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About Me

Doctor Cranky, Ph. D. in Styrene-ology & Gunk is the proprietor and curator of both the Workshop and the Lab-RAT-ory where lots of fun things happen at the bench and at the experimentation slab. Doctor Cranky is on a life-long quest to find better ways of building, painting, and weathering vehicles for extreme realism and fun!

I started building when I was twelve through about 20, then real life took over. I started back in the hobby when I turned 37, and have not stopped. My favorite model subjects are rat rods, customs, and daily work trucks, although I have a penchant for gunk, rust, junk, and more RUST.

LONG LIVE RUST believes my ever-faithful Lab-RAT-ory assistant EYEGORE. The Lab-RAT-ory CREW is made up of extreme CRANKYHEADS. If you build models, you are a CRANKYHEAD.

And, of course, a STYRENE-ADDICT.

Building models is one of the greatest hobbies and it's fun. I try my best to keep it that way. No more, no less.

I wish you all great happy styrene journeys. Oh, and remember to take your vitamins and boost your energies with a good supply of SCRAPPLE SANDWICHES!

Yours Truly, Doctor Cranky.

OH, and EYEGORE says HI!

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