warmed up a bit first,makes it easier to slide over.You have to remove any chrome from where you are glueing,nothing will stick to that.. Good Luck Harvey
  19. It sold on e bay for 255.00 have seen them go for up to 400 at one time,still too rich for my blood.Had it when i was a kid in 71,was only 11 then,couldnt get the torsion bar suspension to go together right,ended up being a parts kit,To this day i still cant understand the excitement over that rear suspension,i just have bad memories of it.. Do hope they will bring it back,as i want another crack at it. Harvey
  20. Im pretty sure this particular truck would have had a white colored motor,KW used to paint all the engines white back then,said it was easier to find oil leaks?. But tan could be used as well. Harvey
  21. front cab mounts were always tricky on those, as was the front engine mount,could never understand why it was chromed?,never liked how the front bumper stuck out from the edge of the fenders,Decals were always hit and miss,sometimes they worked and other tmes they just went to little pieces.But i am glad it came back,it was a high dollar kit on ebay,if you were lucky enough to find one.Next up i want the original issue of the IH transtar cabover,that is one of my favorites. Harvey
  22. Should be pretty easy,it is really no bigger then a V8 of the same type,just longer,not any wider.you might have to move some of the turbo piping or exhaust outlets,i made one myself from 2 old 8v92s from a peterbilt cabover kits,looks OK,havent run the pipes for the turbos yet,planning on 2 superchargers and 2 turbos?,The v12swere actually pretty common back in the day,you also see a lot of them running power generators for hospitals and the like too.Harvey
  23. Back in the late 80's and early 90's i had 3 of them,they were nearly indestructible,and i did try.Had a 83 pickup,a 84 hardtop and a long wheelbase convertible with a factory hardtop on it,we called it the popemobile,i loved them they would go anywhere in 4x4..motors were good on fuel,did put the rod out through the side of my pickup one night,man that made a big kaboom.Might have to pickup one of these. Harvey
  24. I remember when i was about 10-11 years old,i purchased a mixer kit,it was really sharp looking on the box,I could not finish the suspension,it was too hard for a 11 year old,it didnt help that i painted all the pieces first,glue wouldnt stick very good.Never did finish it,it just wound up being a parts rig.Even today i wouldnt want to build the torsion bar setup,give me the walking beam anyday. Harvey
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