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  1. MrHernandez81 added a topic in General   

    went up in my moms attic today and lo and behold there sat my old snake vs mongoose kit box so i opened it up and to my surprise sat the two bodies with 1/3 of the decals still on the sheet, the other 1/3 rested atop a horrible paint job me and a friend did on each of the cars, although i'm missing both motors and one of the frames along with other miscellaneous parts i'm debating whether or not to try and rebuild these cars, i still have one of the chassis that is sitting underneath a '57 nomad body but im kinda wanting to rebuild don"the snake" prudhomme's car which i probably will do, as for the other body i'm not too sure as to what it's fate will be, any offers? also found an unfinished general lee, '40 ford sedan delivery with no body and a '65 impala with no body so guess i got my hands tied up for at least a little while
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  2. MrHernandez81 added a post in a topic Realistic speakers from BurgerKing coffee lids   

    wow, whatever happened to "have it your way"?
  3. MrHernandez81 added a post in a topic Gorilla Glue?   

    i've used goriila glue to put my glovebox door back on the '85 fleetwood and that thing is now stronger than new i believe, but as for use with models the only thing it may be useful for is simulating an overheated radiator
  4. MrHernandez81 added a post in a topic Mad Political   

    nice looking car what? me worry?
  5. MrHernandez81 added a post in a topic Hubert Platt's 62 Impala   

    nice looking car, like the fonz in the background also
  6. MrHernandez81 added a post in a topic Coming From Model King! Mongoose Top Fuel Dragster! Re-release Of Early '70s Monogram Kit! Look For It In August!   

    I remember about 10 years ago i had the snake vs mongoose kit, only thing i have left of it is one of the chassis and an extra pair of slicks with halibrands and a straight axle that i just now put on a 55 chevy